19 February 2014 @ 06:35 am
[When the video comes on, it shows the interior of Meyer's office at the casino. Nothing a fair amount of people haven't seen before, and nothing out of the ordinary. That is, until Meyer himself comes into view, looking irritated, and...

Looking decidedly older. He's aged well, but he must be in his late thirties or early forties, and he's not in a good mood.]

I thought I told you to stop running indoors!

[It's not immediately obvious who he's addressing in that quintessentially parental voice, until a child of about seven or so dashes through the frame, practically knocking the network device off of his desk.]

I'm going to count to three...

[Sighing, he stands up from his desk, looks down at the device, realizes it's recording, and rolls his eyes. It's the same eye-roll he's always had, but in an older, sharper, even more guarded face.]

If anyone has any remarkable advice for getting children to stop running, now that they've witnessed this, I'd appreciate it.

[And with that, he switches off the device, and makes his way out of his office, back into the casino.]
18 January 2014 @ 08:55 pm
[As always, on days like this one, the video is completely accidental. And this particular individual has never been hit by a curse like this one, never had his memories shared on the network, only this time...

Cut because swearing drug dealing gangsters? )

[[OOC: Someone should probably tell him his memories are getting shared. Maybe.]]
13 December 2013 @ 06:22 pm
One year...

[He's not exactly looking at the camera, but it's obvious that this isn't an accidental video, either. He's addressing whoever's out there listening or watching, sitting at a cluttered desk with a cup of tea in hand.]

Is one meant to celebrate having been here for a year, or complain about it? If celebration is the answer, does anyone have any recommendations for how that's best done? If complaining's the answer, well, I think I've got that one pretty well figured out.

[A sip of tea, then a personable smile.]

And I suppose I should take this opportunity to announce that there'll be a party at the casino at the end of the month. Marguerite arranged it, so any blame for what happens should be placed on her shoulders. We certainly hope to see you all there.

[And then he goes to shut the video off, but it still manages to capture another muttered...]

One whole goddamned year...
03 December 2013 @ 07:20 pm
Someone needs to make a hangover cure that isn't cocaine.

[Curses, man. They get you every time.]
23 November 2013 @ 09:32 am
[He's hoping, somehow, that someone'll show up that he wants to see. In the meantime, he's keeping himself busy, getting the casino cleaned up and ready to be opened at five. That gives him a chance to pause and address the video, though.]

The majority of you have probably already been welcomed to the City. Those that haven't, well, if you need a drink and some gambling to keep you entertained, I'd suggest coming on down to my casino. It's called Lucky's, you can't miss it, and maybe we'll offer drinks specials tonight, just because people need something to deal with being stuck in a strange city for a weekend.

[A long pause as he looks away from the camera for a moment, and then back.]

And if I know you... from home... it'd be nice if you'd drop by.
04 November 2013 @ 05:46 pm
[At least, for once, this is an intentional video. He is, however, much more casually attired than usual -- which, in this case, means with no suit jacket, no tie, and sleeves rolled up to his elbows. And he appears to be leaning on a car, cigarette in hand, as ever, and an errant smudge of grease or two on his face.]

I have two questions for the City at large. Call it... research.

[One of those tiny, polite smiles, and then...]

First of all, if there were one thing you think this city is lacking -- and "a means of escape" isn't a valid answer here, I'm afraid, since we all want that -- what would it be?

[A long pause.]

Second of all, I've been informed that I'm in need of at least one "modern" outfit, whatever that means. Is anyone here willing to assist?
23 October 2013 @ 06:46 pm
[Despite the fact that he'd largely been managing to avoid them, he's not without his own balloon companions today, and while he's been able to get rid of some of them, some of them are still following him around. And that's why, of course, this video is entirely accidental, inadvertently posted while he's dealing someone a round of cards at the casino.

The balloons are alternating languages -- sometimes they're speaking Yiddish, sometimes Russian, sometimes English, sometimes even Italian, but their messages are all very similar.]

