12 November 2013 @ 07:33 pm
If any of you knew Jem Carstairs then I'm sorry to tell you that he's gone. At least he'll be happier at home. He'll be back with his best friend and fiance and that's good.
26 August 2013 @ 08:59 pm
I'll have another two of these please.

[ It's obvious Clary doesn't mean for the video to be filming. She's in a bar somewhere, a colourful cocktail umbrella tucked into the mane of her red hair and a familiar chain around her throat catching the light. She's lent over the bartop, her device on the surface beside her. The stool next to her is empty but there's a bag that Clary's guarding that isn't hers. She's obviously not out drinking alone.

The bartender passes over the two glasses, bright lurid liquids that leave condensation on the glass. Clary picks her own up and sips at it, her nose wrinkling slightly before she puts it back down and glances over the too crowded floor. It's not usually her scene but hey - nobody's asked her age here.

Of course, not being her scene she reaches for the device, realises it's recording. Clary drops it immediately, covers the camera with a beer mat. A moment passes and she's lifting it up again, guilty and very clearly a little tipsy.
] Oops?
21 August 2013 @ 11:54 am
[ The video is an accident. Even at the beginning it's quite clear Clary has no idea it's filming or she'd probably have turned it off. The view focuses on one corner of the room she shares with Jace - which hopefully explains the sword just casually hanging off the back of their computer chair - her focus on the closet and the bar secured between the two walls. Clary's hair is tied up in a messy bun and she's wearing gym clothes she doesn't like because they're too tight and too obvious but it means she's less likely to get snagged in a throwing knife or caught up in the door. For those of a more ... Supernatural persuasion, the black lines of her marks are obvious against her freckled skin, the silver length of faded ones catching the light.

Clary blows out a breath and twists so she's facing out to the room at large, lifts her hands to curl them around the bar. The look of grim determination on her face is rivaled only by the one she has when she draws and there's one beat, then another before Clary's lifting herself up from the ground, her muscles straining.

It's not that she's weak - Jace can probably attest to how much she can pack in a punch, but this - the training and the stamina is so new to her that it's clear she's struggling. She manages to pull herself up five, six, seven times before her grip slips and she tumbles. It's not a drop by any standards but Clary somehow manages to tug down half a dozen outfits at the same time, burying herself in the bottom of the wardrobe.

I give up. [ Addressing the room at large even though she thinks she's alone. ] This is dumb.
05 July 2013 @ 06:01 pm
[ There are a lot of people here. Clary watches them and tries not to get her hopes up. As much as she'd like to see her mom, Simon, Luke - she knows that life doesn't work out that way. Still, her smile is a little brighter when she flicks on the feed. ]

Okay, here's the deal. If you know me, come for coffee. If you don't know me, come for coffee. [ Tucking her hair behind her ear. ] Got it? Good.
13 June 2013 @ 02:43 pm
[ There are bruises along her arm as she lifts the device up, dark fingerprints that she should have easily been able to hide. Clary is sitting against the wall of her cell, her hair tangled and her eyes smudged like she's been rubbing at them. Instead of weakness there's something burning inside of her eyes, something fierce. They tried to scare her, but Clarissa Fairchild isn't easily scared. Not when she has blood running through her veins, not when it comes to this. ]

The sandworms took our belongings so they could look at it. [ Her tone doesn't waver, just sits on the edge of angry. Her sketchbook had given her away, the angelic runes that she traced over and over again, the pictures she drew of Ithuriel, Jace lying in the sand. Everything she'd used to work out her pain and now they know she's something else entirely. Because they'd been stopping those with powers just in case. Obviously they think she's part of it.

Now she wishes was.
] You should hide, right now. They just come and they take you and if you don't give them what they want they put you here.

[ Video spanning the cell. ] I was wrong, we shouldn't trust them at all.

( private filter; jace, jem, mae. ) [ Now there's an obvious crack in the steel heart of hers, a hand smudged in dirt trying to push away her hair. ] They took my stele. I can't get out. I tried to scratch a rune with a pencil too but they took that. I ... please don't get caught, okay?

