24 September 2012 @ 08:08 pm
[The device is set conveniently across from Roy -- who is sitting at a desk. He's at home, though, not at headquarters. Still dressed formally, however, because that is just who Roy Mustang is.]

Such curious devices, and yet so faulty. Or perhaps the innocuous yet rather inconveniently unintentional recordings are simply a feature? But that's enough of complaining about what is, essentially, a free resource.

Truly, this is quite the fascinating city. But what I find the most interesting is its elusive history.

The carousel, the clock, these deities, and even a Warden. Handpicked not from nor by the natives but from and by us, the captives.

[He looks like he wants to ask more about it, but instead, he shifts gears.]

Fullmetal, it's been nearly two weeks. I believe playtime is over.

[A ~friendly~ grin before he cuts the feed off.]