16 December 2013 @ 07:14 pm
[When the audio feed comes on, there are a few seconds of hesitation while Justine composes herself. Whether or not this will actually work… well. Time will tell.]

Excuse me. If anyone is listening… [There’s a pause and the sound of clothes rustling] If anyone is there – this is Justine Leblanc. I need help. Quickly.

[Her voice becomes slightly muffled, as if she’s no longer speaking into the microphone.] Stay here with me, you hear? Don’t move. [And once more to the recording device:]

This girl… my daughter, Lilith. I - I think she has lost her mind. If anyone could help me get her to a hospital, I’d be very grateful.

[The feed doesn't end as Justine doesn't know how it works beyond what Lilith has told her. Instead, there's the sound of running water and people passing by in the background, while she waits in silence.]

[ooc: Follows this log. Having just arrived in the City, Justine has encountered Lilith by the fountain.]