30 April 2013 @ 03:44 pm
[Avoiding curses for the month hasn't made Zelgadis any less skittish about the City. More like he's waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it always seems to in his life.]

[After work, he spent part of the morning sipping coffee, face shadowed by his ever-present hood as he watched the passersby with part resignation, part wariness. Finally, he made his way to the Hall of the Missing. He's not entirely sure why; maybe wondering if someone from home may have been here at one point. Maybe curious if anyone had been here who looks like him.]

[If nothing else, it's quiet. So maybe he's just trying to get away from people. But of course, with his luck, of course he's going to cross paths with someone...]

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26 March 2013 @ 03:34 pm
[Zelgadis never uses the video function if he can help it. And even though it might explain things a bit given the nature of his inquiry, he's not risking it. If someone promising comes forward, he'll show them his little problem.]

I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with... unusual conditions. Specifically reversing them. I don't mean a curse; this is from before I came here. [Illness, curse of a more permanent sort, horrifying bane of his existence -- he doesn't want to give it a name. The broader his inquiry, the more options he'll have. He really doesn't want to have to resort to the Deities, that can't possibly end well.]

Any help would be appreciated. I'm happy to negotiate almost any reward within my power. [Which isn't insignificant by any means. But do note that "almost".]

((OOC: Please do note that Zelgadis' condition (he's a Chimera) is not able to be cured canonically, so any offered attempts/suggestions will have to fail, no matter how awesomely powerful. I am totally up for playing out any attempts though, the more guinea-pig like the better!))
[ Diva's profile appears on the screen, a pleased smile on her face as she drapes across something, something solid, something…

Grey? ]

Don't bother looking for me. I'll be busy-- [ She hissed at the rasp of razor sharp hair against her skin as the man underneath her groaned. His shift caused her wrist to bleed underneath the handcuff. He was made out of stone. But she didn't mind. Not at all. In fact, she practically breathed his name as she leaned forward, whispering. ] Zelgadis... Remember me?

[ and then she dropped the phone as she bent to kiss his mouth, his muffled protest hot on her lips before a sudden crash is heard and a yell of protest as they both crash to the ground, bound together.

And then there's only laughter as Diva's voice rings through the air. This curse, she didn't mind at all. ]

((ooc: Responses likely to come from both Diva and Zelgadis!))
05 February 2013 @ 01:28 pm
[Zelgadis learned his lesson about the network, for now. Having been well reminded why socializing is a waste of time (something he should really keep at the front of his mind) he's put himself toward more productive ends. With his hood and mask on, thank you very much, because hell if he's in a mood to deal with more attitude about his stone skin. The strange growth that appeared on his shoulder isn't covered, however, and unfortunately it's rather eye catching. (More rocks, of course. This might be what's responsible for at least part of his mood.)]

[So he'll go practice with his sword at Xanadu; maybe in the dojo, maybe in the open fields. He'll wander the stores around in search of old books or artifacts that might have some information about Chimerism and curing it. He'll go to his job in Mercy's shop -- the only place he's likely to not be scowling, because she's been nothing but helpful.]

[And if people talk to him? He'll cross that bridge -- or blow it up -- when he comes to it.]
20 January 2013 @ 08:39 pm
[Beside the fountain, a statue has appeared. Or so one might assume, given the slate-grey stone of its skin, the sharp glint of wire topping its head as a fall of hair. Despite the illusion of its cape and cloak that billow in the winter breeze, the shimmer of light on the longsword dangling from one clenched fist, surely it can't be alive...]

[But watch from another angle and see that the tunic it wears is in tatters, exposing a lean torso of yet more stone, the features of a chiseled face framed by darker pebbles. The first sign of true life is seen in sluggish trails of blood that flow from his mouth and chest, their slow drips rhythmic against the ground.]

[The stone man sways in silence, eyes closed, and then he pitches forward into the fountain. A sharp crack sounds as his hip strikes the base, and then the only movement are the ribbons of red that flow from his wounds and get swept into the current.]

[Voice, some time later]

[A distinctly uncomfortable clearing of his throat, before a low, smoky voice addresses whoever might be listening. He is far from used to communicating through such means, but it might prove advantageous to not require face to face contact.]

How might a new... resident [or whatever a stranger calls himself] go about finding living accommodations and employment? I haven't seen much in the way of advertisement postings. [Wanted posters being, of course, his usual method of job seeking.]

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