26 February 2014 @ 07:06 pm
[ action ]
[Korra's still trying to wrap her mind around the message from earlier. The City is alive. Alive, and curious, and a child. Everything that's happened to her, every horrible thing she's suffered, has been because of a child's innocently cruel curiosity.

She doesn't run through her bending forms, or try to meditate. Maybe she should, but it feels like too much, and that's not even counting the fact that they have to leave. Because for everything she's suffered, there's been a lot of happiness too. Friends that she doesn't want to leave behind. And what about City!dead Naga? What will happen to her?

She calls out of the Welcome Center -- not like there are going to be any new arrivals -- and takes Naga on a run through the forest, through the caves near the beach, going as deep into the ocean as they can. Constantly moving as though to outrun her thoughts; trying to be alone because she can't process when other people are around.

She can't avoid everybody forever, though. Nor would she even want to.]

[ooc: Run into Korra anywhere! Mostly for wrapping up close CR.]
27 December 2013 @ 09:43 am
[ action ]
[One of the perks of being dead? Not being bothered by temperature changes. The sudden change in the weather would normally have bothered the polar bear dog, but without any internal heat to be trapped by her fur, Naga finds the change unremarkable.

Korra, of course, is another story entirely. For now, the warmth is pleasant, but once it starts getting hot, she's going to be living in the ocean. She's from the South Pole, okay? It's cold there!

Anyone who decides to head over to the beach to cool off may find them lounging in the water like the arctic creatures they are.]
23 November 2013 @ 03:07 pm
[ action ]
[Chekov had called to tell her that it was Visitors Weekend, and Korra almost decided to stay holed up at the Beach House. She's been here for over a year now. She's seen them come & go so many times, has spent so much time without them... would they even recognize her? (Her clothes from home have gotten tattered beyond repair -- she's dressed in jeans and the polar bear dog hoodie Hei had given her.) More importantly, would she recognize them -- or are they now as good as complete strangers? A part of her doesn't want to find out.

But. If they are here... she can't leave them alone. They'll need her help.

Half dreading, half-hopeful, 100% queasy, Korra and Naga hit the City streets, looking for familar faces.]
16 November 2013 @ 05:21 pm
[ video ]
[Guess who's on screen and looking happier than she's looked in months? THIS GIRL. Who's wearing her house pride on her chest? THIS GIRL. Broom in hand, decked head to toe in her house colors, she is ready to kick ass and take snitches. Or at least a few bludgers.]


Yeah, I'm talking to you, Brainy Boy. Tomorrow? You're going down. [She loves you, Chekov.]

[ action ]
[Korra can be found running through the streets, shouting "HUFFLEPUFF RUUUUUUUUUULES!!!!!!!"]
09 October 2013 @ 06:10 pm
[ action - morning through afternoon ]
[Naga knows before Korra does: Mako's gone. While Korra's at work at the Welcome Center, the polar bear dog sniffs around town, just to confirm it. But all his scents are old over a day old, and she doesn't need to see the Hall of the Missing to know that he's nowhere in the City.

[ voice - filtered to Chekov - supremely hackable ]
[For once, Korra remembers how to do a filter, even when upset. It helps that, by this point, the pain is familiar enough to practically be normal. With Mako gone, she's once again alone in the City.

Except the weirdest part is, she's not actually alone. At this point, she's been in the City longer than she had been in Republic City; she's known Chekov and Hei longer than she had known Mako and Bolin. She doesn't feel as stranded as she had the first time all her friends had left.

That doesn't stop her from feeling lonely in the large Beach House, even with three dogs, eight cats, and five sheep to keep her busy. Which is why she dials Chekov.]

Can you come over tonight? Bring some of that vodka stuff.

[Sadness. Happiness. Sadness again. Her emotions are cycling around so quickly, she can hardly see straight. She's not a drinker by any stretch of the imagination, but right now she'd give just about anything for the world to just stop for a minute and let her catch up.]

[ooc: Open action with Naga during the day! Come run into a lonely polar bear dog.]
02 September 2013 @ 08:25 pm
[Korra's been in prison for a few days now, and she is PISSED. So pissed, in fact, that her took her this long to realize what she needs to do.]

[ video ]
ATTENTION EVERYONE. THIS GUY -- [oh crap how does she show somebody's picture BLEEP BLEEP BLOOP the screen cuts out and then briefly links to this post.

A few moments later, Korra's face finally comes back on screen.]

