24 February 2012 @ 12:04 am
I am certain that our friends with the City Ministry of Environmental Affairs have the means, the good will and the scientific studies to reassure you that the water supply brought by recent weather tidings is of exceptional quality.

Regrettably, in the interest of full disclosure, I am loathe to bring to attention that there is no operative City Ministry of Environmental Affairs.

Unless you are convinced of its sterility: boil your water. Filter it. And maybe try to avoid the singular compulsion of drinking from puddles down the road.

We wouldn't want to extend mere water the courtesy reserved for conveniently timed questionable chocolate pieces fallen from the sky.
07 February 2012 @ 12:06 am
The tradition of revolutions marks a quaint affection for masses synchronized in political momentum.

I am hard-pressed to mention the existence of your consular rights. Avail yourselves of them with some frequency.


I, the undersigned, hereby express opposition to the following:
i. the circumstances and conditions that saw to my relocation to and detainment at the current premise [ 'THE CITY' ];
ii. the lack of representation of my basic legal protections as guaranteed by human rights law and by just war tenets;
iii. the violation of my physical and mental well-being during the paranormal episodes orchestrated in the JAN 31 - FEB 6 time frame;
iv. the minimal health, legal and diplomatic protections afforded to me during the paranormal events of the JAN 31 - FEB 6 period;
v. the lack of material and alternative compensation for my damage as suffered during the aforementioned paranormal events;
vi. the absence of democratic provisions to facilitate dialogue with the current government, or to take action against it.

Sign, retweet, or carry on. Do not print.

I am constantly told we are all but moribund in the throes of an ecological crisis.

[ ooc: just make up / guesstimate any of the information there, if you plan to have your character fill it out XD Fair warning that Mycroft will keep a copy of the information submitted! ]
31 January 2012 @ 12:14 am
[ there's a rather bashful six year old boy staring at the camera, biting his lip nervously, as if he's about to recite a poem. ]

Mi... mister Ho - Holmes. Says t'sa...ummmm. To... say.

[ He takes a slip of paper from his pocket, unfolds it slowly, then tries to read out the words - ]

Good... af... after.... noon.

[ - then he smiles brightly. ]

Good afternoon. From Mr. Hol... Holmes.

[ ooc: ...worry not, the NPC was not kept up past his curfew! And in case I forget to mark it: Mycroft will be replying to everything in TEXT. He will also be keeping a list of individuals who reply, unless you have something against it ;; ]