23 July 2012 @ 04:09 pm
could someone please help me? i fear that this is was not at all covered by my governess. firstly, please pardon my terrible punctuation; these things are quite cumbersome to write with and i fear that it is quite hard to use this properly. i doubt if they had these sorts of things in london during the fair that they would catch on, would they?

confound it all, i seem to have digressed. you see, i am quite new to this city and i was writing if i could get some assistance? my name is marian (a pleasure to meet you, though a little early to say if i might add) and last i remember i was on a train from kent to see my aunt and uncle about entering society. in fact, there was to be a ball in london held in my honor. if someone could kindly please show me how to get home, i would be most in your debt.

sincerely yours,

miss c. marian
july 20th, 1893

(... heh, pretending like a 16 year old girl should get him some help.)