That guy who said his knife was stolen [since she has no idea if the bleep bloop did its thing or not] is a liar. It's not his knife. SO YOU CAN TELL ALL YOUR STUPID NAKED LADY HALLUCINATIONS TO GO AWAY. [That was directed to Theo. Seriously. She's not impressed with the visions of harem women. She has trouble enough sleeping with the nightmares she's earned.

Back on point.]

Rowena, wherever you are, I need you to come to the police station and explain. Tell them that it was your knife! [Because it looks like she's not getting out of prison until the knife is returned or "Rowena" tells the cops the truth. (Little does Korra know....)

Now we get to the bane of Korra's network post existence -- how does she end this thing? After a long, awkward pause, she says --]

Thank you.

15 August 2013 @ 08:24 am
[She doesn't work today, but with Asami gone, the Beach House just feels too empty. Hard to believe it was once stuffed to the gills with people.

Korra's trying not to think about it. So instead of hanging out at the beach, swimming and dwelling, she's out window-shopping in the City.]

[ video - guess who still isn't any good at filtering? this girl ]
[Yeah, okay, she's still a little miffed with Hei, but the moment she sees this thing, she busts out laughing and has to share.]

I think I've found your new favorite pair of underwear.

[She holds up a set of edible bra & panties. She tries to waggle her eyebrows, but it's ruined by a fit of giggles, and then she cuts the connection before she can laugh too hard.]

[ video - a few minutes later - actually intended to be public ]
Hey Chekov -- or anybody else, I guess -- have your eyes changed color? Is this a curse thing? [She doesn't sound worried, just mildly confused. It seems pretty tame for a curse.]
04 August 2013 @ 06:45 pm
[ action / video ]
[Little baby Korra clambers up onto the edge of the Fountain. She's an itty bitty thing, so it's with some difficulty, but with the help of some earthbending, she makes it up.

She stands there imperiously. She's not sure whether the picture thingy on the weird little whatchawhatever is set up right, but she's four years old. She doesn't actually care. She's got a job to do!

She straightens up and looks as grown-up as she can.]


[Y'all can bow down now.]

[ooc: Korra's been a bb all weekend! Housemates & friends can run into her at any point over the weekend. Everyone else will find her today at the Fountain.]
18 July 2013 @ 09:24 am
[She's woken up by an incessantly cheery tune. It takes her awhile to place it as her network device -- and another while to figure why, because it's not the two beeps of a message or the tune Hei recorded to let her know her battery's dying.

It's a little calendar notification. One year in the City! She stares at it uncomprehending (always a little slow in the mornings).

One year.

Shaking her head, she takes a minute to figure out how to make the stupid notification away and then shoves that thought -- One year -- out of her head. She's just going to go about her day as normal. Ayup.]

[ video/action - late morning - option 1 ]
[Korra is out on the beach. You can only really see her face, but the sound of the waves is unmistakable.]

Hey Chekov, get over here. Bring swimtrunks. [It's time you learned how to swim, Spaceboy.]

[ action - late afternoon - option 2 ]
[Another day, another session of physical therapy. The hospital's practically a second (third?) home to her at this point. She walks through the front door, waves at the receptionist, and then makes her way towards the PT's office.]

[ action - evening - closed to Hei ]
[She's run out of ways to distract herself, but it's still too early to sleep. So even though she's tired -- and she's always tired, reason #754 why she hates that lunatic who shot her, because just being alive never used to be this exhausting -- she heads over to Hei's apartment to say hello and maybe be distracted.

Knock knock.]
12 July 2013 @ 11:50 am
[ action ]
[After dropping Korra off for her duties at the Welcome Center, Naga is padding her way through the City, heading back to the Beach House. Her jaw is hinged wide open as she pants to try and keep cool, and her hackles are raised.

Something is very wrong with this place. It's not just the climate, which is too hot for an arctic animal like herself. There is something unnatural going on with the environment and the polar bear dog does not like it. There's too little water. The plants are unhappy. The wild animals she snacks on are fewer in number.

Who, what, and wherefore aren't questions she's capable of asking. All she knows, as she stops by the Fountain to lap up some of the water, is that she Does Not Like This.]

[ooc: Care to run into a cranky dehydrated polar bear dog? You've got options!

option a: run into Naga anywhere in the City!
option b: run into Naga and Korra in the evening when Naga picks Korra up again]
17 June 2013 @ 07:34 pm
[ action ]
[Korra had gotten up early that morning to train with Jinora. She was surprised that the young airbender hadn't woken her already, although Jinora had eased up in the face of Korra's injury.

