31 January 2014 @ 11:31 am
[ A very drunk woman has fallen into the fountain, and after spending a few panicked moments thrashing, she makes it to the edge. She takes the cellphone out of her pocket because it's a reflex to call Lou. It's a reflex she's tried to kill because she's put that man through so much ever-loving shit, but as far as she can understand she's either blacked the fuck out and is just now waking up, or this is a delusion (because she wasn't on the bike. There was no way she went 'finding.' ]

Lou. I'm... yeah. It's one of those calls, you're never gonna get enough of it... Shit. Shit... Pick up the phone, you know I wouldn't... touch this fucking thing if I weren't--

[ Some water goes down the wrong pipe and she hack-coughs. ]

Shit. I don't know where I am, Lou.

[ And then a long pause, a thought occurring, ]

I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming, babe. Sorry I... sorry I woke you.

[ She thinks she's turned the device off when she lays down her head on the edge of the fountain and heaves exactly one sob and then goes silent.]