You'll never amount to anything
You're no better than your father
You'll never succeed
You're pathetic
You're a cheater and a liar
You're wasting your time
Why would anyone trust you?

[The odd thing is, his balloons aren't speaking particularly loudly. No, they're almost whispering their comments, insidious and irritating as they are, and he casts a particularly dour look over his shoulder at them, before realizing his video is recording and shutting it off with a long-suffering sigh.]
01 October 2013 @ 07:45 am
[Even if he'd seen the other posts with peoples' internet search history, he wouldn't be prepared for this...]

NSFW becauseā€¦ internet search history )

[OOC: So cursed. Please, someone. Tell him.]
29 September 2013 @ 11:04 am
[He's skeptical about fairs in general -- especially around here, because who knows what kind of ridiculous things could be lurking in the shadows -- but he'd heard that the fair had a significant surplus of delicious food, and there was no way he could resist the temptation.

Besides, the casino didn't open up for a couple more hours, and there really wasn't any reason he needed to be there early. That gave him just enough time to wander through the fair, picking out all the food he wanted to try, and finding somewhere to settle down with his bounty of disgustingly sweet treats.

So if you happen across a tiny gangster with a whole box of donuts, some funnel cake, a cup of hot chocolate, and some cotton candy, don't be alarmed. The man runs on pure sugar, after all.]
06 September 2013 @ 06:34 pm
[After some unseen fumbling with the communicator, it finally clicks on, and the face of a small boy fills the screen. He has a serious countenance, despite only being about six or so, and when he speaks, it's not with distress, but with slight confusion and a definite tone of politeness. At the moment, however, he's not speaking English -- he's speaking Yiddish.]

Can someone tell me where I am, please?

[After a few moments of no response, he decides to switch to a different language. Perhaps that will garner some kind of response. He chooses Russian.]

Is there anyone there?

[A long sigh, a far too world-weary one for someone so young, and then he shuts off the communicator. Maybe he'll have better luck tracking someone down to speak to them in person.]

[[Yes, Meyer has been de-aged, and thus, comments will come from [personal profile] recognize_a_curse . Oh, and he doesn't speak English. Good luck with that!
14 August 2013 @ 02:06 pm
I'll keep this short, but I thought I should make casino-related announcements during this -- likely very brief -- period of calm in which none of us are... pirates, or any other such unfortunate thing.

[He looks down at a pile of papers on his desk -- because where else would he be found but in his office at the casino, of course? -- and then back up at the camera with a little smile.]

The first matter of business is that Theo seems to have... disappeared. While I hope that this is a temporary anomaly, and hope for a quick return, this also gives me the chance to mention that, with business as good as it has been, the casino is in need of another card dealer. If you feel like you qualify, you can talk to me.

Second, I'm also looking to hire some musical entertainment. Ever since Ruby left --

[The sad expression that flits across his face is almost imperceptible, but definitely there.]

-- in any case, if you can sing, or play piano, or both, come have a word with me. These're good jobs, if you don't mind odd hours.
18 July 2013 @ 10:15 am

I'm afraid to say Lucky's will be...

[He clears his throat. He doesn't look good. His face is pale, and there's a sheen of sweat on his forehead, but he's obviously doing his best to ignore it.]

Closing earlier than usual for the next few days. There seems to be something going around the City, and I think it's best that we all...

[There's an obvious moment where he loses his train of thought -- probably due to that pounding headache that he has -- but then he rallies.]

Take it as easy as possible. As for my employees, if you find yourselves feeling ill, you should take some time off until you feel better. Thank you.


[Sometime after the video post, he leaves the casino, ostensibly on an errand of some sort, although he seems to have forgotten what it is by the time he steps outside. For a second, he simply stands there, staring at the pavement, trying to use sheer determination to will the feelings of sickness away.

Then he takes a few steps. Sways. Nearly collapses. He sits down hard on the curb, head throbbing, and fumbles for a cigarette and his lighter. Maybe taking a minute to smoke in peace will help.]