The young girl isn't in her room.]

Jinora? Jinora, where are you?

[housemates can hear her limping through the house, shouting for the young girl]

[ voice ]
[She means to filter this to Chekov, but she can never remember how when she most needs to]

Chekov, I need a favor.
28 May 2013 @ 02:18 pm
[ action ]
[Korra is done with the hospital. So very, very, VERY done.

Unfortunately, neither her body nor the hospital staff agree. Just a few more days, they promise her. You sustained major trauma from those bullet wounds. Personally, she finds the pain less traumatic than the terrible smell and the snoring of her roommates. (She's able to think this only because of really excellent pain medication.)

The biggest problem with being stuck in the hospital, though, is that it gives her too much time to think. About the injuries she sustained. About how she's going to need physical therapy. About the fact that no matter how hard she tries, she might never be able to move the way she used to again. The doctor warned her that her shoulder will be prone to popping out of its socket, and that her muscles may be stiff and harder to move than before. She's very lucky that none of the bullets shattered bone or nicked any organs. She could have died or been paralyzed. She tries to remember that and feel grateful, but mostly she feels like, bit by bit, everything that makes her her is being chipped away.

She hates hospitals.]

[ooc: open to any and all visitors or hospital staff!]
24 May 2013 @ 08:49 pm
[ video ]
[BEWARE, CITIZENS. BEWARE OF THE WELCOME CENTER. The video feed flicks on to warn you of the horror.

Korra has somehow gotten her hands on a guitar and is sitting on the couch in the main area, singing.]


[Yeah, she's cursed. So cursed. And that's a song she picked up while working in the Underground, can you tell?]

[ action - either 5/24 or 5/25 ]
[Korra will be out and about these two days, singing her lungs out. You can run into her pretty much anywhere.]

[ooc: If you want to be the poor, helpless schmuck she's singing to in the video, go for it!]
13 May 2013 @ 01:45 pm
[ video ]
[Korra doesn't understand the Network. She doesn't get how she's supposed to use it, why people keep posting on it, why they post such stupid stuff.

So of course her new job at the Welcome Center involves just sitting around and watching the Network in case any newbies show up who need greeting.

She's already done all the chores she can think to do, and she can't run through her bending forms and monitor the network at the same time. She's trapped in front of the little computer, a prisoner of its headache-inducing glowing screen.

It's only because she has literally NOTHING ELSE TO DO that she decides to try her hand at posting something. Maybe if she does, she'll get what all the fuss is about.]

This is seriously the most boring job ever.

[long, awkward silence, then she clicks the feed off.

Nope. Still doesn't get the appeal.]

[ action - Monday night ]
[She's released from the Welcome Center around 11 PM. It's a long walk back to the Beach House, but she doesn't want to make Naga hang around the Welcome Center and be bored and stressed out like she is.

Korra sighs, stretches, and looks up at the moon. On a whim, she decides to head to the park and practice her meditation. It's not like she hasn't been sitting still for FIVE HOURS, but...well, it just feels right. Maybe she'll have an easier time meditating in the quiet of the park while the moon is out.

It's worth a shot, at least.]
10 April 2013 @ 12:01 am
[ option a ]
The air is frigid, but there's no wind to make it truly unbearable. Korra stands in the middle of her training arena in the South Pole, facing Master Katara and her White Lotus teachers, who stand on a platform above her.

When she looks down, there's a knife in her hand, and Chekov sits with his back to her.


She brings the knife down, stabbing the young man in the back. Blood splatters on her hand, her torso, her face. She pulls the knife out and stabs him again. And again. And again. And again.

She can hear Master Katara turn to her White Lotus teachers. "You were right about her," the Avatar's wife says. "She is a failure."

[ option b ]
She's held on stage by two giant brutes, their hands gripping her arms hard enough to bruise. The stage lights burn her eyes; she can't see the crowd except as a faceless mass surrounding her on all sides. Her attention isn't on them, anyway. Her entire focus is on the other side of the stage, where the leader of the Equalists stands.

"I am not without compassion or justice," Amon says. "I will give the Avatar the chance to fight to keep her bending."

The guards holding her arms let go and Korra immediately unleashes a volley of fireballs. Amon charges at her and dodges each one, moving like a leaf in the wind. She tries to block him with a column of earth, but the stage is made of wood. She wipes the sweat from her brow and sends it flying as razor sharp icicles, but Amon is already gone -- behind her -- twisting her arm and forcing to her knees.

