22 December 2012 @ 12:22 am
[Everyone is kissing today. THEY'RE. DUMB.
Like seriously, what the hell, is this some sort of festive thing? A festive kissing thing John wasn't invited to? LAME.

So he's floating around, reclining backwards in the air and occasionally pelting people in the face with snowballs juuust as they are about to kiss. Or if they're talking.

Or if they're all alone and just trying to do their Christmas shopping.

He's controlling wind and air currents around the snowballs, so very rarely do they miss their mark.

Basically, John is kind of a dick.]

[ooc: he's also 14 just so you know if that is bad for yoooou. Just yelling at him is ok too.]

24 November 2012 @ 01:51 pm
hey dave.
you’re dumb, and your city is dumb, ha ha.
ok but i am stuck here again, i guess?
so i should say hi to everyone else and not just dave.
let’s all ignore dave actually, because i am way cooler than he is anyway.
hi everyone except for dave!
i’m john.
you should all tell me all the things you like so we can compare stuff.
oh man, and you should definitely tell me what happened past 2009 because some of you guys are from past there, right?
did matthew mcconaughey or nic cage make any new movies?
ok well, i mean, of course they did, but what were they?!
did they ever come out with ghostbusters 3?
you know what we should do?
we should all have a city movie night!