15 December 2013 @ 01:17 pm
[ The screen turns on to show nothing but an almost completely black room. If the viewer watches long enough, their eyes might adjust to see dull shapes of what could be furniture but it's hard to tell. Then something darker than the gloom, a black-on-black shadow, moves past the screen and a voice comes across. For some, it will be audible and some, perhaps not. ]

What a charming little city you all have here. So bright and colourful, so full of life.

[ A disembodied mouth appears against the blackness of the background, grinning a razor smile. It's followed shortly after by a pair of bright gold eyes, the voice low and amused and confident, ]

And yet like most things there is a touch of darkness to it. With that in mind I pose a riddle, for those of you who choose to play along: when is a captive not a captive and a cage not a cage?


((OOC: Remember to check out his permissions post for whether your character can see/hear him. Thank you!))