( extra private filter; mae ) Don't let Jace come after me, Mae. I don't know what they'll do.
20 May 2013 @ 09:28 pm
did anyone wake up feeling a little ... weird today?

[ And can she hide until tomorrow? Hence the text. ]

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12 May 2013 @ 02:06 pm
[ The feed starts with Clary placing her device down, a pencil holding her hair on top of her head and her smile bright. She's in a cafe, a cup of coffee cooling in front of her and her sketchbook sitting beside that. ]

It's kind of weird how much of life is put on hold when you get here. I mean I know there's the literal pause but sometimes it's so easy to forget what we used to be like before. Like how I wanted to take art classes.

[ Another pencil - the one not buried in red locks - is lifted and twisted around her fingers. ] And I hate that I'm not drawing as much here. So I was thinking. Would anyone be interested in modelling for me? I can't pay you but I can provide coffee and a delicious cake of your choosing and it would be kind of nice to get to know people too. [ It would be nice to prove she's Jocelyn's daughter more than Valentines too, but her nightmares are notwithstanding. ] So okay, any takers? I promise it'll be as painless as possible.
14 April 2013 @ 03:45 pm
[ Clary's video is a little shaken like she can't quite keep her hand steady. When it trembles, it shows off more of her hiding place - the little cupboard she's wedged herself in. Her arms are covered in runes but she hasn't had time to glamour them or hide them well and they show up stark against her skin. Blood trickles weakly down her temple and her eyes are wide but her voice comes out calm. ]

This is madness, I don't know what's --. I hate boats. [ She's not going to kill anyone, she's not. She still dreams of Valentine and the way she'd torn through the hull of his ship with a thought. She could do it now, but that scares her more than the man trying to find her. She's being hunted and somewhere in the fray she's lost her weapon. She can't find her friends. It's hard enough to not panic instinctively. Now she simply breathes out and presses a hand to her head. ] Jace? Mae? Are you on board? Are you okay? Please tell me if you are and where you are. And Jem, Jem if you're here too let me know. We need to --. [ Stick together.

Clary freezes when she hears a noise outside and the camera dips to her waist as she presses her ear to the door. There's nothing for a moment before she's whispering.
] I have to go. Please be safe. Please.

( ooc: so I'm npc'ing Clary's attacker and after this video she's likely to start running again. If you'd like to run into her feel free. )
30 March 2013 @ 03:31 pm
[ Clary's video is of her bedroom. At some point during the night the dragon got out. She doesn't really know how. Only that she's sitting under his wing while it chews on everything nearby. ] Oh -- don't, I need that. [ She crawls closer to fight back her sketchbook, tucking it under her arm and trying not to flinch when the thing snorts smoke at her. ] You can have the pillows, promise.

[ Then turning back to the feed. ] Um, they're growing. [ A nose buries itself in her red hair. ] Should they be growing? Because I don't really know what to do. I don't really want him to get out. [ Because she is his momma now. ] Anyone got any information?
09 March 2013 @ 04:06 pm
→ even angels have their wicked schemes but you take that to new extremes. ← )

( ooc: Miss fray has been hit with memory theatre. It's from a very early scene in City of Bones so it's not spoilering anything too badly. She doesn't know it's gone up so feel free to break the news. )
04 March 2013 @ 01:05 pm
Everything smells like fruit salad today.

[ Clary's sitting on a bench outside of the library, free hand cupped around her Styrofoam coffee mug, the other holding her device up to talk. ] And I literally mean everything. I don't have perfume that smells like peaches so I'm really, really hoping this isn't one of those curses where we turn in to whatever we smell like. That would suck.

[ She ... has a temper, that much is pretty true. Red headed and furious ( at Jace most of the time ) but she is still literally made of sweetness and light and angel wings so she smells good. It probably started sometime after she helped an old man put up a sign in the early morning and it's just gotten stronger and stronger since then.

Holding her cup up to her nose and sniffing.
] Even the coffee smells like fruit. [ A shrug. ] At least it's not sandalwood?
29 January 2013 @ 08:34 pm
well he fell three stories from the balcony and still had the strength to fuck me for 2 hours.

