19 August 2012 @ 01:59 pm
[ the video just starts off with a feed of a peaceful scene with white fluffy clouds, a blue sky, and a quiet humming in the background. there's some sounds of movement and the camera angle becomes all skewed and eventually the device falls to the ground revealing one Kururu standing on the very tips of the ledge of a roof. ]

It must be nice to be able to fly.

(ooc; cursed and will be majorly distracted )
07 August 2012 @ 01:29 pm
[ the feed turns on and you can see what use to be a washing machine in a nondescript washateria. maybe. there are parts scattered every which way on the floor, the entire front of it has been pulled off, and in the middle of this chaos is one frantic girl who is sitting in front of it muttering to herself. ]

Fixing a washing machine is not the same as repairing A-Ts. [ so as a result of the other day, Kururu may of kind of short circuited a washing machine and thus has spent the rest of the night/day trying to fix it. ]

I, I'm really sorry. I... I definitely will figure this out.
27 June 2012 @ 10:54 pm
[ there are several clicks, noises, and false starts to a video feed before moving into a voice only feed back to video before it silences completely for a few minutes. but during those brief seconds flashes of bright blue eyes focused on something and blonde hair can seen if you pay close attention.

finally after a few minutes of nothing but soft murmurs, a proper video feed seems to start up but all anyone can see are bare feet for another few moment or two before a face, zoomed in too closely, comes into view. luckily, this too is fixed and the audience can finally see her face--properly. ]

Th, this is on now, right? Hello?

Yeah! Just like that. See, you gotta look for the light.

( the voice comes from ikki who’s standing behind her, one arm slung over her shoulder to point towards the screen and the light in question. )

You should probably introduce yourself or something.

[ the camera shakes for a moment and a startled shout can be heard. the camera whips around and suddenly Ikki's face is now on camera ]

A, ah! I... [ a pause before the camera slowly lowers, giving the viewers a nice shot of his chest. her voice is soft, barely above a whisper. ] Ikki-kun..?

( he grins for the video feed before grabbing the device to twist it towards kururu’s face again. )

This is Sumeragi Kururu, an integral part of Kogarasumaru! Treat her kindly or suffer the consequences!
13 February 2012 @ 12:25 pm
[ This time around, Kururu switches on the video with the air of somebody who actually knows what they’re doing. The tears from home are already dry as the memories of her previous stay come rushing back. ]

Oh, I'm... back here again? [ She still has the broken Storm Regalia with her—not to mention the sheet that barely covers anything. ] Kazu... um, Akito… are you still here? I wasn’t at home very long, so…

[ She gives the communicator a hopeful smile. ] But it means more time to focus on fixing the Regalia, right? Umm, yeah… so that’s what I’ll do! I didn’t get to try much last time.

[ The engineer that repairs the broken sky. That’s the promise she’d made; her own dream to follow. She nods decisively. ] That’s all, I think … ahhh, how do you turn this off again?