04 May 2013 @ 01:14 pm

[This video begins with a shot of Pinoko's tidy, rather cutesy apartment... with post-it notes tacked onto everything imaginable. The window sports one saying "PINOKO'S WINDOW," there are separate notes on the lampshade "PINOKO'S LIGHTHAT" and the pole "PINOKO'S LIGHTSTICKTHING," notes on all the books "PINOKO'S BOOK," "PINOKO'S OTHER BOOK," "PINOKO'S (overdue, so~rry! ♥;;) LIBRARY BOOK," notes on the walls "PINOKO'S FAVOURITE SPOT ON THE WALL," "PINOKO'S OTHER SPOT ON THE WALL," "PINOKO'S COOKING OIL SPLATTER ON THE WALL"...

Even poor Prince, her pet dragon, walks by wearing several different post-it notes with some falling off as he walks. The noise of all the rustling paper is even louder than the clattering of his claws, which is kind of impressive.

When Pinoko comes into view, she's wearing a rather scary grin.]
Mished a shpot!

[She starts scribbling furiously on a note, which she then covers the camera with.] Pinoko's camcorder-phone!


[Be aware, City. Wherever you might run into her out and about, Pinoko will be carrying huge stacks of post-it notes and a permanent ink marker!]
21 April 2013 @ 12:45 pm
((Nothing Gold Can Stay curse in effect, backdated. Responses will be from [personal profile] pipipinoko for appropriate icons.))

[This recording begins with triangular protrusions cutting into the image, creating a messy border across the top of the screen. A dark, serpentine tongue flicks over the screen, covering it in slobber.]
Ah! Prince! You put that down, that's not food, silly! Sheesh, waking me up early just to chase after you first thing in the morning...

[It's a somewhat nagging, but very familiar girlish voice. Hmm...

When the communicator drops to the ground and the slobber drips off, a pair of long, shapely legs step closer and two hands reach down to fuss at the communicator.]
Sheesh, since when has the floor been that far awa— ... why— what?

[A very confused face appears on screen as she awkwardly returns to stand at her new, full height, delicately dangling the cell phone. The short, reddish-brown bobcut should hopefully be confirmation enough, but if it isn't, what follows will be:]

[Pinoko proudly struts into her room, presently crowded by borrowed medical books scattered all over the place, while wearing her oversized surgical scrubs, dragging behind her on the floor. Her head is raised high and she has a very confident smile playing on her lips.] Huhuhuuu... [She turns around and smiles at the camera.]

The operation was a shuchessh!

Today, Pinoko's new dragon friend and her very firsht patient in the Chity shtopped growing!

Injecting hormone blockers didn't work, but the implant worked! It shlowed down his growth firsht and today, he's not growing at all!

[Her pink dragon steps into the room, claws clattering on the floor as he stumbles a bit, trying to balance on three legs while one of his forelegs are drawn up, bandaged-up.]

A-ah, you shouldn't be walking around sho much yet! [Pinoko rushes over to stop her dragon, but trips on her own oversized scrubs.] Waaaaah, I hit my head! [She rubs at her head, tearing up, and her dragon curiously approaches, sniffing at her before lightly butting his head into her shoulder.

She calms down and gives him a hug around the neck, before sitting up and letting the somewhat larger dragon lie across her lap.]

... Thank you, La- um, Raphael for the idea!
01 April 2013 @ 07:09 am
HEEEEYYY!! Does anybody know how to make dragons shmaller?!

Pinoko doesn't wanna lose her dragon, no wayyyyy!

[Pinoko's red-faced and screaming, hugging her oversized, pink dragon that seems to be happily chomping on a cooking pot in the middle of her once pretty, now rather worse-for-wear and chewed-up kitchen.]

SHOMEBODY HEEEEEELP!! Pinoko doesn't want him to go...

[After the shrieking, she goes over to end the video feed, biting her lip and fighting back tears.]
30 March 2013 @ 06:22 am
[The recording begins with Pinoko approaching some dogs at a pet store, somewhat hesitantly. She waves:]


[The dogs happily bark and woof at her in greeting, but the sound startles her and she falls backwards onto the floor, judging by the sudden change in perspective and the loud smack!] Waaaah...! [They all look too big...

