[There's too many scents. Too many all stuffed in one place, too close, tangled together, and he can't separate the rubberneckers from the ones who left her there.

Not that the water helps. It dulls and dilutes and no matter how many times he circles, no matter how many times he picks one at random and follows it, he can't find The One. And the longer he takes, the weaker it gets; the trail's going cold and there's nothing he can do about it.

She's gone and there's nothing he can do, and the fact that she'll be back is cold comfort right now. He couldn't hurt the last one who did it, but he can sure as hell get this one.

He works his way further away, tries to follow one that's a little older than the rest, tries to pick it out of the damn lineup and he doesn't know if it's right but it's all he's got.

Senses are on edge, everything keen and sharp and he lets the monster under his skin come to the surface. Everything fades away, leaving only Ed and the trail and the bastard on the other side and the many ways he's going to pull him apart and how sweet his veins will be.]

[A/N: backdated to immediately after this]

Good...evening, Poly, you're treated to the sight of a very bleary-eyed Ed who looks like he's literally just woken up. Hair's a ruffled mess, one arm thrown over his face against what remaining light leaches through the thick curtains, and he kind of huffs reluctantly before reaching out with his other arm for the body he knows should be there with a mumbled...something. It's anyone's guess if it's even english, really.

His attention shifts to the source of the click, and he peers at the camera for a long moment before reaching over to shut it off.]

[A/N: For the duration of the day, Ed's affected by the family day curse, and in a quirk of inconvenience is under the impression he and McGee are married. Fortunately she's in the same boat.]


[She's not there, Ed. You know this. There's a heavy sigh mixed with a growl, and the viewers don't get the best view of things, but it's clear enough that he's pissed.]

You're trying to be a pain in the ass, aren't you. That is literally the only explanation because there is no other reason for going out into a fucking INVASION.

[And look who's going out into it himself now.

[...there's blood dripping on the screen again. Plunk. Plunk. A moment or so later and fingers reach for it, pulling the device out of the way. The drips are still there, but you can at least see past them to see an Ed who is positively ecstatic. And also dripping blood from his fingertips.]

Did you know you can flavor blood? Fucking awesome.

[...yes, that last word was falsetto. Hey, he's in a really good mood.

Although at the expense of who is really the important question here.

Ed is cursed. Expect to receive even more inappropriate comments than usual.]
11 March 2012 @ 12:23 pm
Well this could be worse.

[In the background, a creepy male voice and an organ are providing accompaniment; Ed seems more amused than anything else.]

Do you ever think as a hearse goes by that you may be the next to die? They wrap you up in a big white sheet, from your head down to your tiny feet.

...I could've done without waking up to Coldplay, but whatever. At least whatever's doing this has a sense of humor?
[PUBLIC to all; mostly accidental -- he was just trying to film it for his own amusement and somehow ended up broadcasting]

[Have some video of a hand. Just a hand; no wrist attached, no arm attached, no PERSON attached. Very pale, and twitching slightly. Sitting all by itself on the counter. There's a pool of blood surrounding it, but it's mostly tacky by now.

There's also an Ed snickering in the background.]

Dude. I had no fucking idea that could happen. It's like a zombie only a thousand times better.

[Rudy, this is Ed's accidental homage to you; he ate your heart and saw your handiwork and it's given him Ideas.]

[PRIVATE to Frankie]

Okay man, I get your deal now.

[OW. Your heart hurt. :/ ]

[Ed's currently eaten hearts from both Frankie (Sun) and Rudy (Art). ...he's had Deceitful from McGee too, but he's biding his time on obnoxious with that one.]

[There's a kid prowling the streets at night like he owns them, and the only real difference between this night and any OTHER night is that he kind of looks like everything he ordinarily hates while he's at it. Shoulders thrown back, chin raised, dressed like a prep school kid with a blatant disregard for how the uniform is supposed to be worn and a disaffected stare like he automatically thinks he's the greatest thing since Skyrim was released and you should just accept it already. Oh yeah. It's like he's channeling Mark or something.

Vampire geeks are SO hot right now. It's like...BOTH of the fads that the entertainment industry's trying to monopolize on these days. All in one dangerous, non-sparkly package. HIS APPEAL IS UNIVERSAL.

Unable to keep his distilled sex appeal to himself any longer, Ed finally stops, leans casually against a building and pulls out his phone...thing to share with the world.]

Ladies. I just have two things to tell you.

My name's Edward. And I don't sparkle.
[Video -- Public]

[There's a worryingly pale and exceptionally filthy boy with black eyes and fangs staring at you through the screen, folks. He looks pretty annoyed. Or at the very least lost and miserable.]

Listen, I know I'm not supposed to be out yet, but...I need something. Just a little...It doesn't have to be much. I tried to find the girls but everything's all fucked up. I think...I think something's wrong. My head's splitting and it's not like usually. At least...not all of it; it's everywhere, not just in my head.

...God, I can't even think right now.

We're not in Kansas anymore, I'll tell you that much.

[He hisses, words more clearly irritated now but with an undertone of pleading.]

It hurts, Jerry; you said it wouldn't anymore. You fucking promised.