25 July 2012 @ 09:31 pm

[ The time has come for a final song, and as Jast's voice spreads itself across the forest landscape, the world stirs in answer. Leaves fluttering in a sighing wind, branches dancing as they cast a play of dappled sunlight and shadows across the forest floor. An enormous enclave of birds descends, avian of every size and color, some winding complicated spirals overhead, others landing alongside the augur as he sings, lending their own warbles and chirps to the melody -- (a song of open spaces and vibrant colors, heartbeats and sweet water) -- and clambering into his lap, or onto his shoulders. He does not brush them aside, nor does he reject any of the other animals who come to sit in audience. The boy merely sings, head back and throat open. The power of his voice is visceral, a thrumming sensation in the skin, and all around him the forest flourishes. Long grass curling, color spreading, flowers blooming, water glittering.

When Jast has finished, when the air is filled with the heavy scents of earth wet with new rain and burgeoning plants, he looks down into the camera. His eyes shine a brilliant blue, exactly the same shade as the sky overhead, piercing in their mimicry. His little smile is calm and he chirps pleasantly, ]

It is time for me to return to my work. I will miss you all, and I pray you will continue to love this place in my stead.

[[ ooc; RIGHTO. Jast has already delivered his gifts! For those not on the list below, you are welcome to have one of THESE little habitats, as well as to take something from THIS BOX. Everything initially in the box has a very minor good luck charm placed on it that will wear out over time.

09 July 2012 @ 06:56 pm
[A strange song, an eerie twining of bird-whistles and vocalization floats out from the device. Shortly after, a voice whispers a translation which is then transcribed into text:]

They say there is a fairy in every streak'd tulip.
I have rows and rows of them beside my door.
Hoop-la ! Come out, Brownie,
And I will give you an emerald ear-ring!
You had better come out,
For to-morrow may be stormy,
And I could never bring myself to part with my
  emerald ear-rings
Unless there was a moon.

[[ooc; Maybe check out his permissions! The poem is by Amy Lowell from Pictures of the Floating World... but maybe don't recognize it. I'm sorry I'm too lazy to write my own poem for this. Sob.]]
30 June 2012 @ 11:41 am
[Hello City. Your friendly neighorhood augur is out on the green today, like always, but for once he doesn't appear to be surrounded by birds. He has instead been descended on by a small pack of girls. They are sitting in a crescent circle behind him, all looking curiously down into the camera.]

[Jast looks bemused by all of them, finally getting them to just shush for a moment. Then he's able to smile into the camera faintly, a song spilling from his lips that is translated thusly,]

Greetings, City, you have opened your heart to many this day, what a joy and a blessing you must feel. I have the honor today to host these beings most reverent to me, the five handmaidens of the wheel. Lady Delia sits at the fore in high Summer, beneath her master's burning star. Their favor is a worthy boon, please show them your regard.

[He ducks down into a bow which causes one of the girls to look confused and also bow forward at the end of the message. Someone swats her behind and tells her to get up, but she remains down until Jast rises.]

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09 June 2012 @ 02:53 pm
Acácio? És això um sonho? Ik ne me souviens pas esta ciudad, en io non ti vedo qui. Mesedez, não esconder, ik sou eu. Ik n'ai pas vu de edozein? Heç hi ha paret. Y een ozéanoa. Acácio, l'ozéanoa è così mooi, dove sei?

[Whatever the boy is speaking, it seems to be a garbled mash of other languages, the device has translated pieces of it where it can, but inevitably grows confused. Perhaps it will learn this new mix of tongues if he carrise on speaking it long enough. He's not going to though, he can hear the people around him speaking English, and with his private address concluded, he changes accordingly. He speaks it well, but bears a strong accent, Catalan maybe.]

I am looking for a man. He is shorter than I, [He makes an esitmate with his hand, somewhere just under his chin.] with dark hair and dark eyes, brown skin. He may be in pareu, or a cloak.

[Someone very different from Jast, who stands at 6'2 with pale, slightly sun-burnt skin and light gray eyes, wearing frayed jeans and rumpled white button-up, sleeves rolled around his elbows.]

He is skittish, please do not be rude to him if you find him. [He pauses for a moment before adding with a small frown,] ...Buy him, if he will come no other way. I will return your coin.

[Jast will be in town, looking for Acácio, pauses at street corners to sign the same song over and over again. He puts down a hat at his feet like a beggar, and does collect a bit of coin here and there. Sometimes he pauses for a cigarette and to rub sunscreen down his nose and neck. He looks tired, too skinny and drawn too tight over his bones. His eyes dart like a birds, watching for something, always nervous.]

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06 June 2012 @ 05:18 pm
I. Cursed
[Truthfully, this is Jast's normal way of traversing the City. He did not care much for the urban setting, and preferred its rooftops more often than not. Perhaps it feels a little different today, however? He scales the nearby buildings with a little more vigor, tosses himself from balconies and ledges with a bit more thrill and excitement?

