10 December 2012 @ 08:36 pm
I know I said I wanted to travel, but I was planning to actually travel, as opposed to just arrive, which I seem to have done.  

[Jenny frowns as she looks away from the camera at the surrounding area, her breath fogging in puffs in front of the camera, not that she particularly seems to be paying attention to the cold.  After a moment she gives a sigh and spins the camera round to show what she's seeing.  Immediately before her there's snow but laid out in front of that is the rest of the island, most of it's coast easily visible from the mountain slope Jenny's stopped on.]

And how did I get on an island without my ship?
01 April 2012 @ 10:50 am
Things accomplished today:

Fed the ducks in Xanadu.
Visited the animals in the zoo. Did not set any free.
Said hello to people on the street.
Pet a random cat outside of the bakery.
Made it home in time to make breakfast.
Burned breakfast.
Went back to the bakery and brought breakfast back home for Rose and my Dad who lives with us.
Took some breakfast to my dad down the hallway.
Got a bit sad that I don't know where my other dad lives to take him breakfast.
Learned that it was the thought that counts from my dad who lives with us.

Things to do today still:

Find out where my other dad who knows Amy lives.
Take him lunch.
Visit Donna.
Listen to music with Rose.
Dance around the apartment with Rose.
Tell my dads how much I enjoy dancing.

ooc: Listmania curse for Jenny today.
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19 March 2012 @ 01:48 pm
Hello, City. It's a beautiful day outside. I went for a nice run and found myself in with the creatures again. I really do enjoy the zoo. The creatures in it seem so lonely though and I thought I might encourage people to go visit them to keep them company. They enjoy a nice visit and a good chat and I'm certain anyone else would find visiting them enjoyable as well.

But what I am really curious about is the welcome center. I'd like to speak with people who work there, if I could, and of course if you're free.
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04 March 2012 @ 10:05 am
I've noticed a lot of unhappiness over the network since I've arrived. Granted, there was the sand, but I believe people were unhappy about it and other things even before there was adequate reason to be unhappy. It's all well and good to air grievances when there are grievances to be aired, but I've devised a way to ensure some respite of happiness even when there are small things here and there to be unhappy about.

Things could always be worse.

Reminding ourselves of this and of ways that it isn't worse is the perfect solution. For instance, there could be an ongoing war over an unknown power source. War is terrible, so I've learned. It comes with killing and dying... the kind of dying where you stay dead. People here come back to life like its magic. I like coming back to life. Much better than staying dead.

Also, instead of dwelling on the issues that make you unhappy, one might engage in an activity that they enjoy. Rose and my dad finger painted when she was cursed to be a child and they seemed to find that enjoyable. Seemed a bit messy though. Sometimes kissing and holding hands seems to be enjoyable too. Personally, I like to do a good deal of running about when I find myself upset over something or other. I really enjoy the running.

Something else I've come to find both fantastic and relaxing is music. Oh! And books! Books are brilliant! I don't know how a world can exist without music for listening and books for reading. Although I suppose that's where war comes in. Without books or music you just... fight.

Anyway! I'm certain this will help you all in a quest to be a little bit happier and appreciate what we all have rather than what we don't. That is... should you choose to take on this quest. There's always a choice, as my dad's™ say!
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24 February 2012 @ 01:23 pm
Glass is perfectly well for letting the light and dark in or out. It's good for seeing in or out of without going out or in. You can write on glass and see the words from either side, good for practicing reading things backward in case there's ever a need to do so. It is difficult to keep clean though, fingerprints and smudges and the like. And I'm afraid I just discovered that there are some glasses one shouldn't look through. Ill timing makes some people thoroughly disgruntled. My name isn't Tom though. It's Jenny and I didn't mean to peep!
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02 February 2012 @ 02:35 pm
Hello! My name is Jenny, and I need a profession. Seems most people have professions. I'm very good with weaponry and battle strategy as well as combat. And I'm certain I have talents of which have yet to be discovered!

[Added as a side note:] My dad says I'm very good at yelling, if that helps.
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19 January 2012 @ 07:52 pm
[One would think spending one second in a space ship and another in a zoo would rattle a person. However, when Jenny lands on the ground with a thump, she isn't necessarily rattled. No, she's excited.] Hello, what's this?

[She picks up the device next to her and studies it for a brief moment before looking up excitedly at the massive creature in front of her. An elephant, not that she knows that.] Oh hello, what are you? [Getting to her feet, she reaches out to gently pet the trunk of the beast.] Trapped here in a cage, like me? Doesn't seem fair.

[It takes her no time at all to work out the device in her hand, the video coming to life. She smiles excitedly into the screen. The elephants trunk can be seen inspecting her hair, her shoulder, her face. She doesn't seem to mind it one bit.] Excuse me. I found your cages. And while I understand the necessity of them given certain situations, I must insist that you allow the more harmless creatures their freedom. It doesn't seem ri- [The elephant's trunk pokes her in the side and she laughs and looks up to him in response.] Oh, that tickles!