14 June 2012 @ 07:14 pm
[accidental video]
[Peter is not panicking.]

[Really, he's not, because panic was over about five minutes ago when he Apparated into this strange place and he immediately scrambled to hide. He was supposed to be in a suburb. This is clearly not a suburb. This is--somewhere else, and he can't quite tell what the dominant accent is but if he's managed to accidentally get himself to another country he knows James is going to laugh at him forever.]

[He hopes it isn't Australia. If it has to be anywhere that's not the UK, he hopes it's not Australia. They have deadly jellyfish and dingoes and Australians in Australia.]

[No, Peter isn't panicked. Peter is so horrified he's giddy; he keeps suppressing the insane urge to laugh, because what else could go wrong?]

You are an idiot, Peter.

[He presses his hands over his face and then--curls up in a ball, his wand clutched tightly in his hand as he huddles miserably over his knees. Hello, City. There is a short blond young wizard, by the name of Pettigrew, of twenty years age and an evident unawareness of the camera at his feet.]