20 January 2014 @ 07:33 pm
Hey, City. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Not everyone ends up doing what they wanted, or finding it as fulfilling as they thought they would once they get there.

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I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but seeing as his presence in the City doesn't appear to be a temporary situation, you have a right to know who — and what — you're dealing with. Some of you may have already met him during the "visitors" weekend, wherein he was claiming to be Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He isn't. His name is Q, a member of an omnipotent race of being that exist outside our temporal plane. Under normal circumstances, the Q have unlimited control over space, matter, and time. They know what has been, what will be, what could be, and what should be.

This Q in particular has something of a soft spot for Humans, and has taken it upon himself on more than one occasion to teach humanity a lesson or two about the wonders of the galaxy. He's required reading for starship captains, and my crew has already been briefed on his appearances on Picard's Enterprise. We've also had the misfortune of having dealt with his... antics on more than one occasion. I urge you not to trust anything that he says, to keep in mind that anything he offers to do for you does not come without cost, that in all likelihood, whatever he wants to "offer" you will somehow be beneficial to himself.

He appears to be somewhat neutralized at the moment. Some of his powers are intact, but not all. He still poses a threat, could still turn our worlds upside down with a snap of his fingers if provoked or bored enough to do. I've taken it upon myself to keep him occupied, but he's something of a loose cannon and cannot always be controlled.

If you have any questions in regards to Q, do not hesitate to ask. My crew and I are available to assist in clearing up whatever messes and misunderstandings he happens to cause.

[ and he will. it's only a matter of time. ]
14 November 2013 @ 09:54 am
Slytherin, huh? I'm not exactly sure what that means or says about me, but I hear they're supposed to be rather "accurate" placements based on an individual's more prevalent qualities.

[ or so she gathered from conversing with mccoy and skimming through the open replies to his broadcast. ]
05 October 2013 @ 12:13 pm
youtube video clip under the cut! )

[ there are worse memories this curse could've chosen to broadcast over the network, and at least this one features her and her alone. she's okay with that. what she isn't okay with, is the showcasing of a highly classified directive regarding an unstable molecule that people in kirk's time aren't even yet aware of. subspace was still stable in the lantaru sector, and the need for such a directive to be put into place did not yet exist and perhaps never would, given the divergent nature of their alternate timeline. ]

That directive is classified. Any questions in regards to it will be left unanswered and ignored.
07 September 2013 @ 10:28 am
[ today finds captain janeway hit with her very first curse. she's young again, standing at the threshold of change wherein a tragedy that has yet to occur will help drive her into the captain's chair. but for now, she's simply a scientist, a recent graduate of the academy who, from her perspective, has found herself sucked into some temporal anomaly while in the midst of her first assignment. at this point in her life, she's very dedicated to her field, and has no aspirations of setting her sights on command. in fact, when commander chakotay insisted that she'd one day be wearing red with four pips pinned to her collar, she laughed, because that's not her. maybe that's another kathryn janeway, one who doesn't mind being called by her first name,but it's certainly not the one who prefers to be called katie.

after being ordered out of her uniform, katie found a decent change of clothes, pocketed her combadge and grabbed the archaic device the commander had insisted was the primary means of communication in this place, and set out on a morning jog around the city. later in the afternoon, she'd stop for a breather in xanadu and pull out her older self's cell phone to fiddle with it some and ask the network a very important question. ]

Does anyone know where a girl can get a decent bowl of ice cream in this place?

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08 July 2013 @ 05:56 am
[ captain janeway was certain of two things: one) there was no way of contacting voyager; and two) there were other federation signatures present in this strange, alien city that was eerily reminiscent of 20th century earth. neither served to please her, and she'd spent the better part of the morning trying to boost her combadge's frequency in hopes of setting up a homing beacon, but to no avail. she'd try again later, perhaps after dismantling this device she'd been saddled with, granted she could find anything worthwhile hiding beneath its infuriatingly pink casing.

as for those federation signatures... she was on the fence. while those frequencies possessed a distinct federation signature, they were also old and outdated, making use of a particular brand of waveform distribution that had been abandoned by starfleet before she was even born. the only reason she thought to scan for something other than the 24th century standard was her tendency to consider all possible variables, not just the most plausible. she'd come across enough in her time to not be too surprised by archaic federation frequencies, but wasn't so foolish as to trust them or assume they were really starfleet in origin at all. for all she knew, it was a cleverly laid trap, put there specifically to pique her curiosity and draw her in closer with a false sense of security and promises of home.

she debates contacting the source of those signatures directly, but ultimately decides against it, repinning her combadge to her chest and picking up the device instead. ]

This is Captain Janeway of the Federation starship Voyager. This act of hostility is unwarranted and without precedence. If we have done anything to offend you or have crossed into forbidden territory, I assure you, it was not intended, and we will do whatever it takes to reconcile the damages.

[ she shifts, sitting up a little straighter on the park bench she's laid claim to. ] In the meantime, I request to be put in contact with my ship. The sooner we clear up this misunderstanding, the sooner we can discuss opening the floor for diplomatic relations that do not involve unnecessary aggressive negotiations. [ why yes, that's a not-so-thinly veiled threat. ]