09 January 2013 @ 10:43 pm
[Luke has been missing for a day and a bit, and this is the first sign of him after complete radio silence. He's still Chloe, and she looks exhausted.]

The green thing isn't part of it, she's-- Don't go and use your zombie tactics on the leg ball. [That's all she manages before wearily shutting off the video. She's busy.]

[Meanwhile, out of the Underground charges a green ball of legs, like a sea urchin, only where all the spines are legs. Legs that look like they might belong to the Hulk, if the ball didn't have toddler-sized legs. Really muscular toddler-sized legs that add up to a heavy, round, human sized ball. It sort of run/rolls along, dodging ghouls occasionally and more often bowling them straight over.
Unfortunately, the same holds true for the living as well. Basically, it's making a huge mess.]

[ooc: The hulklegs is as invulnerable as the Hulk is but otherwise, you can stick it anywhere. This is your ball of hulklegs now. It belongs to everybody to randomly stick places.]
29 December 2012 @ 04:53 pm
I am the bonfire, battling against the storm!
I am the spark of life in a wasteland!
Bringing the fires of change with me, I am Sailor Jotunheim!

[She looks kinda like the following picture except, well. She's still kind of really pregnant.]
The following picture. )

I've not actually seen evil about today so far, but I'm sure the others have! I mean, I know they have. I just watched their videos.

21 December 2012 @ 08:02 am
[Luke is holding a sprig of mistletoe in his hand, looking at it thoughtfully, and not looking entirely pleased.]

The tradition associated with this...it's a bit odd, really. I mean, it looks more harmless than holly, in terms of festive winter plants, but it's dreadfully poisonous, and a parasite on trees besides. I suppose it might be trying to make something good out of something associated with something rather less good, but I'd think it would be best to leave it alone altogether. Find a different kissing plant.

[A pause. And then the mistletoe bursts into fire in his hand and he reaches and turns the video off.]

[ooc: Of course, despite his distaste for it, Luke is all over the City anyway. Anyone, and everyone. Specify if you want him as his girl self!]

15 November 2012 @ 07:16 pm
[Luke chooses video straight off in order to communicate his issue. Namely that there's a lot of blood everywhere. He's sitting on the counter and he's got a self-made bandage wound around his right hand. It's bloody, but it's smeared on from another source. His chest, in fact, which he's been apparently digging into himself if the bloody kitchen knife just on the edge of frame indicates anything. There's the shaft of an arrow slightly further into frame, which the head has been yanked off of.

Or rather, vice versa. The hole in his chest isn't actually visible, as it's obscured both by his shirt, and a half-red towel he's holding pressed against it.

He tries to speak as cheerfully as usual, but there's a definite pained tone to his voice.]

Does anyone have the time to dig out this arrowhead? I can wait a day if I must, but it sort of...grates between my ribs. I can't shift it, or myself, properly. It's really wedged in there. I don't know. Someone's bound to not be cursed, right? Someone with...pliers?
11 November 2012 @ 10:33 pm
I just thought I ought to announce to everyone that I'm engaged. Twice, actually, although they'll be entirely separate weddings when they happen, to Bruce Banner, and to the Hulk. I think we'll all be very happy, really, hopefully you as well, Serrure. I'll be happy to be your third parent.

I've a second announcement too, although it's not quite as certain as the first one. Bruce, Lindast, I'm fairly certain, or rather, I think I might be pregnant. Although I'm not sure whose it is. I'm sure we'll work it out.

03 November 2012 @ 11:04 am
[When video opens, it's because the device has been thrown, and turned on as is its wont. Luke is wrestling with a frankly enormous wolf. Sometimes he manages to scruff it, and push its head down, or tumble sideways and get it onto its back, but mostly the wolf seems to have the upper hand. They're snarling at each other as they wrestle: at one point, the wolf grabs Luke by his shirt and starts shaking him, but Luke rips the shirt away and tackles the wolf once more.

This goes on for about a minute until finally, the wolf knocks Luke down and pins him with one big paw on his chest, forcing him down with his entire weight. Luke goes oof, there's a pause, and then Luke is laughing. The wolf leans down and licks him across his entire face.]

Blaaaugh! [Luke wipes his face with one sleeve and pats the wolf's paw with the other. It lifts it up and steps aside, and Luke rolls onto his front, pushes up to his feet, gives the wolf a cheerful scritch about the ears, and then heads over to pick up his device.]

Oh. [He notices it's on.] Today is good, isn't it? I really am fond of today. What a terribly good curse.

[As the wolf comes over to shove his big head under Luke's arm, Luke shuts off the video.]

[ooc: I know it's not exactly a canon anyone (save Chris) plays from, which is exactly why you should tag me with EVERYONE EVER.]

30 October 2012 @ 07:50 pm
[Luke looks cheerful, even if his mouth is still a little scarred from the beginning of the month. But even that's nearly faded. He doesn't seem to have any negative effects from having Serrure sewn to him either.]

