[The day started warm and beautiful and Bobby was out of her bed as soon as the sun was up. After months of winter, being able to go outside again feels like walking back into her own skin.

She's currently sprawled out across the grass in front of the new Xavier mansion, soaking in the sun like a lizard on a rock. She's in shorts and a t-shirt and it might still be a little chilly for that, but she doesn't mind. Besides, someone comes along soon to offer a little extra warmth.

A very wooly sheep wanders into frame and pokes at Bobby with its black muzzle. Bobby lets out a giggle, and another sheep comes to investigate.


Does anyone know how you get the wool off the sheep so you can make sweaters? I know how to knit but it has to be in yarn first and this doesn't look very much like yarn yet.

[She gives the nearest sheep a pat on her curly coat.]
[Oh hello City! It's a Saturday morning on the last weekend of the month, which means it just wouldn't be normal unless someone around here woke up as an animal.

The camera first opens on Thor the Golden Lab, snoozing happily on his dog bed. When suddenly something small, fuzzy, and lightly beige-ish coloured comes barreling in from out of frame, landing directly on him and yipping happily. The lab wakes with a start, whining. He gives the puppy a sharp poke with his nose, growling a little as a warning before curling back up again to sleep. Kids these days.

Clearly bored now, the puppy wanders off to find someone more interesting.]

[ooc: Bobby is a coyote puppy for the weekend! Forward dated as I'm going out tonight and tomorrow and wanted to get this up.]
16 February 2013 @ 08:08 am
[The video opens in Bobby's room. It wobbles as she attempts to prop it up at the right angle to show her bed, where a young woman in her early twenties is sitting on top of the covers knitting. Bobby makes a shh gesture with her finger over her lips before giving the camera a big smile.]

Bobby, what are you doing over there? I'm not done with what we were talking about earlier, you know.

[Bobby just makes a running leap onto the bed, landing half on the woman's legs and giggling.]

Honestly, you. I dropped three stitches.

[But the affection in her voice makes it clear she isn't mad at all. She puts down her knitting to pull Bobby into a hug, to which Bobby only squirms a little, laughing.]

Get off!

[As both girls laugh, the feed clicks off.]

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02 February 2013 @ 09:43 am
[Bobby is stretched out on her stomach on the floor. Her device is propped up next to her recording, but she so could not miss showing this.

On the floor in front of her is a tiny, miniaturized House Hippo, about three inches long in total. Bobby has a plate with several slices of toast and peanut butter on them, and is carefully tearing off small pieces at a time and placing them on the floor in front of the hippo, who is eating them all cheerfully.]

I found him in my socks this morning. They like peanut butter.
26 January 2013 @ 09:50 am
[The camera shakes a bit as it turns on, revealing an extreme close-up of a blonde teenage girl bundled in a blanket. As she pulls back, a room is shown in a general state of disarray with clothes thrown over every surface.]

Just my luck I got stuck here before I grew any. I gotta find me some clothes, 'cause these?

[She holds up a tiny, child-sized pair of jeans with a raised eyebrow.]

Ain't exactly gonna cut it this time.

[ooc: Bobby is sixteen for the weekend! Have fun, City.]
18 January 2013 @ 04:06 pm
[The camera turns on from where it's set on the kitchen counter. Bobby is kneeling on a chair as she carefully puts her sliced bread into the toaster, humming to herself a bit as she does. She about to climb down again when she's caught by surprise-

The toaster erupts with a trumpet-like noise, spewing confetti all over the kitchen. Bobby makes a startled squeak and tips right off the chair and out of frame.

There's a pause. Then comes peels of childish laughter, high-pitched and enthusiastic as the toaster continues to erupt with confetti like a volcano.]
08 January 2013 @ 07:28 pm
[Bobby's voice is shaky, and it takes her a few tries to start.]


think I need help.

[ooc: Bobby just dealt with the ghoul of her father, and got bit in the process. She sure could use a rescue.]
05 January 2013 @ 04:29 pm
[Ever since her first attempt at leaving the house, Bobby has been spending most of each day in her closet. She has a few flashlights around her shedding light, and an open box of soda crackers is next to her. The kitchen knife she stole earlier is just in within reach.]

I hope everyone's safe. At first there weren't many of the dead people and now they're everywhere. People keep telling that it's only a trick but I don't think it could be. After all, how could they be so exactly like them if they weren't really them?

But I had a question for everyone. Has everyone seen someone from their home? I saw someone from mine, and I want to know. I want to make sure it isn't just me.

[She pauses and fiddles with one of the flashlights. When she speaks again it isn't much above a whisper.]

He said he'd find me no matter what. Maybe he brought them here after all.

01 January 2013 @ 06:36 pm
[It's just getting towards sundown, and Bobby is making her way home from the library with her backpack in tow. She's stopped to work on her snow fort a little more, propping her device on a mound of snow to start filming.]

This is my snow fort and Jinora helped me make it. Someone should come and make another and then we can have a war.

[She's packing a little extra snow into one corner when a burst of movement behind her draws her eye, causing her to turn around sharply. The snow is falling thick enough to obscure anything in the distance, but slowly a solitary figure comes into focus. Tall and heavily built, with a black top hat. No features can be made out in the semi-darkness but the distinct impression of a black suit and tails stands out starkly against the white back drop.

The figure moves behind a pillar, and disappears.

Bobby is wide eyed when she turns back to the camera, but remains calm and silent as she shuts it off.]
23 December 2012 @ 01:07 pm
It is really Christmas soon? I didn't think it was because it's past Christmas where I came from. Does this mean I get two Christmases in a row? I'd think that was greedy, and it's very important not to take more than your share. If Rosie was here I would buy her another present all the same because she deserves it. Maybe Jocelyn and Mister Boots and Aunt Tilly as well, but what do grown ups even want on Christmas? My sister only ever wants us to have more food and I don't have any of that.

We never had presents anyway when I was little because there wasn't time. I'm okay with skipping this one.
15 December 2012 @ 05:25 pm
[The video opens near the town square. Every surface is dusted with a thin layer of early December snow. Most people are trudging around it, hoods down against the cold.

Until one small figure scrambles into shot, collecting handfuls of snow in small, bare hands. A child of maybe seven or eight, dressed in knickerbockers and a knitted sweater, anachronistic against the stark modern backdrop of the fountain, is working hard to create one snowball from the meager snowfall. The child obviously isn't dressed for the cold and shivers now and again, but doesn't seem to mind. The snow is obviously much more exciting and worth working through the cold for. Someone comes to closer and they speak for a while, out of range of the device's speaker, but the child makes a mad dash when the woman tries to hold out a hand to hold.

Which results in the discovery of the device.

A small freckled face comes in very close to the lens, inspecting it with calm and careful interest.]

Does everyone speak to these things in this place? I don't know why they would do that I don't think they talk back. See, my name is Bobby Lassiter and I think my magic brought me here. But I wish I hadn't left Rosie behind. Now I'm going to look silly because I just talked to a box.

[The child makes a high pitched noise, almost a scream and almost a whiny before cantering around in a circle and flopping onto a snowbank.]

See? Now I look crazy AND silly and I will get sent to the loony bin and no one will ever see me again.

[The video feed ends with a fit of giggles.]