[[OOC: Yes, he's taken sick, although he's not particularly desirous of admitting it. He probably won't be getting better till the very end of the event, so this can be a catch-all post for talking to him wherever he is -- in person at the casino or walking around the streets, via video, or at the hospital once someone eventually drags him there -- and performing his essence rite. Just stick a vague date in the comment so that I know when it's happening! And someone, please, convince this man to seek medical attention.]]
[When he turns on his communicator, he eschews video and only posts voice, his tone sounding more than a little on edge.]

Given the recent... developments... the hours of operation at my casino, Lucky's, are going to change quite a bit. For better or for worse, we'll be following curfew. We'll open earlier in the day to compensate for it, although I don't know too many people who like to gamble in the mid-afternoon.

[A pause.]

That should have been obvious, but seeing what's been happening to people around the City, I thought I'd make it crystal clear, yes? I can't shake this feeling that everything we say, everything we do, there's somebody listening. It's...

[A longer pause, where it sounds like he's practically holding his breath.]

Did anyone hear that? I think someone's watching me.

[[OOC: Paranoia was never a large leap for this one to make, anyway. He's only slightly paranoid now, but will grow more so over the day. Have... fun?]]
05 May 2013 @ 02:58 pm
[If he'd ever figured out how to filter these videos, he might have filtered it to just casino employees, but as it is, he's making this one public to the network. He looks tired and somewhere between sad and perturbed.]

I just wanted to let everyone know that it looks like Ruby's gone. She never showed up for her shifts at the casino, and I can't find her anywhere. Maybe she'll be back. Maybe not.

[This actually seems to be getting to him.]

On another, unrelated note, does anyone else seem to have some kind of strange new... decoration on their clothes?

[He tilts the camera down to show a patch on his vest with an "M" on it. What that M might stand for is anyone's guess.]

Not sure what it means, but I'm guessing it's a curse. Just like everything else around here.

[[OOC: Yes, Meyer is both sad about the loss of one of his employees, and cursed with the Scarlet Letter curse. Not a good day. Obviously that means you need to bother him.]]
24 April 2013 @ 06:53 am
[As was his tradition, Meyer headed in to work at the casino far before it opened, far before the rest of the employees got there. On the way, though, he noticed something on the ground -- or rather, quite a lot of somethings. Picking one up and turning it over, he discovered that it was a photo.

By the time he's arrived at the casino, he's collected quite a few of the photos, recognizing various people from the City in them, but hasn't found any of himself. Perhaps there aren't any at all, but that sounds far too easy and too kind. When his video feed clicks on, he's looking slightly confused and slightly concerned.]

I'm hesitant to even ask a question like this, but has anyone found anything that might belong to me?

[A pause as he sets down the photos he'd found on the bar.]

I just hope this curse doesn't have any of us jumping to conclusions about each other.

[And then that charming, trustworthy smile.]

I do hope some of you will come on down to Lucky's tonight. As I know all too well, sometimes these curses make us need a little... distraction.

[[OOC: Yes, of course there are pictures everywhere. Here are just a small sample of them:This man has a gun, ...and another gun, ... and gee, he really seems to like guns, ... it seems to be a fixation, he also has a business partner, who is kinda his best friend, but he doesn't want to talk about it, ... and also there was that one time he got kidnapped. You're also welcome to find any pictures of him with, say, a large quantity of heroin.]]
16 March 2013 @ 08:46 am
[Meyer doesn't always take a day off work. In fact, this is his first day off since the casino opened. That's why, on this lovely afternoon, he's wandering a little aimlessly now, cigarette in hand, looking for something to pass the time that isn't work.

For awhile, he wanders around the area by the fountain, occasionally stopping to sit down and write something down in a tiny spiral bound notebook, then standing up and wandering again. After awhile, though, he seems to get bored, and turns on the video to ask a question -- or rather, make a proposition.]

