27 May 2013 @ 07:36 pm
So...What would you put in a room if that room was going to be furnished specifically for a pair of large dogs?

[The feed opens up to nothing but a blank screen and flickers a few moments before it begins to bleed into focus. It's difficult to see... smoke swirls around the view and young girl can be heard coughing and crying but she's out of view...

I love to watch you dance Take you down another level I got you dancing with the devil )

[/end video]
((OOC: Natasha has been cursed with memory theater today, and I apologize for the length, but anyway she's at home and has no idea that the phone showed such intimate details of her life to EVERYONE.))
06 March 2013 @ 08:58 am
I don't think Jasper will try to chew my shoes ever again.

My red satin stiletto just grabbed his lip and wouldn't let go.
17 February 2013 @ 10:27 am
[Natasha is sitting on a bench in the park, it's a fairly nice morning to people watch. She hadn't intended on going out at all this weekend, but... she had to see. The last time this happened...

Well, needless to say the last time this happened she was fortunate enough to have the chance to see who she needed to see at the time.

That might be why she's here now, just sipping from a paper coffee cup, and watching, waiting for possible familiar faces.]
I suppose it was just a matter of time before I got another reminder.

[The red head looks at from the phone to the thin box chain around her neck and the charm. A delicate fragile looking silver heart the size of a quarter with James' star in the center of it. The same one that he has on his shoulder back home, now miniaturized and placed in the center of a stupid metal heart on a chain around her neck. ]

This place... it never does quite let you get back on your feet before it knocks them back out from under you again. [This time? This time it's almost like a punch to the gut. James' star. Of course that's what she'd get.

Green eyes drift from the charm back to the device and she sighs. She's already wasted far too much time just staring. Letting the little heart spin around on the chain and watching as the image appears and vanishes from sight with every turn.]

A curse I'm assuming? Anything special I need to know?
29 January 2013 @ 08:35 am
[Yep, have a text from this assassin who probably doesn't even know she sent it.]

want to know what my life has come to? I just took a 45 min shower banging on the walls and making loud sex noises so my neighbors think I get some.
26 January 2013 @ 10:39 am
[There is a rabbit on the screen. A sleek, twitchy nosed, black bunny watching the person holding the camera intently.

As far as curses go, this could be worse. But at the same time Natasha can't say she's exactly thrilled to be looking a cutesy, bunny - or they way it looks at her like it's waiting for her to drop her guard so it can rip her throat out with it's teeth. Or maybe that's just the assassin's paranoia.

But honestly, she feels like the furry little creature is looking into her not at her, and it's unnerving.

She swings the view away from the rabbit, but it's clear she's watching it. Closely.]

It seems I've acquired a... pet.

[The rabbit inches closer, and into Natasha's lap- to which the former Russian simply sighs and makes no attempt to move it away. Now the bunny is situated so that it can peer at the screen, it's face up close and taking up the whole view with it's whiskers, nose and a little view of it's teeth as it sniffs around at the device.

She can't be seen, but Natasha is rolling her eyes off camera. Why... does it have to be a rabbit? Of all the things.]

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

[OOC: Natasha has her very own daemon for the weekend. Yay~ Let's all hope she manages to make it through the weekend without killing her soul, which apparently is an adorable rabbit. Hey! Rabbits can be vicious!]
18 December 2012 @ 03:32 pm
[Oh hey! Look! It's Natasha.

And she's pretty much disgruntled. She's on her way to keep a sort of appointment with Bruce since she figures-- and he told her-- it should be safe to get out today.

Dressed for the weather, she bundles her coat tighter around her, and pulls her cap down more tightly on her head, her read hair peaking out around the edges of it has snow clinging to it.

She looks at her phone seriously and simply states.]

I forgot how much I hate the snow.

[She should have worn boots. Damn it.

It's okay Bruce, she should be better by the time she gets there. In the mean time, who ever wants to stop and have a chat? Good luck. ]
15 November 2012 @ 07:58 am
[She fumbles for the phone trying to pick it up, her hands are shaking. This is not her favorite way to wake up- Not that it's anyone's favorite way to wake up. Blood has soaked through the sheet covering her chest, its sticky uncomfortable against her skin, so she moves it to get a look. Her fingers dipping down to brush over wounds she has no memory of receiving.

Eyes lock for a moment on fingers coated with blood, she casts a quick glance down, but a sharp pain in the center of her chest is really all she needs to confirm her suspicions, she's not dreaming, that pain is too real. It makes her vision white out around the edges and forces her to drop her head back on to the pillows, huffing a few ragged breaths to keep herself from passing out.

