21 March 2012 @ 09:05 pm
[Fail!filter to Alexis]

[A long pause, and then, in a strained voice:]

My apologies for my behavior yesterday. It was completely inexcusable and unacceptable, and I understand that you have every right to feel angry at me.

[There's a wince in his voice as he continues:] And...although it was a curse that caused me to behave so reprehensibly...I know I must accept whatever punishment I am dealt for my transgressions.

Again, my deepest apologies.
20 March 2012 @ 08:02 pm
[The video opens in a formal-looking room in Alexis’ penthouse. Alexis is sitting in a chair near a writing desk, idly toying with his pipe while he speaks to Jezebel standing in front of him. Nothing seems all that unusual save for a strange expression on Jezebel’s face -- one that seems much more calm and maybe a little displeased than he usually looks near his father.]

You know what your duties are, Jezebel. I don’t want you being distracted by them.

[Alexis keeps his gaze focused on his son’s face, his customary smile not there. It’s like he knows there is something...off.]

I’m not distracted. [Jezebel’s tone is far more irritable than he’d ever dare to use with his father under usual circumstances -- and his expression only sours further.] You haven’t any reason not to trust me.

No? How fortunate. And here I was concerned that I might have to refocus your attentions to where they are meant to be.

No, you do not. Is that the only reason you’ve called me here?

[Alexis rises to his feet to go stand right before Jezebel.] Your attitude leaves something to be desired. Should I call in a friend of yours to help us to fix that? [A clear threat towards Cassian.]

[There isn’t a verbal response -- just a quick shift in Jezebel’s expression, from disdain to anger. And without warning, his arm swings out, and he backhands his father across the face without so much as flinching.

His father’s eyes widen just slightly in surprise before narrowing in a show of actual anger right before the recording comes to an end.]

((Normal text is Jezebel, italics is Alexis.))
05 March 2012 @ 09:37 pm
The key to happiness is simply this:

Life is short.

You will die.

No one owes you anything in this world.

And there is no key to happiness.

And most of you will die miserable and alone.

There. Now you have all been informed.
Cassian...I need to speak with you.

[A pause, and then:]

He knows.