22 October 2013 @ 11:58 am
[ Marie has been plagued by this nightmare before. It follows her everywhere, some days it catches her off guard and she reacts, thrown back into that horrible place that had reeked of decaying flesh. A flashback, a post traumatic reaction. Some days she knows it is all a dream, an illusion, and reliving the horrors does nothing more than deaden already withered emotions. Some days she doesn't care which is which, and she lashes out at nothing at all. ]

[ The nightmare is always there, lurking just at the corner of her vision, a creeping wall of flesh that tries to subsume everything in its path. Not only its body, but its mind: singing a hypnotic song which promises the power and glory of the collective. ]

[ Today, Marie knows it is all a lie, but it is a charade that can cause harm to her, and to others. She has no choice but to wearily take up her gun once more. There is never any choice. ]

09 October 2013 @ 03:04 pm
[ She is... definitely drunk. And this is definitely not a tale of fantasy, the bitterness in her voice should make that clear, despite the faintest slurring. I am so sorry about her bad French accent, it is honestly this corny in the game too, I don't know what else to do.]

Once upon a time, zhere was an ingenue starship called zhe Von Braun. She was accompanied out into zhe stars by a military vessel, zhe Rickenbacker. Zhe first few months of zheir journey was moderately successful.... zhe Von Braun was a prototype and not quite ready for zhis.

Travelling by light years, zhey made zheir way to Tau Ceti V, where a distress signal called zhem to investigate. A military man and a corrupt scientist went to zhe surface first, intent to hoard any discoveries and zheir credits to zhemselves.

What zhey found were zhe eggs and zhe annelids. And their hunger for power blinded zhem as zheir minds were overtaken. Zhey brought zhe infection onto zhe ship, and zhey left Tau Ceti V with nowhere to run from what zhey had done.

Infested, zhe ship began to tear itself apart. Zhose infected with the parasites, zheir bodies overtaken, began to attack others. More eggs were laid, and in need of midwifes, zhey began to take young women from zhe Hydroponics sector and refit zhem as cyborgs with no purpose but to protect zhe young ones.

Zhe biomass spread everywhere, impossible to exterminate.

Zhe remaining security force began to mow down zhe infected, some of who begged for release even as zheir body was driven forward into zhe spray of bullets.

Zhe security for was eventually ended as well. The halls going quiet except for faint sounds of suicide, one gunshot and done, and zhe infernal hypnotic singing of zhe annelids, which tempted zhose very few which still resisted.

Zhey hid in corners, stalked by annelid larva at every turn, screaming things which stank of contamination.

And zhen the biomass consumed zhem and zhey met zheir 'orrible fate.

The end.

[Kind of anti-climactic Marie...............]
01 October 2013 @ 01:02 pm

[[ooc; This makes you all feel really safe. Right.]]
24 July 2013 @ 09:21 am
[In lieu of being able to truly help in the repair of the Clock, Marie Delacroix has found a different project to keep herself occupied. It certainly is no faster than light drive, as it was started in the early days of electricity, but it has a purpose and in a way she has enjoyed the exercise of recreating ancient technology..... with some minor improvements.]

[The machine is casting an incredible sensation over the entirety of Xanadu, it's intense purple light strange and the smell of ozone strong. If you get too close to it, it will reach out to lick you and the feeling may be somewhat too strong for your comfort...]

[Marie is standing very close, ignoring the sensation in favor of admiring a completed project.]

[[ooc; Electric Generator, built as an essence rite for Thor. If you want to get zapped, please feel free! If you want to have been one of her interns who helped her build it, feel free! Also... pretend that picture is outside...]]
08 July 2013 @ 09:02 am
DELACROIX to CITIZENS: 05-01-???? re: the CLOCK

Do not be so complacent and easily distracted. We are at a tenuous juncture. New methods must be put into place or this city is at an end.

I do not yet know how thoroughly entwined that clock is with this environment, but it is failing.
01 June 2013 @ 04:17 pm
[ Her lab is wrecked. All of her work for the past year, all of her prototypes. Her computers. Her equipment. Marie almost can't care, just feels a numb stirring of something that she hopes is outrage, but can't be sure at the moment. Maybe she's just in shock. ]

Tu chatte sans valeur...