Hullo, you lot. I was wondering--it's Halloween, tomorrow, and it's my very first. So I thought, possibly, it might be interesting to know: what sort of things do you think are scary? Any sort of scary, I don't mind. I don't even mind if it's sort of intangible, I'm just generally interested.
24 October 2012 @ 08:33 pm
[Video opens with a tumbling view of not much. Someone says "Ow" and then there's a lot of mutual shushing. When the phone hits the ground, it faces directly upwards, and Luke crouches slowly into view. It looks like Serrure is sitting on his shoulders for some reason, and holding onto his head for balance. He picks up the phone and kind of shuffles with it into one corner to point it at his face and whisper into it.]

Somebody come and help us. We're trapped.

[And then he looks up, and around suddenly, like he's heard, or seen something, trying to shove the phone into his pocket simultaneously, and then there's a muffled whump and the video shuts off.

He's lost his balance and fallen sideways.]

[ooc: The rescue will be carried out by Axl. Responses will come from both Lokis, probably, once the immediate danger of someone walking by has passed.]

06 October 2012 @ 01:32 am
[Just before midnight, Luke looking his baseline level of amused, plus a generous helping of put-upon.]

That was an unfortunate curse yesterday, wasn't it? I do hope everyone came out of it alright. Which reminds me, Charlie, I think now would be a good time f--

[At which point, it hits midnight. Luke breaks off, looking confused for a moment and then his eyes widen and he opens his mouth...

...just in time for it to get stitched back together, his lips meeting and closing as a leather string passes through it. He makes a muffled, pained noise as it completes its path and knots itself at the end.

There's a moment where he just stares at the screen, somewhat vaguely before he gathers himself together and shuts it off. Text appears an hour later.]

Text me, Charlie.

[ooc: Souvenirs you never lose. That one time Loki nearly lost his head. Yeah.]
18 September 2012 @ 06:42 pm
[The person on the screen doesn't look like Luke, but whoever she is, she has all his mannerisms, and his accent, if you know Luke.

If not, you'll probably notice how she has a billion hair, first off, and then that she's wearing the dress code of the day, only she's cut open the neckline so that it slopes down off of one of her shoulders. You can't see all the words and letters initially, but through the video, you can piece together that it says MY BROTHER KIDNAPPED, IMPRISONED AND KILLED ALL MY CHILDREN AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT.]

I think the t-shirt is selling itself short. It might one day be a very nice t-shirt if it put a little effort into its own existence. Poor t-shirt. It's no self esteem. I shall have to give it another makeover. If only it would let me paint over the word 'LOUSY'. I feel quite certain that's the first step towards improving this shirt's opinion of itself.

[ooc: There's writing on the back of Luke's shirt as well if anyone wants to encounter him in person. It says: 'AND CHAINED IN PRISON UNDERGROUND AND TORTURED'. His life is pleasant.]

10 September 2012 @ 04:22 pm
[It's meant to be a call directly to Bruce but the City has other ideas. For maximum pathos, Luke has the camera on. It's mostly showing how dark it is down there, and damp, and awful. For it's the sewers he's in: completing a job for Dr. Banner.]

Hullo. I'm on the last one, so you know. I was going to do them this past weekend but, well. It was rather distracting. [He installs the final one on the wall, presumably gripping his torch on his teeth.] D'you know, there's a--

[And then he stops dead, the camera still pointing at the wall.]

Hold on. There's a-- What's--?

[And then there's a huge whooshing noise. The camera (and the device, and Luke) goes flying to the side.]

Oh drat.

[This is shortly followed by an immense wall of flame that fills the entire screen. There is the sound of crackling and the camera signal goes all fuzzy and then shuts off.]

[ooc: Luke has just set the sewers on fire. There will be inconvenient jets of flame from manholes, plumbing breaking, and explosions and stuff!
Also, there's still room for one person to be injured or killed, AND I would like to know if anyone wants their plumbing wrecked. Everyone, respond to each other! Talk about the flames! Luke is kinda preoccupied but he'll respond to direct messages eventually.]
20 August 2012 @ 10:19 pm
[The video flicks on to briefly show a red-haired man, or, at least, half of him. It’s difficult to pinpoint his actual age, if you pause the video and try. Pausing is, of course, necessary, because two seconds later, the video flips off again. It takes a little while but eventually, text goes up to accompany the brief video.]

It won’t erase. Which is so incredibly unhelpful that I can only assume it’s purposeful. I can’t say I was expecting to end up with one of these in my pocket so suddenly, either.

Someone else has just appeared and stepped directly in the fountain, which is daft, really. It’s not hard to miss. Although I expect someone very clearly stepping in it just now proves that it is rather hard to miss, in fact, and I may have fountain immunity. I wasn’t aware of that, but there you are.

The only important thing I can think of to ask, while we’re both here, whoever you are that’s reading this, is what the conditions of here are? I appreciate knowing when it’s somewhere new.