Next, Pinoko tries to get the attention of some cats, who lazily half-acknowledge her or continue to ignore her existence.]
Don't think they like Pinoko much...

[Now, she's peering into a tank full of turtles. They inch around at a slow, plodding pace.] Kinda boring...

[Pinoko tries to reach into a bird cage with some food, but winds up with her arm covered in birds.] KYAAAAA, help, they're shtampeding! Or shwarming! Whatever thish is called!

[The next is a brief shot of tarantulas accompanied by a terrified shriek, and followed up by a blur of colour and the sound of hurrying squeaky footsteps:] Pinoko's lonely, but not THAT lonely! A-anything but shpiders! Shorry, ekschuse me, I'll come back again another daaaaay!!

[The next video feed begins while she's in her room, sitting at her desk while the cell phone is propped up against the wall. She's cupping her cheeks in her hands and looking miserable:]

No luck sho far. It feels like my life'sh turned into a gag comic. [She sighs in disappointment, leaning back into her chair before blinking:] Huh? What'sh thish?

[She hops down out of her chair and checks under the desk for something off-screen.]

... an egg? [She brings out one of those large, colourful eggs scattered around the City.] It's sho beatiful!
23 March 2013 @ 07:26 pm
Word on the wind's that Mishter Chashe has a shaggy butt that looksh okay when he's dweshed, but it droops down to his knees if he takesh off his clothes! He's got to wear shpechial underwear to hold it up. Pash it on!

Nyota-chan's a halfer, which isn't too shurprising with her exotic looksh, but the REAL shurprise is that reriable shourches claim she's half-cat shpirit, of the shapeshifting variety! Pash it on!

Major Raikov has unwesolved mommy isshues and is projecting them onto Mish Ruby. He should really shee shomeone about his Oedipush Compleksh! Pash it on.


[A brief pause.]


Pinoko didn't mean any of that! It's all lies! Waaaah, shtupid curshe! Nobody lishten to any of that, okay?!

((Backdated to yesterday. ^^))
18 March 2013 @ 07:19 am
[Pinoko's sitting and having a little snack when she stops to look at someone off-screen.]

Well, I don't know... the lasht time Pinoko drank shomething like that, she took a twain to Honmachi and wound up over the Doc's knee.

What's that? Ooh, it shmells like fruitsh! That's way nicher than all that shmelly beer.

[Then, she grins.] Well, maybe half a drink won't hurt!

[She takes a sip of the clear fruit brandy, then blushes and smiles.] Yum! Thish tashtes really shweet! [She finishes her glass.] How 'bout another?

[Another glass? Really, with her size?]

Hic! [Her head nearly drops onto the table, so she quickly lifts it up and leans her cheek on her hand, smiling sleepily.

She's lazily playing with a clover leaf before dropping it into her glass.]
Oopsh. Bye-bye, little clover... [She leaaaans into her glass, shutting one eye and staring into it with the other.] Hope the dwink doesn't dull your magic! [When she moves away, she waves half-heartedly at the glass.]

Phew, it's hot in here... don't you guys have any air conditioning? Pinoko's gonna shtep outshide and get shome fresh aiiiir. Hic!

[She hops down, only her two top ribbons visible to the camera now as she seems to have forgetten her communicator. She takes two wobbly steps away from the stool, then stops.] Never mind, Pinoko's gotta go potty! Oooh, where's the ladies room?!

[She runs off before getting an answer.] Outta Pinoko's waaaaay!

[A few minutes pass and she still hasn't come back for her communicator. Oops.]
14 March 2013 @ 11:30 pm
[Pinoko's standing upright and military, arms folded behind her back, head raised high, and not wearing an apron for once!]


[Her apartment is sparkling clean behind her. It seems like she's gone over the cleaning several times...]

Pinoko has an an announchment to make.

She'll be working at the hoshpital, sho if anyone's ever in any twouble, like if you maybe got sliced up really bad and need shtitches, Pinoko will be able to help, okay?

[She doesn't keep the serious air up for very long, turning to give a big, bright smile to the camera.]

Sho nobody worry, okay?
04 March 2013 @ 06:28 pm

[Pinoko's making a very ridiculous expression, eyes wide and practically bulging, while she squishes her cheeks in with her hands.]

Thish ticking's driving Pinoko crazy!

Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock, every day, all day!

Why won't thish dumb clock SHUT UP already?!

