07 February 2014 @ 12:06 am
[Anya's lounging on a couch, fiddling around with what appears to be a...game boy color. In general, she just looks very bored and disinterested in her game. She doesn't appear to be in her usual apartment, but if anything is out of the ordinary, she doesn't seem to notice it.]

...stupid gadget thing...
I swear, every time there's nothing to do this thing decides it doesn't wanna work right.

DAD!!! Is Pavel around? I need him to fix my thing again!!

[ooc: Open post for the family curse! We don't have to stick with this, we just needed a jumping off point.

Backdated to the 6th because there's a time and a place for mucking about and I don't seem to have either the time or the place. Anya is the only girl in the family composed of the City's Russian Club (they are totally a club hush). Also Dewey is in it too.]
14 January 2014 @ 10:14 pm
So...uh...yesterday was a curse, I'm assuming?

...Because I'm not normally clumsy, and my luck may not be the best but it's not the worst...

And, uh, well, I don't know how I managed to do it. I was taking Pooka out for a walk, he chased after some squirrels, the leash got tangled on my hand...long story short, but I think I may have broken my hand?

It's swollen and as purple as an eggplant and it hurts like hell, so...yeah, I think its broken.

Can somebody keep an eye on Pooka while I go get this wrapped up?
31 December 2013 @ 05:29 pm
Well, the weather is acting normally again. There's just something so weird about a warm winter. I mean, it doesn't seem quite right, is all.

You know, it's a funny season...does anybody know why peppermint is so popular in the winter? I would've thought that with it tasting cold and all, it would be a big thing in the summer when it's hot and people need to think cold. Not now, when it's chilly already.

...it has such a nice smell, though, I will give it that...

[Anya goes quiet, as if lost in thought. When she speaks again, it's very distant, as if she's not sure where it's all coming from. As if she's not fully aware of what she's saying.]

...peppermint...there was a bottle of peppermint hand oil, it belonged to...to somebody important.
Somebody special...and one time, I spilled it all over the carpet. It was soaked, and it forever smelled of peppermint!

[She smiles to herself, shaking her head.]

I refused to let anybody wash the carpet out fully. To keep the smell on it, you know. And oh, I use to lie on it when she was away, missing her so, and--

[She blinks suddenly, eyes wide, and she shakes her head rapidly, confused.]

I'm sorry, what was I saying? Something about mint and winter, right?

[She shakes her head again, looking confused and concerned...like she'd said something important and lost it.]

[[ooc: Anya's been cursed with Auld Lang Syne! Her little ramble about peppermint is based on this scene. And because I'm a terrible person, her memories are slippery and vague and will only serve to confuse her more.]]
15 December 2013 @ 10:41 am
[There's a man wearing Anya's clothes. Who looks suspiciously like Anya. Who's fiddling with Anya's necklace and looks INCREDIBLY grumpy and displeased as he complains to nobody in particular.]

Oh, for God's sake, City...

[Yeah, Anya is pissed.]

You could've at least had the decency to give me different clothing...I think this fits even WORSE on a guy's body.

[Poor Pooka, who's just decided to dart on screen, is so confused right now, unsure if the man in Anya's clothes is Anya or not. Eventually, he decides, yes, is Anya, and jumps on her (his?) leg, demanding attention.
Anya smiles a little at Pooka, before picking him up and scratching his ears.]

Well, at least you recognize me. That's a plus, anyway.
23 November 2013 @ 12:18 pm
...Is it just me, or are there a LOT more people here than normal? Is there something going on? Is this some kind of weird curse or something?

...Uh. Hi, new people...

Jeez, you think you're getting used to a place and then BOOM, tons of new stuff happens.

[ooc: Open to everybody! Just remember, Anya doesn't remember being Anastasia, and she CERTAINLY doesn't remember being a long dead historical figure.]
16 November 2013 @ 05:50 pm
[Anya is calm, cool, and collected, dressed in Slyherin colors with a small smile on her face as she twiddles with her wand.]

This is a friendly reminder that the Dueling Club is going to be having a meeting tonight in the Great Hall after dinner. We're currently accepting new members, though if it's your first time attending a meeting, you WILL be required to show us your skills.

[Gotta make sure everybody's up to snuff. The last thing they need is somebody hurting themselves because they don't know what they're doing...]

Think of this as...a good way to get your mind's off tomorrow's game. Which Slytherin will, of course, win.

[And oh, doesn't she look smug and confident at that.]

See you tonight.

