08 February 2014 @ 03:00 pm
[ Of course toppling and slamming your hand on the device is a brilliant way to start a feed. Especially if you fail to notice it's now transmitting because you're too busy trying to wrangle your body into a bra of all things. ]

Jesus fucking Christ --. [ The girl isn't immediately familiar but maybe the room behind is. Especially considering Stiles has transmitted from his place in the cabin a half a dozen times already. ] Seriously? Seriously? [ Thankfully the cups themselves are covering the party parts, but they still leave little to the imagination when Stiles throws himself into a chair and blows hair out of his face. He's wearing make-up and there's a dress draped over the headrest behind him and it's obvious he's going for the whole deal. ] C'mon Stilinski, you can do this. You got this. [ Arms behind him he struggles with the clasp a moment more. And then -- ] Yes!

[ There's some really awkward boob adjustment before Stiles is spinning his chair and doing a dance in his underwear for all to see. ] I am awesome.

[ He reaches for the device because of course he has to text Saya about his mission success when --. ] Oh crap. [ A flush settles across his cheeks because yep, still Stiles. Stupid laughter bursts from him before he speaks. ] So my breasts are great, right City?

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04 February 2014 @ 09:58 pm
[ At first the video only shows the dark canopy of the trees above. It shudders and shakes as though whoever's holding on to the device doesn't necessarily understand what it does and that it's filiming. High childish humming filters through ( a butchered rendition of Row, row, row your boat ) and the feed dips as a child - a boy of less than eight - swings into view to clamber over a tree trunk. He giggles when he trips, landing in a pile of leaves and sending the phone itself sliding. ]

Mom, mommy. [ Drawing out the o sound. ] I'm bored of hide and seek. Come out so we can go play with daddy. [ Jumping to his feet. ] He'll make the ne-naw noise and it'll be great.

[ The very edge of the video catches him glance around himself. ] Not s'posed to be in the woods. He'll 'rest us.

( ooc: so stiles is de-aged and lost in the woods. he's a little shit and i don't have a journal for him because work so imagine this dumb kid ok. :) )
12 January 2014 @ 03:55 pm
[ The feed starts and there are bags under his eyes and a hollowness to his cheeks that didn't exist when he was in the City last week. There's also a tremble to the fingers holding the device, a clumsy shuddering view of what is unmistakably Derek's cabin, before it vanishes into darkness again.

Seconds pass before the text shows up.

City, I wish I knew how to quit you.

[ A joke he doesn't quite feel, naturally. Everything's fine. Everything's normal. The next message is for Chase and is very, very locked and nosy people can't see it okay. ]

Like Dr. Dre I need a Doctor. If you want me to try and find someone else because of some awkwardness I have totally forgotten about in the past three months, just let me know, okay?

[ Then the rest is locked to Lydia and Allison. Not that he doesn't trust Derek but maybe true alpha / imagining yourself a super wolf man means you can hide from the other one. ]

Derek said Scott's gone. Is that true?
17 December 2013 @ 08:19 pm
[ The view from his device is obscured by cereal boxes for half a second, laying on the conveyor belt with all of his stuff. Stiles is doing the grocery run and you know what - he is the bomb right now buying enough food for three and not being weirded out by his lady purchases. Of course the nice middle-aged woman behind the counter doesn't know his video is running and neither does he, he's just babbling at her. ]

-- And then he said that's not my horse. It turns out it was one of those weird alpaca things, can you imagine how awkward that was?

[ Beep beep beep goes the cash register and Stiles is counting out money. They don't notice the creeping mistletoe growing. At least not until he leans in to pass his cash over and the woman reels him in by his shirt. Stiles manages to make a surprised noise before her lips cover his, one manicured hand cradling the back of his head. It's a little awkward with the counter sticking into his stomach and the weird non attraction they have going and when she breaks away with horror Stiles starts nervously laughing and grabs all everything all at once, almost tripping over himself in his haste. ]

Um thank you for your service. Customer service. Not -- Bye.

[ With that he flees. ]

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15 December 2013 @ 02:30 pm
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04 December 2013 @ 03:38 pm
Probably for the best. My morning wood is pretty horrible. I wouldn't want to tip the earth's axis / create a new magnetic pole

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23 November 2013 @ 04:34 pm
You know the drill --. [ Stiles is nursing a coffee in one of the quieter establishments, the hustle and bustle a little quieter behind him than it is in the rest of the City. ] -- if you know me, come find me, or y'know, use the phone that is not a phone and I'll come find you. Unless you're Jackson, then you don't call me. Don't ever call me.

