10 May 2013 @ 06:00 pm
It would appear that time is a more delicate entity than belief would have it.

[ Her voice is curious, if cautious. The sounds you would hear for someone being outside are audible - sounds of the forest, to be specific. Helen isn't quite certain as to how she arrived here - could Adam's portal's stretch so far? She didn't know, and she wasn't prepared to pose the question with more unknowns than that around ]

We're often told to be careful with it, for it may simply just pass. [ And doesn't she know it ] But what about when it stops?

[ Helen's speaking more to simple fill the gap until she's certain she's ready to ask something - and she knows what to ask, although she's hoping to see something other than this forest first (or that may become the question) ]

Or paused. Doing that may sound difficult in of itself but how would you restart it? One would hope so, lest everything cease. [ And she's seen that before, and it didn't go with time stopping.

But there. There it is. The edge of the forest and... something else indeed ]

Thankfully in this case it would seem that all is well, or at least that time is moving. [ All is not well when you're not where you should be ] But when? I'll forgo the where, [ For now. If you hadn't learned that she was new by her unfamiliar voice than this was your cue ] and settle for when. What year is this? [ It's important when you've extensively travelled ]