[ The culprit left no calling card, her security cameras have no footage. She's not even going to bother rebuilding the lab at City Solutions. All she can do is take her backed up data and move Underground. ]
26 May 2013 @ 10:12 am

Do not listen. You must resist.

[ action ]

[ This has happened before, the singing. The infernal singing picking and plucking at her will. It has no effect on Marie any longer, not because of a spectacular strength of mind, although she certainly has that. It saved her from the annelids who had sung to her on her ship, who had desecrated the Von Braun and all of its crew with the sweet promise of unity. Of power as one.

Perhaps it is experience that saves Marie's mind. Perhaps it is the paranoia born of it: she cannot be lulled into trust, into belief.

And she is determined to save the others from whatever ill-fate the sirens seek for them. She's very heavily armed as she makes her way into the streets, but there is a certain intimacy she has begun to favor in a pistol. ]
18 April 2013 @ 10:21 am
[ Knowing Marie, this file already existed. It's just a matter of releasing it into the wild. She has priorities. ]

Thermo Scientific Incubator -- 13,567.70
Analog Water Bath -- 1,269.60
Multi-tube Vortex Mixer -- 1,640.00
Vials -- 1,830.08
Thermoreactor -- 596.00
Cathode Multi-Element Lamps -- 1,034.00
Bench Meter -- 1,280.00
Cryogenic Dry Shipping Materials -- 4,316.00
Plant Growth Chamber -- 5,652.30
Fume Hood -- 14,028.08
Laboratory Reactor -- 19,233.70
Trinocular Microscope -- 1,817.60

Côtes Catalanes CaudLouis, Mas Mudigliza (Grenahce Gris/Maccabeu) --104.00
Riesling Spätlese Hochheimer Domdechaney Balthasar Ress, Rheingau --112.00
Quinta de Fonz de Arouce, Beiras, Portugal (Cerceal/Sercial) --120.00
Naia Naiades, Rueda, Spain (Verdejo) --128.00
di Lenardo Vineyards Ribolla Gialla Comemivuoi, delle Venezie --128.00
Viré-Clessé Cuvée E. J. Thevenet, Domaine de la Bongran (Chardonnay)-- 136.00

Baking Powder --3.00
Eggs --4.00
Flour --4.00
Fruits --10.00
Hamburger --8.00
Pasta --11.00
Butter --3.00
Milk --6.00
Potatoes --2.00
Salt --3.00
Vegetables --7.00
Tuna --5.00
28 March 2013 @ 04:01 pm

Destroy them. It will be easier now, before they are born.

[[ooc; She's done this before.]]
18 March 2013 @ 09:19 pm
[This is, in fact, an accidental video. Good morning, City. You know the best answer for a hang-over? Keep drinking, and continue to drink Marie Delacroix shall. She usually sticks to white wine, but she drank all that some time yesterday. What she has now is a tall can of beer that she pounds back like a champ before she's flicking a cigarette to life.

She most assuredly has work today, and she while she looks very tired, she moves about the apartment, disappearing in and out of shot without a grumble or a stumble.

Another beer is obliterated before she leans down to grab the device off the table to toss into a purse. She observes the recording light and scowls promptly.]

I will never understands zhis place's obsession with invading one's privacy.

[Now if you will excuse her B|]
02 February 2013 @ 12:07 pm












[ The video flickers on briefly to show a pile of dead house hippos. ]




[[ooc; This will make a lot more sense if you watch this.]]
03 January 2013 @ 10:40 am

I can hear him, singing.

The others once told me it was beautiful.

I still find it repulsive.

If you hear him, singing, close your ears and move on.

You must RESIST or you will know an agony unimaginable to you now.

I am going out to silence him.

I have longed for this.