[ There's the flash of a grin but it's gone too quick. He hates these weekends for a very specific set of reasons. That he wishes his dad could turn up, just once, just so he could see him and prove to himself that he's all right. It's not going to happen but that doesn't mean he's going to hide away. ] Laters!

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18 October 2013 @ 04:05 pm
[ As always with these things he doesn't know his device is recording. It hangs loosely in his hand as though he's been texting someone only moments before, giving the impression of the bottom of his jaw and a lot of plaid. Stiles is very cleary out on the streets, standing in front of a shop window because he doesn't have anything better to do. His attention is on one skeletal figure in particular. ]

Wow, you're ugly. [ He pulls a face, scratches his neck with his phone so as the feed is filled with gaping eyes and ... terror. ] I mean, seriously, that is some nasty decorating skills. Kudos to your Chinese workshop.

[ He leans in as though to examine it. ] What do you reckon big guy? Is decorating in poor taste. Lydia --.

[ He stops. Mostly because the skeleteon has lifted it's own hand and seized itself in Stiles' shirt collar. He drops his device on instinct, kicking it out of the way when he moves back to pull himself free. ] Shit Oh my god, Not cool, not --.

[ Boop. ]
01 October 2013 @ 02:30 pm

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06 September 2013 @ 08:21 pm
Der --. [ The device catches the harsh grind of Stiles' voice the minute he speaks, the camera obscured by the flannel of his shirt. He sounds rough, worn down, and when fingers pluck the device from his pocket a few moments later they're very clearly shaking. ] No, shit, shit.

[ His eyes are ringed red like maybe he's not been sleeping or maybe he's been crying and it takes a beat too long for understanding to flicker across his face. It's barely any time at all after for it to harden his expression. The City. His hand curls into a fist around the machine and his inhale sounds laboured as he shudders. ] Fuck.

[ From then on the reaction is far too fast, each breath not quite making it and Stiles' clumsy touch trying to do something, turn off the camera or call someone or something. But he misses and the entire thing clatters to the ground, his grip seizing and curling around his knees as he bends at the waist and tries to just breathe. ]

I -. [ A swallow. He's panicking. It's a panic attack. He can't stop. He can't stop. He tries to reach out for his device again, but it's too much. His vision is going and he just sinks to his knees, burying his hands in his hair. Each breath sounds like a rasp but if he focuses maybe he can just ... ]

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23 August 2013 @ 06:24 pm
text filter; private; scott, lydia, mama mccall. )

What the fuck -? [ He actually hits the record button by accident, his message to the Beacon Hills bunch ( minus Isaac who already knew ) relayed and his job done. Mostly he'd been looking forward to drowning his sorrows in ice-cream and bad kung-fu movies.

However, that doesn't seem to match the thin thread of almost panic in his voice. At first you just get a close-up of a denim pocket and then Stiles is swinging his device up to the full technicoloured glory of the clown. It's watching him from across the street, mouth like a big red slash and the balloon clutched tightly in its hand. Stiles audibly makes a noise as it reaches up its other hand to stick a pin in the soft, plastic side of the balloon, the device view jerking as Stiles jumps.

The clown turns and Stiles huffs out a breath, panning along as it walks away.
] Okay, not cool. So not cool. Clowns? Seriously? Why?
03 August 2013 @ 05:26 pm
prove to me i'm not gonna die alone )

( ooc: stiles has been hit with memory theater and has literally no idea this is up, feel free to break the news to him. )
31 July 2013 @ 07:24 pm
[ It’s Scott. He has his best friend finally in the City and seriously can anyone blame him for being excited? He knows that he should be at least a little bit upset about it - monsters, curses, weird mistletoe rituals - Scott shouldn’t be anywhere near those - but right now he can’t find it in himself to care. He feels good, energetic, alive. It might have something to do with the Red Bull and the pixie sticks though, might have led to the slightly shaky way he lets the feed slide across the room. ]

Supervet is a lame superhero name. [ Stiles sounds disapproving but who knows if he’s simply just decided to bring this up. ] Everyone tell Scott he needs a cool name. [ The video slides round until he’s grinning at the camera, mad hedgehog hair looking even more demented today. ] He doesn’t think he needs one but he is wrong.

[ Back to Scott it swings.

For his part, Scott is not expecting Stiles to be broadcasting the lamest argument ever. They’re just hanging in the living room, some of Scott’s library books splayed over the coffee table. He’s glad to have his best friend, too.