[And Anya will just be chilling in the Great Hall, sitting on the Slytherin table, practicing charms and trying to keep her mind distracted from pre-game jitters.]
14 November 2013 @ 05:33 pm
[It's an ordinary day in the City. Anya's taking Pooka out for a nice walk, minding her own business...

When suddenly she's attacked by a FLYING HAT!! It comes out of nowhere at an unexpectedly fast speed, before settling on Anya's head.]

What in the...hey! Get off!!

[She moves to swat at the hat, but luckily, it's only on her head for a moment before shouting out--]


[And just as quickly as it arrived, it's gone, leaving a barking Pooka and a thoroughly confused Anya in its wake.]

...Right. No idea what that was about.
10 November 2013 @ 07:50 pm
It's funny. I used to think that, once I got to Paris...once I figured out where I came from, who I'm supposed to be, once all that fell into place, I didn't think that I'd really miss Russia too much. I mean, I can't remember it being home. I just remember it as a place I used to live.

But I actually do miss it. I miss Russia. I miss the long winters and the dark nights, and the snow and cold...I miss the food, the music...I remember that one year, there was a travelling salesman who stopped by the orphanage. It was right around Christmas, I think, and he'd have all these used toys and things to give to the children, and I got this little matryoshka doll. It wasn't a complete one, I think it was missing a few of the other dolls, but it was still nice, and...

Well, there was just something familiar about it. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was like...like a simpler version of something I used to know.

Of course, Comrade Phlegmenkof made me give it to one of the younger girls almost immediately. I pitched such a fit about that...

I wonder how she's doing. She must have been furious when I didn't go to the fish market like she told me to. Or maybe she didn't care. I mean, I was out of her hair, after all, there were plenty of other children to worry about...

....is it weird I miss her? That I miss the orphanage and the other children and Russia? It wasn't home, but...it was, I guess. Does that make sense? God, I must sound like an idiot right now.

[ooc: Roots Day! But since Anya can't remember her ACTUAL family heritage or roots, she's just thinking about Russia in general, and her time in the orphanage.]
31 October 2013 @ 07:46 pm
[Anya looks unsure and possibly a little uncomfortable, fidgeting with her slightly oversized Viking costume.]

I dunno...am I doing this right...? I mean, I'm not sure if Vikings ACTUALLY dressed like this, but this is all about costumes, right? I swear to God, if something else tries to kill or torture me this month...

[She adjusts the costume again. The whole thing is a little big on her, but she's got the outfit, she's got the helmet...and Pooka's by her feet, a little plastic axe in his mouth.]

Okay. I think I've got everything...so...

...uh. Now what do I do?
08 October 2013 @ 11:38 pm
I swear to God, hair, if you don't agree with me, I will grab the scissors and make you agree with me.

[Anya's in her bathroom, caught in a post-shower wrestling match with her hair. She's focused on the mirror and the hairbrush, and doesn't seem to realize that she turned her little camera on when she put the communicator down.]

Jeez...you'd think that they'd have come up with an easier way to deal with tangles...we're living in the future, after all...

[She frowns in concentration, working on a particularly tough knot.]

Honestly, of all the things they haven't really improved ye--AAAAAAAAH!!!!!

[It's now that she sees it. The woman in the mirror, dressed in a beautiful white dress, who looks just like her...except for the gunshot wounds and bayonet stab wounds covering her torso, bleeding and staining the dress red with blood.
Who looks just like her, except for the chunk of her skull missing, as if smashed in by the butt of a rifle.

She's only there for a moment, but that's all it takes to terrify Anya.

Anya just screams, darting as far away from the mirror as possible. She stares at the floor, eyes wide in horror, as she tries to catch her breath.]

...That...what...what the hell WAS that...?

[When she finally gets the courage to look up at the mirror again, the woman isn't there anymore.]

...Right...okay, that...that didn't happen, you didn't see any dead girls in the mirror...you're fine...
...Jesus Christ...

[ooc: History ain't pretty, boys and girls.]
30 September 2013 @ 10:11 pm
[Anya's never been to a carnival before...at least not one she can remember, anyway. And even if she could, she suspects that it was never as...big or impressive as this.

She's sitting with a half eaten candy apple by the petting zoo, smiling to herself and watching the animals much about. Pooka, her ever playful pup, is trying to get in through the fence to join them.]

Pooka, stop that, you'll scare the other animals...I don't think you're allowed in there, anyway. You're gonna get us in trouble.

[She grins and shakes her head as he continues to get through the fence.]

You keep this up, I'm not gonna smuggle you onto the Ferris Wheel later...
09 September 2013 @ 07:28 am
Ugh, my head is killing me...