[ The creature that Delacroix has set out into the streets to find is Anatoly Korenchkin. Once upon a time, he was a man, but he sold his soul (all that made him himself, made him human) for power and his body was recycled. He was warped and reshaped until he took the form of a reaver. He has no voice as one would know it, only a mouth that longs to consume you and recycle your biomass, and to sing the song of The Many, ]

“ What is a drop of rain, compared to the storm? What is a thought, compared to a mind? Our unity is full of wonder, which your tiny individualism cannot even conceive. ”

[ It may tempt you, if you are weak of will, but Marie will not let him have you. She is heavily armed to this purpose. ]

[[ooc; She will be out and about if you need a rescue. Once she's shot Anatoly, she'll also be making her way over to CS to help with any scienceing that needs doing.]]
19 December 2012 @ 07:22 pm
[The sound of a great many hens hemming and hawing away is the first sound. The chatter is so loud there is no way to distinguish the conversation at hand.

Until, above their clucking,]

Faire taire! Faire taire! Faire taire!

[And should you happen to be beneath her window at this unfortunate time, there will be hens tossed from the third floor out into the street. One by one by one. Careful not to be shat upon.]
13 November 2012 @ 06:29 pm

Every time the gates open for the visitors' day. It is another chance for SHODAN and her handmaidens to enter. She has been here before. She has been inside of me. I did not know that she could take over a mind -- ( a bio-computer ) -- but I am not surprised.

Every time, she may enter and she may leave a part of herself. A spore. Is there a spore now in me? It must be removed.

She is everywhere. She is an uncontrollable virus, biding its time. Always watching and always waiting, corrupting from within.

She is everywhere. Infinite. And I do hate to spew her dogma.

But I know she is here. She must be stopped. She must be kept out. She will kill us all.

She must be kept out. She must be destroyed.

She is everywhere.

[[ooc; Marie's paranoia is a thing. Also, I'm about to be kicked out of this lab, so I might not be able to answer right away. Plus Vee and Narcotics.]]
27 October 2012 @ 09:32 pm

[ But there is a scream, indignant and aching. ]

[ And here is a new voice before the curtains are pulled back to reveal her, seething, ]

I i i insects. INSECTS. Youyou will suffffffffffffffer f o r this.

[ And the velvet curtains part, the woman is there, something strange glowing beneath her skin, making nearly arcance patterns of lights; her usually brown eyes glowing green. The 'goddess' is a defiant one, and has been chained inside her little display case, arms extended to the sides like an angel taking rise, her feet just barely off the ground. She glowers out at the crowd, a cut in her arm gaping light, but the announcer told the truth, there is no blood.

If you stay and watch a little longer, the woman will begin to scream and twitch for a little while, before those lights blink of her eyes and she is challenging, ]

She cannot 'ave my mind! She cannot 'ave it now!

[ It won't last long. ]

W ell, insect? Whaaaaaaaaat willwillwill you ask of ME ?

[ Her smile is terrible and cruel and furious. ]
27 September 2012 @ 11:03 am

  • Marie Delacroix DOES NOT permit the integration of Artificial Intelligence of any recognizable sentience into the household.
  • Marie Delacroix RESERVES the RIGHT to summarily assassinate her husband in the events of:
    1. Collusion with SHODAN, or
    2. Collusion with any of SHODAN's agents, including but not limited to:
      1. Hackers of unknown affiliation.
      2. SHODAN sympathizers.
      3. The annelids.
      4. Annelid hosts.
    3. Take over of any kind, including but not limited to:
      1. Body parasite.
      2. Telepathic control.
    4. Implementation of any totalitarian policies, regardless of:
      1. Rhetoric.
      2. Financial Gain.
  • Marie Delacroix DOES NOT permit the introduction of any unvetted personnel into her private apartments, which will be retained indefinitely.
  • Marie Delacroix DOES NOT permit the share of classified information with any individuals of unknown affiliation.
  • In the event of hostile attack on the city, Marie Delacroix WILL insist:
    1. The interests of mankind be protected.
    2. She not be inhibited from pursuit of this goal in any manner.
  • Marie Delacroix IS NOT responsible to Andrew Ryan for any damages incurred while in protection of herself or others.
  • Marriage contract is VOID in the disregard of any stipulations above.
  • In the event of marriage termination, Marie Delacroix WILL retain:
    1. The contents of her apartment, indisputably.
    2. The rights of classification attached to her work and resultant data.
    3. The contents of her personal bank account, indisputably.
    4. The contents of her personal armory, indisputably.
  • Should these terms be disregarded, assassination may or may not be immediately required, at Marie Delacroix's discretion.

