09 July 2012 @ 11:39 pm

[A lethargic voice begins to softly speak as he faintly gives a laugh.]

This is... it, isn't it? Fear is how I see it, ha ha ha. Regardless... Seems I'll be finally taking my bow, citizens.

Heads or tails. Life or death... Will I be the one to close the curtains to my own story or will it be you (Chrono)... we'll see if lady luck is on my side... won't we...

[Private message to Luke:]
Seems my time is up. You already have plenty on your plate but I can't leave it to anyone else. Take good care of the place for me and my things in case they call for round two. Heh, although I hope to see you've accomplished it by then. I'm counting on you. Take care.

[Private message to Solomon:]
You owe me one. [He lightly snickered.] Until then, later.

[Private message to Karl:]
Seek Luke whenever you lose sight. He'll show you the way.

[ooc; And a dead body (high quality mind you!) was sent to Rido. That's all he really needs to say. Nothing fancy. XDDD]
18 May 2012 @ 09:58 pm
[The feed begins to show a well dressed Senior with an older-aged girl in one arm. To those aware of the students at Ohtori, they could identify him as one of the smartest guys in class. Though to those who know his other face can identify him as one of the leaders of a gang and distributor. He's the guy you go to in order to get your fake id for the bar or club you've been dying to go to or the one joint that you just have to have. A businessman by nature and open to making any deals. Money is his best friend for the most part.]

Now that finals are done and the faculty could finally can it over grades, let's talk about something more important. I'm going to have a gathering over at my place tonight. Details are on these.

[He held up what appeared to be a black business card with the word "Eden" written in white and nothing more.]

You're all welcomed. Come if you're interested. I'll see you there.

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30 April 2012 @ 05:17 pm
[Accidental Video:]

[The feed turns on to reveal complete darkness as the sound of ruffling sheets is the only thing that can be heard. A small groan with another shift, the viewer can soon see the scene slowly unveil as it shows the sinner with his arm covering his eyes and his dress shirt partially undone. Drawing his hand over his face, he combed his fingers through his bangs before heavily dropping his arm over his head as it tilted towards the device.

With a slow rise and fall of his chest, Aion remained asleep without knowing that he was being publicly broadcasted for the citizens to see. The heavy bags under his eyes hinted that he must have had a rough night the day before from a curse.

Dare to wake him up or silently observe? It is past lunchtime after all!]

[ooc; Trying a different approach with doing an aftermath of No rest for the wicked combined with staying up most of the night worrying about every citizen he saw that night, he's pretty exhausted from it all. lol Feel free to tease, mock, or simply observe this rare moment when one gets to observe his rather innocent face. Crikey! Look over there, mate! A rare finding of a demon asleep within his natural habitat. /shot XD b Open AP for anyone interested! Wake him up and they could meet somewhere!]
28 April 2012 @ 09:36 am

[The video feed turns on to reveal one annoyed sinner as he is tapping his index finger onto the kitchen counter. Oh, he's going to be addressing one person and one person only at first and you know who you are son.]

Have you even properly eaten today? You're becoming paler by the day. Quit fooling around on the net and come have your meal.

And that goes for you as well, citizens. Go out and do something like wreak havoc rather than staying indoors all day, playing with your device.

[ooc; Aion is horribly cursed with Parents day today~! XDD Come bug him if you'd like to be treated as his kid :l b]

[There's a long silence, almost as if the one posting it is reluctant in doing so. However, he just needed to ask this one thing that had been bothering him for a while now or so he thinks.]

...How is it one cooks turkey?

[ooc; Cursed with Ask a Stupid Question. Fiore pwned him for messing up an analogy in the past about cooking turkey so here it is~ XDDDDD;;; Open to anything and everything!]
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23 February 2012 @ 11:49 pm
[Though harmless, this little prank that the deities were playing added to Aion's aggravation of his business, Eden, placed on hold for the time being. With the Underground flooded and all, there was little to nothing he could do but wait and calculate the damage afterward. Not to forget the damn slugs that seemed to be everywhere once again. Such hassle.

Cursed, this audio of him singing to old 20s songs had been publicly playing through out the day in mockery.]

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30 January 2012 @ 02:31 am

[See a man clearly sitting at a table in what appears to look like a small inner garden. For anyone who knows the City, its within the Cathedral walls as he chose this location for a specific reason and made certain the camera on the device showed such hints of it.

Enjoying a cup of coffee, he slid the plate of water that was often left there and pulled out a bag of seeds for the birds to peck at if they so wished.]

The first of the new year. It was well expected. I'm begining to think you're advertising this abyssal of a cage than anything else. Now it's only to determine which you've managed to string.

Choose wisely, deities.

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22 January 2012 @ 01:38 am

[The sound of the heel of his shoes hitting the table, there is a soft sigh and a light snicker followed by a muffled sound of a gulp.]

Another year... [He snickered again.] Another fucking year. Haven't had enough of me yet, I take it? Though I suppose I have unfinished business here as well. There is still much to be had after all.

To a successful year. Cheers citizens.

[ooc; Backdated to the 21st, sat! He's cursed with Windows to the Soul. If anyone is interested in trading something with him, let me know! Thanks~!]
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