18 October 2013 @ 07:39 pm
[It’s some time significantly later than Julie’s original post so who knows what device this is coming from. Probably Rs. The feed is upside down, at an odd angle and only showing part of Julie’s pale and panicked face. She looks tired. It’s been a very long day. In her hand is a crowbar she’s found and nearby is R who is hovering very protectively around Julie.

In the background is a strange scraping sound and an odd Other Worldly hum. There’s something fucking dark about it.

Julie’s trying to keep her breathing in check but there’s something tight in it, a wheezing she really can’t control. She looks at R, silently asking ‘what now?’ But then the scraping and the hum stops and Julie freezes.

She’s not sure what that means at all. She stands, the device falling off her lap. It’s now at an angle and it shows Julie peeking carefully over a counter in the beach house’s kitchen. She seems to relax for a grand total of point five seconds but then…]


[A Boney has launched itself over the counter and has grabbed at Julie, knocking her into the counter. She managed one successful swing of her crowbar, enough to chip it’s ribs but that’s wrenched from her hand and Julie is thrown aside.

For a skeleton, these fuckers are strong. It goes after Julie again, this time pinning her to the floor where she’s landed. Her left arm is, apparently, useless or at least damaged. It’s curled against her chest. Her right arm presses against the Boney but it’s not much to keep it back. At most, she has seconds before it gets her.]


[R responds immediately, an enraged growl coming from his throat as he grips his hands together, and swings them like a bat at the creature’s head. The first thing is to get it off. The second thing is to descend upon it, biting, scratching, teeth cracking at the bones - fingers gripping at its head as he tries to rip away at whatever keeps it alive away.He knows once the head is gone, it’s over. The head has to be gone. now.]


[Julie sits up and inches back, away from the Boney. She won’t stay back for long. Her good hand finds her crowbar and she stands very shakily. Her arm is still clutched to her chest but that doesn’t seem to matter.]

Move, R. [When he’s clear, she’ll jam the pointy end of the tool in the things neck, enough to sever the connection part way. She hates these things with a passion and wants to help and it’s shortly thereafter that the head comes free and the Boney’s violent flailing dulls to a subtle vibration.

She holds the crowbar out to R, suddenly fatigued and she simply says;]
Fuck it up, R.

[And then she collapses, sitting on the floor with a thud, her back leaning against the counter.]

[He stares at the Boney on the floor - the creature that hurt her. He stares for a long, hard moment, before letting the crowbar fall to the floor. He goes to pick up Julie, instead, glaring with disgust at the skeletal remains.]

Keep… you safe.

[ooc: R is in red and Julie is in blue. Tags will come from either of them. Action spam open to the hospital, there will be a thread starter for it.

[R... Grunts. Nervously. Hesitates. Makes another sound.]

....Jul. Ie. [No. He's scared.]

09 September 2013 @ 08:43 pm
[R stares into his communicator, blue veined neck pulsating briefly as he instinctively swallows. His pale dead eyes are wide, maybe a little scared. This… is not real. This is not how you talk to people. This is not a person. Does he even want to talk to people?

He knows it’s recording, broadcasting. He should say something, right? Something a living person would say. Something not creepy, even; don’t scare the populace. Don’t let them know there’s a human-eating zombie in their midst.]

…Hi. [Is that enough? Maybe he could shrug… maybe he should share his name. Is anyone listening? Does anyone care? At all? Does he care? Julie’s gone. Why is he even bothering to talk to people? He’s probably going to have to eat one of them soon. Talking won’t help with that. Wasn’t he just promising himself he was going to blend in?]

I’m… R. [Great. Now they can shout his name while he’s tearing their arm of.]