11 March 2013 @ 08:40 pm
This is not the Apocalypse I expected. Where are the angels? Where is the flaming sword? Where is the pit of fire? I'm a bit relieved...I haven't been to Mass in too long. Except for today, of course, but it does not truly count if you are not going to Confession for the sake of your own soul.

[Lia is sitting there, blonde hair slightly mussed. Her fingers are wrapped in the rosary around her neck and she looks around, worry clear on her features.]

I do not know this place or how I arrived here. I was...is this an afterlife? I have no guide, only this strange device. It seems this is my connection to others?

[She licks her lower lip, worrying it uncertainly between her teeth before glancing up. Her expression is almost pleading as it occurs to her that she might simply be talking to herself and hoping.]

...I tried to be a pious woman. Truly.