In a moment, with a simple touch to her forehead and a blinding flash of pain, it's over. Her bending is gone.

Korra slumps to the ground as the crowd roars in approval. She doesn't have the strength to resist when Amon kicks her, sending her off the stage with a brutal shove. What does it matter, anyway? Things can't get any worse.

The crowd parts, allowing four shadowy figures to approach.

"What use is an Avatar who could not save her friends?" she hears Amon ask the crowd as the ghouls of Asami, Mako, Bolin, and Tenzin advance on her. "What use is an Avatar who cannot even save herself?"

[ option c ]
Her limbs are twisted, contorted, wrong. The pain is agonizing, but not nearly as bad as the feeling that her body is not her own. Her very blood is bent to Tarrlok's will. With it, Tarrlok sends her floating down the stairs, down into an airless steel container. She screams, struggles, but she can't stop him from throwing her inside and closing the door.

"YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS, TARRLOK!" she screams, pounding on the door. "LET ME OUT!"

Except she's no longer seventeen, but seven. It's dark and she's scared and she doesn't know where her parents are. The door opens and she stumbles out.

The old man leers down at her, and the woman too, and other faces she knows from the Underground. She throws fireballs at them, and boulders, and jets of water, but the crowd just laughs and the circle around her grows smaller and smaller.

[ option d ]
When the nightmares become too much to bear, her past lives step in.

Aang offers her a memory of Tenzin's childhood -- a warm summer day on Air Temple Island. He, Katara, young Kya, Bumi, and little Tenzin are playing on the beach. He passes on a pure, easy joy.

Roku offers her a memory of a quiet moment in his garden -- no people around, only a warm cup of tea in his hands and the peaceful sounds of animals around him. He passes on a feeling of serenity.

Kyoshi offers her a memory of her lover -- a sweet-tempered woman who steadied the earth beneath her feet, who shared the burden of the decisions she had to make. She passes on the comfort of her love's embrace.

[OOC: Hit with Dream Vortex - take your pick! You can mix and mingle, have one dream transition into another if you so choose. A & B, characters can interact with Korra as she is now; in C, characters would interact with baby!Korra; and in option D, characters would interact with either Aang, Roku, or Kyoshi.]
14 March 2013 @ 09:40 am
closed action for housemates )

[ voice ]

Uh... [Man she hates making public posts. She coughs awkwardly.] If any of you knew Miles Morales... he's left the City.

[A long moment of silence before the feed clicks off.]
16 February 2013 @ 08:26 pm
[Her face is so achingly hopeful]

Guys, if you're out there... find me. No, wait, I'll find you. Just don't go anywhere.

[She and Naga will be out and about in the City, looking desperately for any sign of her friends. Threadjacking encouraged!]
14 February 2013 @ 09:51 pm
[Coming out today in an Underground comic store near you -- a self-published comic by a local artist. Posters advertising the comic say: "INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS".]


[It's a good thing Korra's not working tonight, otherwise heads might roll. As it is, she's going to be pretty darn pissed when she finds out about this.

Who wants to break the news to her?]

[ooc: Art courtesy of the ever-amazing [personal profile] candothat]
09 February 2013 @ 02:22 pm
[Believe it or not, Naga has a life of her own. If you're out and about today, you might very well run into her somewhere.

MORNING: It may be winter, but Naga's still used to the bitter chill of the South Pole. You'll find her splashing around in the ocean by the beach house. You might run into some of the residents too.

AFTERNOON: Naga's itching for a snack, something meatier than the fish she finds in the ocean. Time for a little hunt in the forest.

EARLY EVENING: She and Korra are on their way to the zoo for Naga's final check-up.

NIGHTFALL: Korra has to go straight to work from the vet appointment, so Naga walks with her to work before heading home on her own.

She's a friendly beast for a half-wild animal...but never forget that she is indeed wild.]
28 January 2013 @ 07:40 pm
[video - backdated to early this morning]

[The sun peeks through the window of Korra's new bedroom in the beach house. There's a lump on the bed, covered by heavy blankets.

A sleepy, contented groan, and the covers are abruptly kicked off as Korra rolls over and snuggles up to Tohru. She smiles in her sleep and buries her head in the crook of the other girl's neck.

She is going to be so embarrassed when she wakes up.]

[ooc: Action for housemates!]