24 December 2013 @ 08:51 pm
please explain the mechanics of wrapping paper?
how much sticky tape is required? what is the purpose of ribbons? better yet, where can i buy gift bags in bulk on christmas eve?
[Quidditch. Kori is pretty sure all the noise scared her in-coming delivery owl off, with 100 gallons of muggle clothes with it. She scoffs a handful of Bertie's every flavor beans into her mouth and chews slowly. Then, wryly:]

Noisy, isn't it?

[Seven years of this and everyone still gets so excited. She'll never get this Potions essay finished.]

Of course, the noise is all very needless, as Hufflepuff will conquer this year at last.

However - if anyone has seen a confused owl with a very large parcel, please let me know.

(ooc: 7th year Hufflepuff at ur service, doing potions homework. )
25 October 2013 @ 07:59 pm
[It takes Kori a moment to count backwards from ten and then to turn her device on. She selects video - it'll be easier, after all, if her face is recognizable. She barely glances at it before she turns away to speak in hushed tones to her own communicator from home.]

- Arsenal? Please come in, Arsenal - Roy? Jason?

[When there's no answer, there is a subtle slump to her shoulders. After a long moment, she turns her attention towards her device. ] ... Communications are down to my home. Obviously. I feel it unwise to request council with those responsible for my displacement. I will ask anyway: who has brought me here?

[A pause. ] I am Koriand'r, second Princess of the planet Tamaran. I do not take lightly to kidnapping.

I'm looking for a human - he has red hair, green eyes and wears an ugly sort of hat. And - another, also. Black hair, blue eyes. They will answer to Arsenal and Red Hood. [Another pause; she glances, almost anxiously off to the side. ]

... Oh, X'hal. Why now of all times?