...and try not to fret when he holds his arms out and lets himself tumble backwards towards the street -- (the wind on his arms, he could almost fly) -- he'll land just fine.]
II. Carousel
[One might also see him hauling in large baskets of flowers to the center of the City, three or four full of large, freshly-picked blossoms. With pliant twigs and long reeds, he will wind together as many wreaths as he can. To be hung upon the eight new horses at the carousel - (he sings something soft and wistful for them as he works.)]
III. Copse
[There is much work to be done after Karl thrashed the outlying woods. Jast knows the work well, and one may find him even without trying. The birds and creatures flock to him with their troubles, the trees to let him pass where he is needed most. His clear voice drifts amongst the boles, birdsong and sunlight, calling in fresh air to sweep the ashes away as he coaxes the earth back to health.]
11 May 2012 @ 11:52 pm

[The sound of Jast's singing is strange today, the notes of his voice calling out into a great empty space, each thread of it taking on a small life of its own, wheeling out into the distance which surrounds him. There is a susurration of moving air keeping a counterpoint to his music, a sighing that fills in the empty spaces. There is nothing but brilliant blue in the video around him, the wispiest of clouds moving in a frenetic dance all around him, as if he sits in the center of a dervish. Little shadows dip in and out of sight, almost birdlike except for the ethereal way they disappear from sight, except for their opaqueness, the endless blue always visible through their gossamer feathers.

Beneath his long, dark eyelashes, Jast's eyes are the exact same color as the sky, fiercely turquoise, and just as bright, as if the sun is glowing through him from within.

His voice echoes - (a song of low branches and slow tides, of young kings and elder goddesses) - and there is a mournful sound to it, a fair mist of rain glittering just so.]

[[ooc; When Jast dreams he enters the world of bird dreams, which is 'realm' contained in the hearts of all birds, of which Jast is one. SO. He's on a roof somewhere, surrounded by this aether. Stepping into it is going to cause you to fall unless you're some kind of Air elemental, but... the whole realm is sky, so you won't ever actually hit anything. For those unfamiliar with him, check out his permissions for me! Italics is and always will be translated birdsong.]]
[[ooc; For this curse, Jast will be battling Godzilla Bird. If you would like to have seen this ENORMOUS FLUFFY CUTIEPIE chasing him around the city beforehand, that is fine. Jast will even rescue you from being squished. Action to come gawk at Godzilla Bird is cool too. Jast will also reply to this video he just made:]]

[Beneath the shelter of the trees, the wild forest beyond the clockwork-bound city, with the high breathless mountains standing in solemnity above, Jast finds his way to open clearing, his blue eyes scanning the treeline overhead to gauge how long he has. Great flocks of birds have leapt up from their songs and nests to meet the augur's need, their arrows of flight piercing swiftly across the sky. Jast stands panting for only a moment before he tosses the device aside, the beads wrapped around his wrist follow only a moment after, their colorful shapes clicking harmlessly against the screen as they settle into the grass, glimmering in the afternoon sun.

Jast moves to crouch in the center of the clearing, chest still heaving, as he digs down into the earth with his fingertips, a little song already beginning to echo from his lips. Were there anyone nearby to feel it, they would know his work has begun as the air pulls tight around him, vibrating like so many strings which he will begin to pluck, one by one until the buzz of energy is almost perceptible. The trees surrounding him sense it and begin to rattle and shake, their leaves whispering secrets, their bark groaning in a harmony of creaks, the wind whistling across their grooves and hollows. A shower of leaves falls with their trembling, and these gifts are caught up in the zephyr of wind that has begun to circle round the augur. His handful of dirt is tossed high, creating a ceiling to this little sphere, which hangs steady in mid-air before it separates, spreading out to spiral round alongside the air and the leaves, beads of earth laced into this growing form.

Inhaling deep, Jast continues to sing, head tilted back and eyes closed, pale throat exposed. His hands are spread wide and open from his sides, a glimmer of blue light gathering around his fingertips and palms only to grow brighter and brighter. Tendrils of his energy flow into the surrounding spiral, weaving a delicate lace netting amongst the leaves and earth.

A net to be cast, and when Jast lifts his hands, the structure is lifted with them. He stands waiting for Godzilla Bird, and when the beast pokes its big head and curious eyes down into the clearing, the spell is cast, wrapping the poor thing up in sticky webs of energy, in the immovable nature of the earth and the trees who root down deep within it. The giant bird flails, before inevitably tumbling onto its side. The trees it has cracked will need Jast's care when this is through, and he will give it.