    • SIGNATORY: Marie Delacroix_________
      SPOUSE: ________________________
      WITNESS1: ________________________
      WITNESS2: ________________________


  • Andrew Ryan reserves the right to divorce and/or assassinate his partner in the event that:
    1. Partner plans/attempts to kill him.
    2. Partner plans/attempts to seize control of his personal assets and properties.
    3. Partner enters into the marriage contract under false pretenses, including but not limited to:
      1. Financial gain
      2. Attempted manipulation or control of monetary, physical, or emotional matters.
  • Andrew Ryan maintains full control over any personal assets and properties, and, in the event of divorce, both parties agree to make no claim to the property of the other party.
  • In the event of separation, annulment, or dissolution of marriage, neither party is entitled to receive any money from the other in the form of spousal support.
  • Andrew Ryan maintains the rights to any intellectual property or work.
  • The marriage contract is void in the event that:
    1. Partner shares Andrew Ryan's personal or classified information with any individuals or
    2. Partner uses Andrew Ryan's intellectual property for personal financial gain.
    3. Partner becomes pregnant.

    4. SIGNATORY: Andrew Ryan_________
      SPOUSE: ________________________
      WITNESS1: ________________________
      WITNESS2: ________________________
09 September 2012 @ 02:24 pm
closed )

DELACROIX to NETWORK + DEITIES: 08-09-???? re: Nuisance

[Good morning, City. This morning Miss Marie Delacroix is looking a bit under dressed and out of sorts. She's staring disdainfully down at her hand, which unfortunately has been connected by chain to Mr. Andrew Ryan, who really doesn't look any more pleased about the inconvenience. Still,]

Clearly, I will not be in to zhe laboratory zhis evening. I would prefer zhat zhe area remained closed in my absence, I do not in fact trust my interns to avoid ruining anything.

[She fidgets, twisting her wrist.]

...I 'ave been stricken with a number of curses since I arrived here in January. I 'ave to say zhat zhis is one of zhe more irritating.

[More irritating than the cat-hugging curse, Marie, really?]

[[ooc; Replies may be delayed to the evening o7]]
29 August 2012 @ 05:25 pm
DELACROIX to NETWORK: 29-08-???? re: A Show

[ The video is taken from above. Marie is perched on the top of a stake of crates, a now customary array of cigarettes and white wine arranged alongside her. Below, milling about on the concrete below, are the robots, asking in cheerful beeping tones, Can I help you? Can I help you? ]

Engage orders 227.

[ Marie's voice, and at her instructions a few of the robots go still. One self-destructs moments later, sending some of its fellows toppling over, shrapnel pieces flying everywhere. The others take on aggressive modes, lashing out at the unsuspecting.

Delacroix sets down the camera, taking up her glass of wine instead, one foot swinging contentedly as she watches the little heard of robots attack and defend one another, each one certain they act on her behalf.

The carnage ends with one injured bot limping impotent circles.

Marie sets down her glass, shifting to take a pistol out of a leg holster. She fires one armor piercing round and the machine goes down. Just as calmly, she tucks the pistol away, takes up her cigarette. ]

15 August 2012 @ 05:55 pm
[ Marie Delacroix has picked the worst possible night to decide that she's taking herself out for drinks. Isolated in a lab all day, only going home to change her clothes, she's missed all of the warning signs.

All she wants is a gin and tonic and a cigarette.

That's all she wants, and upon achieving this lofty goal unfortunately finds herself in the arms of her neighbor. The whole situation moves from elated to irritating and despite being the one to make the first move, her drink ends up in the man's face while she snatches up her cigarettes and leaves. ]

[[ooc; come to me, polywogs.]]
06 August 2012 @ 04:00 am
[ Here you will see a video of one Marie Delacroix with her arms spread out in a doorway, looking absolutely furious. A group of bewildered young men are standing in the hallway in front of her. ]

No. Stay out of my laboratory.

[ Someone lifts a hand to try to placate her, but she slaps his hand away, a really loud BZZT echoing down the hall. That seems to get the attention of her interns. ]

No one gets near zhe prototypes. Get out and go home.

[ She points angrily. ]


[ They file off, maybe relieved to get a day off from their slave driver... ]