13 February 2012 @ 12:01 am
[Alois is sprawled on the floor, barefooted and surrounded by all kinds of craft supplies. Glitter, heart-shaped stickers, glue, crayons and even rhinestones.

He's busy decorating what looks like a purple Valentine card. He's already glued some heart-shaped rhinestones on it, and now he's coloring the blue wings of a little butterfly he drew on one corner.

At the center of the card there are the words To Ciel written with a golden glitter pen, for the whole City to see.

Once he's done coloring the butterfly, Alois slides out of view for a few seconds. He returns promptly with a little sticker in his hand. It's the picture of a tiny bumblebee carrying a heart. As he tries to glue it to the card, the sticker dissolves into sand, which gets mixed with all the glitter he previously glued.]

Fucking sand. [He hisses. There are some scraping sounds, and then the connection is lost.]
18 January 2012 @ 07:11 pm
I can explain to you all how to have intercourse without getting babies out of it!

[Alois is sitting on the table and smiling angelically at the camera. He looks quite proud of being able to contribute to society with his wise knowledge.]

Basically it depends with whom you do it! My Father had a lot of intercourse with many children, but he never got babies out of it. [He giggles. If he were still in England, he wouldn't dream of revealing something like this about his Father. But he's stuck in this City for eternity, and there is no English aristocracy to impress. He feels weirdly happy about his newfound freedom.]

I think you only get children if you do it with girls, but who wants to do that anyway. [Alois sticks out his tongue, looking vaguely disgusted.] I was wearing a kimono when I did it. But you can do it even if you don't have one. You'll just look much prettier if you do. [These are the tricks of the trade from an ex sex slave.]

Also! If you have other questions I can answer them!