06 June 2012 @ 11:36 am
 Anyone want to go running today?

[ because this curse. 

it's awesome :| ]

[ filtered to alisha: ]

.. Simon's gone, yeah?
25 May 2012 @ 01:00 am
[ curtis plops at the end of his bed to actually acknowledge the feed for the first time in almost a month now.  he's a little breathless and-- sweaty.  late-night running was never really his thing, but he'd been having some trouble sleeping as of late.  he slips off his windbreaker and sips his bottle of water before deciding to speak. ]

... I found this dog.  I don't know if anyone's missing 'im. [ and he'll place his bottle on the end table beside him before reaching out and gently pulling a golden retriever into view. ]  

Give me a call if he's yours, yeah?  

[ filtered to alisha & simon: ]

You think it's all right if we keep him until we figure out what to do with him?  

[ he's expecting to get yelled at.  or hit.  but he kind of really likes the puppy dog :( ]

21 April 2012 @ 10:58 pm
[ when the device clicks on, curtis has his eyes glued to the photos in his hands.  silently, he shuffles through them, his teeth tugging at his bottom lip.  he looks determined, his eyes scanning every detail of the pictures despite how quickly he seems to be going through them.

when he lowers them to look at the camera, anyone paying enough attention might catch a glimpse of nikki's face.  ]

These pictures.. will they be taken away from us?  [ anticipation fills his eyes, or maybe it's something else, but he runs a hand down his face and clicks the feed off before anyone can tell. ]
13 April 2012 @ 02:13 pm
[ the feed clicks on to an extreme close-up of curtis’ face. say hello to his gorgeous brown eye! hear alisha laughing? curtis, of course, did not say something funny just then. ] Quit moving. I want proof of this. [ she lowers the camera to, oh, what is this? ladies and gentlemen, is curtis donovan smiling? ]

Piss off, Alisha. [ but curtis is kind of laughing, too, pushing the camera out of his face and, maybe, trying to snatch it from her hold.

because why should everyone be looking at him when she’s so dolled up?

Ain’t nothing to have proof of. Stop that.

[ she refuses to listen, sliding a little on the chair so she can get him in his full gear. he’s wearing a nice purple shirt and khaki pants. in his lap is a loaf of bread alisha dumped there; they’re at the park, feeding the ducks - which can be seen when alisha flickers the camera to the lake and sees said ducks. ] You’re smiling. Your face looks funny. [ cackle cackle. ]

No it don’t. [ but he’s still smiling. he even reaches to grab the red, lace-trim umbrella she bought for this occasion of feeding the ducks and loosely swings it, reaching a hand out to snatch it again, this time with higher hopes of succeeding. ]

Hey, watch where you’re swinging that! [ do you want to kill her or something? she reaches for it, and may have loosened her grip on the phone just a little for curtis to snatch it … have a nice shot of his purple coloured chest. boy looks fine.

and he grabs it and scoots away from her just to give everyone a full shot of her beautiful dress. now he’s really laughing.

This is what Alisha looks like when she decides it’s worth dressing up.

[ see alisha roll her eyes. ] I found something worth dressing up for. And it’s not you, prick. [ said affectionately, btw. and she’ll steer his hands to focus on the ducks. watch a piece of bread fly at them - alisha has poor aim - and the feed will abruptly click off to her laughter. ]

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31 March 2012 @ 12:11 pm
 [ When the feed clicks on.. Curtis is soaked.  He looks pretty pissed about it, too, as his eyes focus to the dark cloud above him. Rain continues to fall down on him as his glare hardens. Some people were going to find this so funny; he probably should have chosen audio. ]

I don't know what the fuck it is, but if anyone can tell me how to make it stop I'd appreciate it.  [ And he continues to stare up, almost hopefully, before shaking his head and running his hand down his face.

His wet hand. Down his wet face.

It isn't as productive as he'd hoped it would be. ]

I wanted to ask about jobs in this place.  Is there a bar or... anything.. that's hiring?

[ It's  d i s t r a c t i n g. ]

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20 March 2012 @ 06:45 pm
[ Curtis's brows are arched as he looks around him, his muscles physically tense and the worry hardly strained from his voice. The last thing he remembered-- ]

Nikki?! Alisha? Where are... [ He'd rewound time, hadn't he? He'd saved them. He'd saved everyone. Why weren't they back at the community center? Or why wasn't he in his room. It didn't make sense; this was unfamiliar, new, foreign. He always went back and knew what was happening, knew what to stop. How to change the future. ]

Nathan, you prick, if this is some fucked up joke...

[ But it isn't, and he knows it. Nathan isn't this clever. None of them are, to put him in some place he didn't recognize and... he pushes the thoughts aside, running a hand down his face and looking to the device that's been recording him. ]

Hello? Can anyone hear me? I need to know what's going on.