26 November 2012 @ 04:15 pm
So everything turned back to the way it was. Better hope that stuff you ate wasn't actually turned back to something indigestable in your body today.

[Grumpy. She has a stomachache just from eating too much junk food yesterday.]

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20 October 2012 @ 07:31 pm
[Tyr tries to look more businesslike than he has in years as he sits beside Rita.]

I don't know if you guys need me to set an appointment for this, but I- we just want to talk... All we want is some information. You don't need to do anything.

[--But then Rita cuts in quickly.]

You do need to talk. I don’t care if we have to pay for the information, we want you guys to cough up something.

[Tyr looks over at her awkwardly, but in the end he just nods...]

Right... We'll be waiting for your response.
13 October 2012 @ 11:59 am
[Waving at the camera...is a tiny, silent doll that looks like Tyr! Next to him is a Rita doll. They just might be familiar to some people (yes, these dolls are still around). Their stubby little hands--with their magnets inside--are stuck together like they're holding hands, while Rita-doll's other magnetic hand has a little metal disc stuck to it. A couple curious cats in the background are very unsure about these living dolls.

And then comes one (1) real Rita who angrily grabs the device away from them.]

S-stop being such a pain! You're acting like-

--just like we normally do, and it's weird...

[Because it's just her right now and she isn't even pretending to not be bothered that Tyr's portrait was in the Hall of the Missing. And she can't quite bring herself to kick the sappy dolls.]

I'm just gonna lock you in a room until this stupid thing's over. Who made these things, anyway...?

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16 September 2012 @ 04:41 pm
Hmph! You're all a bunch of amateurs!

[Someone's angry! It may have something to do with her unique fashion getting rejected...

And speaking of unique fashion, Rita's dress probably wouldn't be too bad if she hadn't paired it with a yellow loose-sleeved shrug, a pair of mismatched stockings--one thigh-high of pink mesh, one knee-high matching the dress pattern--and black and gold boots.]

Now watch, because this'll probably be the best lesson you're gonna get.

--Hey, come over here!

[She grabs for someone off screen--Tyr--to help her demonstrate. He's wearing a Chinese-style outfit...with fluffy dog ears and a tail. And there's the unmistakeable click-clack of high heels when he moves.]

Okay! Hold on already!

[All dance routines get off to a good start with both dancers frowning at each other.]

This is why the judges didn't like us...

They're just jealous! Or they just want publicity from bad dancers. Let's show them how it's done!

[Music starts playing! And Rita grabs for Tyr's hands...then leads him in the dance, while he tilts his upper body back a little, like he's swooning. Which might look a little weird when he's taller than her.

Are they human, or are they dancing?!

Well, they're not dancing when somebody trips or leans too far and they both topple over, out of sight of the camera, and Tyr makes an undignified cry of surprise, followed by a screech from Rita.]

Th-that didn't happen!
25 July 2012 @ 03:32 pm
[Rita is clearly at the Hall of the Missing, as the screen shows the portrait of one Yuri Lowell. And then that portrait gets splattered with a water balloon, to the accompaniment of a fond farewell...]

14 July 2012 @ 09:06 pm
I just have one question for whoever's listening.

Wanna see how much I can increase your aerflow?

[ooc: Cursed to talk in pick-up lines. Terrible science-y or blastia ones, mostly...]
30 June 2012 @ 09:11 am
If you're new here, here's a tip: anyone breaking in or being a pain gets a fireball in their face. Got it?

If you're someone I know, then say hi or something.

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09 June 2012 @ 01:37 pm
[Here's Rita, in what should be an unusually cute and frilly outfit. But this weekend she's an idol, and being cute is part of her stage personality (or so she says), and so she doesn't seem strained or awkward at all when she winks at the camera and speaks in a peppy, cute tone-]

Hi, everyone! Today is my special promo show, so I hope you're all watching and listening. These songs are straight from my heart--to my biggest fans.

[She waves her finger a little for effect, not saying anything more. Really, there's only one "biggest fan" these are meant for. Shortly, she takes up a ready position in front of the camera, tapping her foot as the music starts, and then she starts singing. The "show" is a pair of songs.]

[ooc: Idol Rita for Genre Switch! This isn't coming up in her post, but she's also secretly a magical girl. Yes. Her "stage personality" is supposed to be cute, but deep down, she's still fully tsundere. (Also, I chose Cristina Vee for the songs since I originally mistook her for Michelle Ruff when I heard her voice.)]
31 May 2012 @ 09:52 am
Since when do tattoos turn people into horses? This is stupid. Glad I'm not cursed today.

This place should've just stuck with the hot springs.
14 May 2012 @ 03:27 pm
It's been a rough few days with that curse and all, so...