She injured. Gravely, by judging by how erratic her heartbeat feels in her chest. It's out of rhythm and painful. Breathing is difficult... Her already bloodied hand rests over the wounds on her chest, applying pressure to the worst of the wounds peppered across it.

But none of that can be seen at the moment, the view is of the ceiling in her room. Her fingers grope along the edge of bedside table trying to find her damn phone, she needs-- ]

Ahh! Fuck..

[Hissing through clenched teeth, she curls for a moment around herself, the phone forgotten. Her hands tight fists against her chest, when she finally manages steady herself again she glances over at the table and spots the phone, and reaches out finally getting a grip on it and bringing it to her. She turns the device in her hands and smearing blood across the display. Once she has a proper grip on the phone she can finally be seen.

Deathly pale and sweaty, she looks like death warmed over and is taking shallow sips of air to keep her heart-rate down, because... it doesn’t seem to hurt as much when she doesn't let fear try to sink it's claws in her.

She fumbles the buttons, and turns the feed off. Cursing to herself for not noticing that it was already open she manages to get it turned back on, her eyes close briefly with from the relief of managing to at least establish an open line of communication. ]

I-... [Her voice is barely a wheeze, she pauses to let out another small slow breath. Yes, even in the face of possible impending death, she can still find a way to hold on to her calm resolve. Deal with it. There is no panic in her voice, yet.] I may need help.
03 November 2012 @ 08:10 am
[Natasha is, and has been sitting at a bench in the park, hidden in the shadows, and watching, since the early hours of the morning. Sleep has been difficult, the guilt she carries with her all the time weighs heavier since she's been here.

She'd already gone for a run, and worked out a little. Funny thing about insomnia; you have more time to do everything, which leaves you with more time to think about the things you don't want to. Which is why she's here. To think.

Her hand comes up to rub her brows, her eyes closed. James...No Bucky. He's at the front of her thoughts and she...She's doesn't want to think about him. She doesn't want to think about ways to avoid talking to him. She doesn't want to think about how heavy all of this sits and how much it hurts.

The sigh that leaves her lips, is tired. Exhausted really. She's spent too much time thinking about these things, things she can't do anything about. It's time to move on. She'll go for a walk, clear her head. Start today with the resolve that she's done letting circumstances she can't change weigh her down, she carries enough as it is.

She stands, and starts on her walk back to her room, she's lucky she does have friends, even if they really aren't her friends, but friends of a version of her that they know. It makes it easier for most of them. And in turn, perhaps a bit easier for her. Barton, gave her a room, he's been a good friend, just like he always has been, despite the...way she treated him.

With an irritated sound she stops, shaking her head. No! Not this Barton, this Barton...she hasn't done those things to...his memories of her are happy ones. She has to remember that. She starts walking again, angry with herself for not putting up walls. For not drawing lines in the sand to distinguish the people here from the ones she knows. She's having to start entire relationships over, and that's not easy.

She's distracted, much more distracted than she'd ever like to admit, when she comes upon the the crowd of people. Standing still she blinks, head tilted. Immediately tense. There are... way too many people here. Green eyes wide with surprise, for the first time this week her thoughts are cleared. Blissful silence in her head, to contrast the buzz of voices in the space in front of her.]

What the hell?
29 October 2012 @ 09:13 am
[They were fighting. James was with her.

The last thing she actually remembered before being here was James-- the gorilla. That massive hulking beast that they ran into while trying to find the stasis chambers.

Well, that is one thing she has working in her favor, Jasper and James will certainly be looking for her.

She'd already tried to contact S.H.I.E.L.D's network for a Sitrep, and was unable to get a signal. Calling for an Evac. is looking like it's out of the question. So, she guesses it's time to switch tactics.

Her face is impassive as she looks into the screen. Blue-green eyes flick across the display then raise to glance around, before settling back on the screen.]

This is Agent Natasha Romanoff. S.H.I.E.L.D ID 31339. Code name Black Widow. This is an official request for information concerning my capture.

[Following the spoken words, she can be seen a moment before the image goes dark and the same information appears as a text message.]


Agent Natasha Romanoff. S.H.I.E.L.D ID 31339. Code name Black Widow. This is an official request for information concerning my capture.


[It doesn't take but a moment before she is back, a slight raise to her brows as she regards the device in expectation of response. This isn't the first time she's been captured, though, one of the first in quite some time that hasn't been orchestrated by her in an attempt to obtain information or part of a mission. She knows protocol.

She also knows that protocol doesn't always work in every situation, she prides herself in her ability to improvise, so she allows her expression to soften just a little.]

So, who wants to tell me what is going on? I'm pretty sure we'll all be happier if we do this the easy way.