So, was there a curse or something this past weekend? Because I cannot remember a thing from this weekend, and I'm pretty sure I didn't go and get blackout drunk on Friday night. Pretty sure, yeah...

This sort of thing is normal here, right? Right?

[ooc: As promised, Anya doesn't remember any of this past weekend's curse.]
06 September 2013 @ 09:47 pm
[The video starts rather suddenly, at an odd angle, like the device has been dropped. And it shows a little girl, swinging from a tree branch.

She's a very familiar looking little girl, with auburn hair and bright blue eyes, dressed up in very regal clothing (which she doesn't seem to particularly care about keeping nice), laughing as she swings back and forth, before hopping down and picking up the device, squinting and staring at it oddly.]

What in the world is this thing...? It looks like a box...ooh, I wonder if there's treasure in it!

[She frowns, determined to open this weird little thing up, poking at the device and making a series of funny faces at it as she looks for some sort of button or latch or opening. At one point, she tries to forcibly pry it open, turning it off for a moment or two before it turns back on. Having determined that no, this funny little thing does not open, she sighs over-dramatically.]

Drat. I guess there's no treasure in here after all.

[Thoroughly disappointed, she drops the device back on the ground, putting her hands on her hips looking around.]

Now...where am I?

[ooc: Replies will come from [personal profile] theroyalshvibzik. Come Monday, Anya will remember none of this weekend. And...uh, try not to inform Anastasia about the fate of her historical counterpart? I think it'll scare her.]
03 September 2013 @ 11:44 pm
Okay, Anya...you can do this. No big deal, just go ahead and ask.

[Well, at least Anya's managed to finally figure out how to work the video function on her device. But she looks nervous, uncertain, talking to herself and fidgiting with her necklace before she starts the video proper.]

So, uh...I heard that there were doctors that can help people with amnesia...and I was wondering if there were any of them here?

And, if there are...well, I'd like to see one of them, please.

[She takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly, trying to relax, before continuing.]

I don't really have money, but I can do work as payment, if you want. I just...I don't know if any of this medicine or therapy stuff will work, but I'd like to give it a try.
15 August 2013 @ 01:50 am
[The video starts abruptly, as if by accident. Anya is in the bedroom of her tiny apartment, on her knees, digging through a trunk in a state of panic. The room itself is in a state of disarray, with clothes strewn everywhere, sheets ripped off the bed, furniture moved in strange locations...]

No no nononono, it has to be here, it has to be...! I had it last night, where is it...?

[Whatever she's looking for, it's not in the chest, and she lets out what sounds like a frustrated sob, turning the chest over before curling in on herself.]

I can't have lost it...I can't have...it's all I've got left...

[She lets out another sob, before looking up and realizing the camera is on. The sorrow on her face is immediately replaced by anger, and she moves to grab the device. There's a tattoo on her face that wasn't there before, but she doesn't seem to notice or care about that.]

Okay, which one of you took it? Which one of you stole my necklace? I swear, when I find where it is, when I find out who took it, I will make you regret even THINKING about touching it.

[She's very, VERY pissed, and the video gets cut off before she can threaten you all properly.]

[ooc: Anya's got Chakotay's tattoo today, and he's got her Together in Paris necklace, which she is pretty pissed about not having.]
05 August 2013 @ 09:07 pm
[The video begins abruptly, when a young woman with red hair seems to step on the communication device. She doesn't seem to notice the device is on, or that it's even there. She's too busy raging to a floppy eared dog sitting on the edge of the fountain, walking around in a circle, hands in the air.]

--is the absolute LAST time I'm taking the train, I swear! I thought we were going to have a nice, safe train ride...actually, no, forget the train. This is the last time I listen to Dimitri! This could've all been avoided if he'd made sure our papers were fine, but nooo, they're absolutely blue, don't worry about a thing, Your Grace! Ha! And then, he thinks going and hiding in the baggage car is a good idea? Great idea, Dimitri, you nearly got us all killed!

[She makes an irritated growl before sitting next to the dog, scratching its ears idly before sighing.]

So...where exactly are we, anyway? We did jump from a moving train car, so...
[She moves to check her pulse, before frowning.]

Right, nevermind, we're not dead...and this is definitely not Russia...

[She sighs again, before smirking slightly at the dog.]

How much do you want to bet this is Dimitri's fault somehow?

[It's only now that she seems to notice the black communication device lying on the ground. Frowning, she moves to pick it up, bring it right up close to her face, staring at it in confusion.]

And what the heck is this thing...

[She pokes at it a few times, trying to figure out what this weird little black thing is and why it was just lying around.]


[And as she continues poking at it, she manages to cut off the video feed.]