[After that, she huffs indignantly and places her hands on her hips.]

... do we have peach twees around here? Pinoko's been smelling peaches shinche thish morning! [While she asks her question, she taps her finger against her lip, then blinks.]

Wait. [She licks her finger, then smiles.] Yum! Pinoko tashtesh peaches too! Or maybe Pinoko tashtesh like peaches! Or is Pinoko Peach? No, wait, that was Fumoon.
10 February 2013 @ 08:53 am
[After the feasting and the effects of the curse end, Pinoko returns to her senses and realizes she's said some very hurtful things that Black Jack would have doubtlessly chastised her harshly for. It was against both their moral codes.

So, the video begins with a recording from a slightly raised platform, the cell phone elevated to record Pinoko as she sits on the floor a small distance away, legs tucked under her and hands on her knees. She looks miserable, red-eyed as if she's been crying and has only just managed to stop.]

Pinoko's shorry.

Pinoko loves her home and Japan is full of wonderful things like feshtivals and pretty yukata and the cafe where Pinoko gets her favourite parfaits, sho Pinoko is proud. But there's a great problem with being sho proud: a lot of people are sho proud, they don't want to admit to making mishtakesh.

Worshe, they even lie and cover them up and act like they never happened.

Pinoko's sheen that short of thing happen in hoshpitalsh, there they throw the blame on innochent people when big-shotsh make mishtakes or don't do their jobs properly... even when people die, they don't admit to it. Bad guys kill and onche they're caught, they shtop talking about it in the papers and on TV, trying to forget it ever happened inshtead of finding out why.

[She sniffles, breath hitching in her throat as she starts to cry again.]

All that'sh shmaller than the war, even Pinoko knows that, but it's part of the shame problem. Pinoko doesn't know that much about it— Doc remembers the war, he remembers mothers who forched their shons to enlisht— and Pinoko knows she can't make it shtop hurting for everybody or undo all those wrongs, but she is sho shorry, sho please... please don't be angwy anymore, Mishter.

Forgive Pinoko!

[She places her hands on the floor in front of her, forehead hitting the floor audibly as she falls into a deep bow.

And she stays in that position for a long time, not moving.]
08 February 2013 @ 11:37 am
[The screen shows a great deal of food! There's omu-rice, a rice-stuffed omelette rolled up and adorned with ketchup; lots of onigiri, little triangular riceballs; little bowls of rice topped with chicken and egg; plates bearing strips of grilled fish; and several plates of curry rice, chunky brown-orange curry taking up more than half the plate.

Everything is topped with little white flags emblazoned with bright red rising suns.]

Nippon ni BANZAIIII!

[Pinoko hops onto a stool in front of her feast, wearing a white cloth around her head, tied back like a headband, also sporting the rising sun emblem. She waves a flag that also looks hand-crafted, the pole three times her size.]


[She is very much into this, isn't she?!]

Long live the glory of Japan! Ten thousand years!

[After shouting until her face turned red, she slumped on her stool, pinning the flag pole into the floor and leaning onto it for support.] Had to get that out of Pinoko's shyshtem...
04 February 2013 @ 08:12 pm
[A tiny brunette peers curiously at the screen, her short hair framing her cheek as just one brown eye fills up most of the screen.]

What is this thing? A cam-corder?

[She moves it away from her face, revealing the rest of her face and all the ribbons she's wearing-- four red ribbons all around her head, ribbons on her overall-skirt, and she's wearing so much pink and red too!]
Neat! [She's smiling, very interested in the device, turning it this way and that, making the recording blur.] Why does it have sho many buttons, though? With numbers on? Hey, is it a calcuwator? Or maybe it's like a phone without a dial! ... it's so acchonburike!

Pinoko wonders how it got here, though...? Pinoko didn't shteal it, you know! [She raises her head with a dignified air.] Pinoko's not a petty cwook; she's a lady!

[After a moment, receiving no response from anyone, she looked around warily.]

Doc? ... Dr. Black Jack! ... Doc, where've you gone?! Leaving your wife to fend for hershelf... you dummy! [She sounds angry, shouting at the City around her, but the look on her face betrays only fear. She's even shivering a bit, although that might be due to her being rather inadequately dressed for the weather (short socks and a short skirt? Not a very warm combination!).]