[Rather than find people to hug, Rita has set her device to video. And now she pulls it into her chest and hugs it, giving it a good half-minute squeeze before she pulls it away, face now red.]

Th-that's all you're getting from me, got it?

[ooc: Cursed! Feel free to action either at the house or out and about in the City.]
30 April 2012 @ 12:30 pm
Next time I run into someone acting like a weirdo on a curse day, you're getting knocked out. No questions asked.
21 April 2012 @ 01:14 pm
What a pain. These things are all mixed up in my research today.

[...For someone calling it a pain, though, Rita seems to be interested enough in going through the pictures she's collected. And soon enough she comes across one of Yuri, which she blinks at for a moment before snorting and showing it to the device.]

Wow, what do you know? He actually was a knight. I almost thought he might've been joking the whole time.

You look like you're goofing off as usual, though. That's no surprise.

[There's a playful tone to her voice as she's mostly just teasing. That photo gets tucked away as she goes back to flipping through them, until she finds a picture of Tyr that makes her frown, perplexed.]

[Private to Tyr:]

Okay, what's going on here? Did this happen in the City?

[And she holds the picture up for him to see!]
19 February 2012 @ 10:24 am
...I'm alive. Again.

[She's had a short time to compose herself, but her voice is still a bit thick. She really died back there...]

My blastia's still gone, so...I can't use any magic.

[She could probably use some help before more monsters find her. What's a mage to do without magic?]
18 February 2012 @ 08:53 pm
[To anyone in the Glass City, this post will be full of static and stalling and generally difficult to completely make out. Rita's in the shade of some rocks, wiping sweat out of her eyes.]

Okay. Monsters I can deal with. But it's hot...And-

[She cuts herself off as there's a scraping noise overhead, and immediately smirks at some kind of lizard-like monster.]

Hmph! Another one? You don't know when to stop messing with me!

[She steps back, preparing to cast a spell-

And then the golden choker around her neck abruptly disintegrates into sand. Rita freezes and stares in silent shock at the sand that trickles down her clothing. Her blastia--her source of magic--just disappeared, and so did pretty much all her ability to defend herself along with it.]

You're...you're kidding me--this can't-

[There's more scraping, several low hissing noises, and the video blurs as Rita spins to see more of the large lizards surrounding her. Her voice is much less confident now as she shouts at them.]

No! Get out! Get away from me!


[And then it cuts out.]

[ooc: Rita might answer a reply or two, but she will be dying. :|b (Confirmation from Estelle!)]
11 February 2012 @ 02:21 pm
Okay, this is some kind of sick joke. Are these things even real? I mean--what they're showing, because...

[Agitated, she runs a hand through her hair.]

Because I can't picture Euphie slapping anyone if I tried.

[That isn't anywhere near the worst of it, though. Not even close.]

Tyr, I'm coming over. Eagle, I wanna talk to you.

And don't eat these things! They're not even that good, anyway. I'll be smashing any more I find.

[ooc: Rita ate four all in one go. Whoops! Euphie's slap, Eagle's wish, and Tyr's dad and desertion.]
31 January 2012 @ 09:27 pm
[There’s no visual, but as you open this feed the first thing that can be heard is a low moan of a woman, obviously sounding relaxed, but also very pleasured.]

…Please, do that again.

So that was good? Do you want it a bit harder?

Yes, just a little bit harder, Rita…Maybe a little faster as well…

All right. Tell me if it's too much, okay? Now...how's...this? [There's a little grunt now.]

[Nothing is said, instead a squeak as she hits the right spot.]
Yes, that’s wonderful. [Her voice is laced in pleasure, another low moan follows. ] Just a little more…!

[Rita sounds a bit breathless for her part.] Okay. Right here. Does that feel good?

Ah, yes! [A cry rings out, lingering on before Estelle sounds rather breathless as well…] That felt amazing. Should we switch now? [A creak of a bed can be heard.]

Yeah- [Rita sounds pretty eager! There's some more creaking, the rustling of sheets...] I mean, you were really into it...And you've done this way more than I have.

Well, I got a lot of practice back at the hot springs, so I think I’m rather good at it now. [She sure sounds proud of herself, and now the creaking ceases.]

I bet you'll be amazing, Estelle. [She makes a comfortable sigh.] Here, I'm ready for you.

[...and then audio shuts off]

[ooc: Just two friends giving each other back massages. :|b Red is Rita and pink is Estelle.]
28 January 2012 @ 10:39 pm

Hey, Estelle...You wouldn't happen to have any books on...massages or anything, would you? I mean, I'm just interested in something to do until this is over.


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