Why do I need a superhero name at all?

[ At this second? Little bit debatable because said best friend is videoing him. He looks up from his books. He squints. ]

Dude, are you filming this?

[ How long has this been going on? He sits back. Derek won’t be happy. People shouldn’t need to know he’s any kind of hero, thanks. ]

Yes, I am filming this. [ He literally sounds like he’s 0.001 seconds away from cackling like a villain in a movie, his shit-eating grin only getting wider. ] I am filming this because you need to realise how wrong you are, yo. [ Seriously Scott, calm down. It’s Supervet, not Superwolf. HE HAS KEPT THIS SECRET FOR A YEAR. Except from the people who know. Not his fault. ] I’m asking the audience.

[ Scott raises an eyebrow. He’d shake his head but he fights the urge. His best friend. Well, no reason but to humor him. So, it’s audience participation time! ]

What’s wrong with Supervet?

[ Replies will come from both Scott and Stiles! ]
05 July 2013 @ 07:45 pm
Hey. So. If anyone sees a dude with a really uneven jaw lurking, get him to call me. [ Making a phone sign with his hand. ]

Though if it's creepily hot twins then you're on your own.
28 June 2013 @ 05:29 pm
[ The video starts with almost Blair Witch levels of shaking, the kind of tremble that usually accompanies the running and possibly evading of massacres. He lifts the device with one hand and breathes out, a quick burst of breath that makes his voice vaguely higher than usual. Do not judge him, he will find his baseball bat soon enough. ] Okay, what the hell?

[ It's been months for him, months of growing and settling and generally smothering down the Beacon Hills level of panic that accompanies his daily life. He'd had Scott and been patching up things with his dad and none of this had crossed his mind at all. Forgetting is so quick. Well, at the beginning with the smothering. Now it's mostly just panic and keep panicking because everything in the town is out to kill you. Even Peter. Especially Peter.

Memories of the City come back in fits and starts. He's vaguely aware of the trouble before he'd left and it matches up. Of course rioting in the streets is a little .. well.

Is this going to happen every time? [ Running a hand fitfully through his hair - that's new too, the hair. He tugs it a little and moves his foot up and down, his whole body still in motion. ] I know destruction of property is generally my siren call but seriously?

[ He needs to get out of the center and quickly. ] Is this everywhere?
10 June 2013 @ 03:28 pm
I object -. [ Stiles' voice sounds kind of strained but when the camera lifts to his face he looks as okay as he ever is. Panicked but not exactly harmed. Of course the baseball bat ( weapon of choice, hands down ) across his shoulder is covered in a slick and sickly kind of fluid. That might be a bit of a giveaway in regards to what exactly caused that pitch in his voice.

If you're a part of the City, then what he's been bashing is pretty obvious.
] I object to the Deities using Tim Burton as their spirit guide. [ Shoes squelching as he moves out of the building line, back towards where his jeep is. The noise makes his face spasm in horror. ] No wait, violently opposed. That sounds better.

[ Slithering sounds from his right and he sighs. ] Anyone got any slugicide?
05 June 2013 @ 11:15 am
[ Stiles is sitting on a wall filming something with his device. That's not unusual. What is unusual is the sudden influx of ... well, his closest bet is mindless drone army but he's not entirely sure that's right. An army would totally have better equipment than the ones he's filming. From what he can see, two of them are carrying spears, one of them seems to be carrying something that looks like a water pistol - probably filled with acid, nothing is ever as fun as it looks - and a third has a regular old machine gun. He's never been super fond of real life machine guns.

To say Stiles has a bad feeling about this would be an understatement.

Now would be time for the inspiring quote, right? Like V's 'governments should be afraid of their people' routine, but hey this is the City. And this does not look good. [ Thankfully he's mostly out of sight. For now anyway. ]

I figured people would need a heads-up anyway. Before it's black bags at dawn and creepy uniforms.
09 May 2013 @ 03:56 pm
So twenty-four hours doing my best Mr. Freeze impression, totally well spent. Who needs fancy cosplay when you've got the City around to literally make it happen?

[ With a frantic motion of his hand. ] Everyone all accounted for? Nobody's slipped down the cracks of the sidewalk to live with the monsters and back breaking psychopaths? Anyone lose a little water weight?

[ He he he he. ]
04 April 2013 @ 10:51 am
I hope we've all learnt the true meaning of being a viking this week :).

[ Too soon for How To Train Your Dragon jokes? ]
15 March 2013 @ 07:25 pm