[ Immediately after this, Clary's audio feed comes through. She sounds very embarassed. ] I hope we all know that today is a curse day and that didn't actually happen. [ Even though her boyfriend could probably jump three floors if he wanted and still ... well, she's not going there. ]
27 January 2013 @ 01:13 pm
What a strange little looking glass.

[ Hands turn the device over, letting the feed capture the yellow and pink of a woman's dress before it settles on her face. For those who know Clary, they'll figure out pretty quick that this is not her usual attire. Nor is her accent - softer today than it usually is.

She's sitting in the apartment she shares with Jace and Mae, but she seems too much out of place. Like someone's blurred the image she usually presents. She sighs, a wisp of her hair fluttering above her head.

How can a mirror show me other people's lives? If it is magic it's nothing like I've ever seen. [ Talking to herself as if that will help her work it out. She touches the top of her finger to the camera, then seems to think better of it. ]

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01 January 2013 @ 06:11 pm
[ Clary's feeling particularly bubbly today. It's hard not to fall into things here, and even though where she's from New Years is quite a way off, she's still feeling as happy about it as she would've been at home. Why shouldn't she? She has her boyfriend and good people around her. So she's only been here three weeks, that doesn't mean she can't enjoy herself. ]

So does anyone have any New Years resolutions? [ Her video feed shows Clary sitting at a desk, clothes strewn about her. Jace is probably going to have a fit and try to tidy everything away soon. Maybe she's just leaving them there to wind him up. ]

I think I'm going to draw more. That counts, right? Drawing for pleasure anyway. [ She has been drawing - but only for runes lately. ] Not very exciting though, is it? Anyone have any crazy ones?
17 December 2012 @ 11:47 am
[ Her device is aimed at the view from the window of her new apartment, taking in the flock of birds spiraling to and fro through the sky. She keeps quiet for a moment, letting the video run before she finally speaks. ]

Either we're stuck in Snow White's twisted fantasy or the next thing you know there'll be a partridge in a pear tree sprouting out of every single crack in the sidewalk. [ As amused as she sounds, this will be the first Christmas Clary's spent absolutely alone. No mom, no Luke, no Simon. She's not sure how Shadowhunters feel about Christmas but it would have been nice to spend it with them too.

She's not a natural pessimist though, so when the feed switches to her she smiles.
] I'm kind of looking for work? I did a few stints helping out at a museum last summer, so I'm good with crowds. [ A little self-conscious now. ] I mean, okay I haven't really got a lot of experience but I'm eager to learn my hand at a trade so anything out there would be awesome.
09 December 2012 @ 01:06 pm
[ Clary's giggle is really the first thing that comes through. Then the feed twists to show the cow currently trying to chew on the hem of her dress. ] C'mon, you're very cute but I need this dress.

[ New York doesn't have that many cows but Luke's farm had a couple of cute ones when she was younger, so Clary just climbs up the stairs of the fire escape and sits down, the feed still focusing on the cow. ] I had a few questions about the City, but I'm not sure I factored in Invasion of the Cows. Is there a farm nearby? [ Because Clary's still of the naive mindframe where that's the only logical solution. ] Should I try to lure Daisy back?
04 December 2012 @ 01:44 pm
[ The feed starts with a pretty shaky view of the fountain before it lifts to take in the girl. She pushes damp red hair out of her face and frowns at the device in her hands like the way it's blinking at her will magically reveal all. It's cold, and Clary's soaked, and she's not sure how she got here only she'd really like to get back to Idris straight away, thank you very much.

Feeling stupid, she worries her cuticle and then goes back to peering at the device. Her stele isn't in the fountain and it makes something worried and upset twist in her stomach. Can she call a portal without it? Is that even possible? But she can't just sit here and catch hypothermia - she has to do something.

Hello? Is this thing on? [ It's recording, she gets that. But to who. And to where. She wishes Jace were with her. At least then she'd have someone who knew what they were doing in a crisis. ] I think I've found someone's cell. If they could come and collect it that would be awesome.

[ Quietly. ] And then maybe you could tell me how to get home too? That sounds like a good trade, right? [ Tilting the device sideways as water slides out of it. ] It was totally wet before I got here.