I'm going for drinks. Does anyone want to come?

[It may be a bit early in the day for drinking, but it's his day off -- this is what people do on their days off, right? With that question posed to the entire City, he strolls off in search of a bar that has relatively inexpensive and plentiful alcohol.]
08 March 2013 @ 09:55 pm
[Those who knew Meyer well enough to visit the casino -- or to work there -- might have noticed that he hadn't been there for the last two days. That was unlike him; normally, he couldn't stand to be away from supervising any of his projects for long. When he turns the video on on Saturday morning, though, there's something different about him.]

I'll say one thing -- going home and coming back here sure changes your perception of the way time moves in general.

[Maybe that's it. He does look older, somehow, his features slightly sharper.]

As near as I can tell, it's been two days since I was last in the City.

[He'd gone back and viewed network posts, tried to figure out some kind of timeline, and ultimately guessed fairly correctly.]

So. Two questions. First of all, am I too optimistic in hoping nobody wrecked my casino? Second of all, does anybody have any cigarettes? I could've sworn I had some in my pocket, but...

[He pats his pocket and comes up empty-handed.]

And the ones that were in my drawer're gone, too.

[He sounds more perturbed about the lack of nicotine than about the fact that he had, apparently, gone home and come back.]

[[OOC: Yes, Meyer has been canon updated -- he's now from near the end of Season 3 -- and he's experiencing the Cold Turkey curse this weekend, which means that he's not going to be able to get any cigarettes all weekend. Tragic.]]
[When the camera first comes on, it's not focused on much at all. Perhaps a wall, maybe the edge of a mattress, the view of a living room beyond. Anyone who's been there might recognize it as Meyer's apartment, but it's nondescript.

Then a shoulder moves into view of the camera as someone rolls over on the bed. A decidedly naked shoulder. A decidedly naked female shoulder.]


[There's a long pause. Someone catching this accidental video might first think that Meyer has a girl over, and pat him on the back for it, but no, several seconds later, it becomes very obvious that that's not the case as a burst of furious cursing utters forth, first in Yiddish, then in Russian, and then, finally...]

Are there any women around I can talk to? I've got a problem.

[[Yes, Meyer has been genderswapped for this lovely weekend, and thus, responses will come from [personal profile] recognize_a_curse  (no, I was not feeling particularly clever about names) for the duration! Please do bug him.]]
16 February 2013 @ 09:02 am
[Meyer's never seen anything like this before. He wasn't around the last time this happened, and the way the City seems suddenly much fuller than before is confusing him. Sure, he's gathered that this is an event of sorts, but it doesn't stop it from being strange. Or from him looking intently at peoples' faces as he passes, wondering if he'll see someone from home. He's speaking into the video as he does so.]

Is this normal? I gathered that it's happened before, but how often does it happen? Does anyone ever stay permanently, or do they all go home?

[He's headed down the street towards Lucky's, deciding that, even though the casino won't open for several more hours, he can always find something to clean or organize there.]

This is as good an opportunity as any to say that between 5 and 8 tonight, we'll be offering half price drinks down at Lucky's. Figured everyone could use it, what with the...

[He pauses, having just nearly run into someone on the street, then looks back into the camera, smiling.]

Well, there's an example. It's crowded around here today.
26 January 2013 @ 01:26 pm
While the rest of the City is plagued with...

[A long pause. He's not sure exactly what curse is happening, since everyone seems to be experiencing different things.]

Curses, I'm here to make a, thankfully, happy announcement. My new establishment, Lucky's, will be opening up a week from today. It's a small card room, mainly focused on poker and blackjack, although you are, of course, welcome to request any game your heart desires, and I'll do my best to accomodate you.

[And his smile looks so trustworthy today, too.]

At the grand opening, the first twenty people through the door will receive free drinks... and perhaps something else, if the mood strikes me. Come on down and play a few hands of cards, have a drink or two, and stay for awhile. Remember -- it's called Lucky's, and it opens next week.