For now, however, he cautiously approaches the bird to see if he can soothe its anger.]
29 April 2012 @ 02:33 pm
[There are several things wrong with this picture. The first of which is that a familiar bird-reader has been cursed into a woman's form. It isn't overly different, he was already fair-skinned and pretty, his face is just a bit slimmer, mouth fuller, eyes set more delicates. His messy black hair is the same, and he's not dressed any differently: it's the same baggy white t-shirt and jeans, if you really feel like looking you might see the hint of a breast beneath, but he's still relatively flat.

The second thing wrong is that Jast has a little boy in his lap. This isn't particularly odd to anyone who knows him. He gets along well with children, especially those that are too young to really talk much themselves, let alone make fun of how much trouble he has with English. The only thing that makes this boy strange is if one happens to recognize just who he is: dear Karl Fei-Ong.

Jast has the boy wrapped up affectionately in his arms, nuzzling his hair, murmuring something to him about waiting a moment before addressing the device. He sings in his usual way, but thanks to Howl's charm it is easily understood by all,]

Greetings, fair City. I wished to apologize for my behavior in the Labyrinth. I am very sorry if I misled you, or took from you any of your possessions. I would very much like to return your gifts to you, and to humbly apologize once more.

[He ducks his head down demurely before offering a shy little smile, adding,]

We have been enjoying the weather, if anyone wishes to join us.

[[ooc; Jast will be at [personal profile] blueyedbird for all your lady-bird needs. Italics is Jast chirping along in birdsong. Check out his permissions if you haven't already.]]

[The sweet sound of singing has drawn you this way, guided you through the garden labyrinth and its tall hedgegroves. This little courtyard is almost completely overgrown, covered with shade and heady with the scent of flowers. The flickering portal casts an eerie light over the turqouise grass and violet flowers. Where does it lead? To the citadel? To home? Or back to the beginning?

Maybe that depends on what you pay him: the boy dressed in white with the big blue eyes, flowers in his hair and many glittering strands of beads and jewels and shells draped around his thin neck. He led you here with his song, aren't you grateful? Best hope you are, there are many eyes watching from the circle of trees, their stares heavy and attentive. Their stirring on their perches, leaves rustling, disconcerting.

Jast, however, smiles brightly in greeting. Don't be frightened.]

Are you lost, traveler?

[[ooc; Jast will be taking various sparkly/valuable/important-to-you things in exchange for his door. I would also like to make a post of him shyly returning them once this curse has worn off 8'| italics is and forever will be Jast's translated birdsong, it's understandable to everyone this post. Check out his permissions if you've got a moment though.]]
[[ooc; italics is and always will be Jast 'speaking' in birdsong. Check out these permissions please! For this curse he will be gossiping with the animals. If there's anything you'd like them to tell him, feel free to let me know.]]

[Jast, how did you get up on that rooftop? Magic, man, it was magic. However it happened, he's up there now with a very large flock of assorted birds gathered around him. It would be a little bit creepy if they didn't seem to be so placid and happy around him. The scene is still odd, because it appears that the birds are taking turns to have an audience with him. Coming forward to flap and squawk as he nods with patient interest in response to their stories. Vultures will kill each other over this kind of thing, but Jast... not so much. He just smiles brightly and laughs, talking to them in whistles and chirps that the device cannot translate.

Eventually, however, he gives his attention to the camera. When he switches to English, he clearly struggles with it, tripping over his words and pausing often to hum and frown, uncertain of himself.]

They say... hmm. T-they say there are... wizards? Yes? Who could... could help me? To be, mmm, understood.

[That's not all they've said. My what raucous city this is!]

06 April 2012 @ 03:23 pm
[[ooc; italics is an always will be Jast 'speaking' in birdsong. Check out these permissions please!]]

[This is not a boy who knows technology well. He and a pair of sparrows are, in fact, poking at the device from where it lies in the grass with a sense of uneasy mistrust. One of the sparrow's beaks clicks off of the screen, and the boy gives a little bird trill, brushing some of his wild black hair out of his eyes. Both birds look up at him attentively in response, flapping their wings. The boy's mouth twitches to the side.]

H-hello...? [He stutters slightly, and then makes a soft humming noise.] Hm. I... Am far from... far from where. [This is nerve wracking for him, and it shows on his face, his hands twisting between his knees.] Far from w-where I was.

[Several more birds gather around him, drawn by his unhappiness and clearly there for moral support.]

If... if you have. Hm. Need? Of my help, I am here.

[He heaves a heavy sigh, glad to have gotten that out, and he's quiet for a moment before he adds a string of whistles and chirps. The little song is too quick and layered for the device to translate, but for those who understand it...]

I am a servant to the earth and the wind, to all those beauties of existence, please call upon me should the tides turn dark, I am here to kneel before you and to sing my prayers.

[His expression is shy, but smiling faintly. His introductions are done, he's going to go frolic in the grass and play with the birds now.]