23 February 2013 @ 12:13 am
[The following goes up as a video, early Saturday morning. Luke hasn't noticed, obviously. Curses, and that.]

In which I post a relatively huge portion of the book Luke is from. )

[ooc: Obviously, the bits that happen inside David's head are only noticeable in the expressions he makes. I nearly scripted it out but I like DWJ's writing too much to tread over it. For visual reference...
Mr Wedding: Looks about forty and is the tall dark handsome stranger fortune tellers said you'd meet, only he's missing one eye. The other is very blue and very piercing.
Mr. Chew: Huge. Hulking. Brutish. Small glaring eyes and a beak of a nose.
The Frys: Beautiful and loud and big and blonde.
The ginger-haired man is pretty self-explanatory but he's even taller than Wedding. Probably buffer too.]

16 February 2013 @ 02:08 pm
[Today is the day on which you get HUCKSTER LUKE.

Because he's had an idea. Which is naturally great because all his ideas are great, thanks.]

Hallo! I'm Loki Laufeyjarson, God of Tricks and Fire! You may remember me from such ploys as The One Where I Cut Off Sif's Hair and Managed Treasures for All The Aesir, or The One With The Horse. Everyone remembers The One With The Horse.

That said, I suffer from a tragic lack of appreciation, and it would be a very kind, and incredibly welcomed if any of you newcomers might provide for me what I lack, in the form of an offering. All you'll need is a fire, and food, if you will, or if you want to play a small prank in my name, I'd gladly take that as well. Or bring the food directly to me. That usually also works.

In return, I can promise with complete confidence that you needn't worry about fire damaging you for the entirety of your visit. Yes, act now, and you have my guarantee that you shan't be troubled in the least by the fiery dangers that could await any unsuspecting City wanderer. There are dangers out there. Can you really afford to NOT insure yourself, with an offering?

Additionally, for the first five REALLY LOVELY offerings, accompanied with a summoning, I will respond in person.

[He winks.]

You're all lovely and I'm terribly appreciative you took the time to hear me out.

[ooc: Fourth wall. Everyone, everything, anything welcome.]
08 February 2013 @ 12:37 pm
[David appears on screen holding up a white sheet onto which he’s painted a crown and three lions, all in blue.]

Look, I’ve made the flag for the England cricket team! And on the back, [He turns it around,] I’ve put St. George’s cross!

[He looks down at his handiwork, a grin on his face.] I’m quite proud of it. The lions were especially hard.

[At this point, Luke rushes in to frame.] What's that? Are you making flags?

Yes, do you want to make one?

Don't need to. I've already got one. It's a bit unconventional, but it will definitely do. [He pauses, and then lunges down and hoists David up onto his shoulders.]

Waving you seems a bit tricky so we'll go with this instead.

[And he runs off frame again, carrying David.]
05 February 2013 @ 08:46 pm
[For once, Luke isn't posting on purpose, so he's a bit hunched over in shadow from a distance, looking solemn, concentrating. The device is filming from a dresser. He's wearing a shoulder bag, which shortly bursts into flame while he's holding it, the flame disappearing into Luke to reveal another object, in his hands. It looks as if it's made up of many pieces of glass, cobbled together with a seam made of what looks like lava, red-orange and glowing. It can't really be glass, of course, or it can't be lava, because lava would melt the glass, surely.

Or maybe metaphors and magic don't follow the laws of physics.

Either way, he lifts it up to his chest, where the angle makes it finally clear that it's a heart, and his shirt flickers forward to stitch around it, holding it in a lump to his plaid shirt in a sort of pocket. The seams can be seen glowing through the pocket before he sighs, and the pocket flames and disappears, leaving him holding his heart again. He pauses.

He's just lifted it up to his face when the video ends.]

27 January 2013 @ 04:51 pm
[A lady is using Luke's device, evidently, and it's not even the EXPECTED lady to be using Luke's device.]

Everything is very slightly off, today, so I'd like to straighten a couple of things out, and sort all the rest out for myself.

I go by a lot of names, but it's probably simplest if you settle with Loki, for now. I realise there's another one here. There are probably two Joes here as well. I imagine you'll live.

I think we might well work solely off of that.

David, when you come home, or strike a match, don't fret. I think there's been a swap.