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when the video feed cuts on, Elena's now sitting at the fountain. ]

I was working and missed the hot springs that sprang up. [ say that five times fast. but, it gave her more reason to take a long hot bath that night. ] Was that a repeating curse or did it happen the one time? [ she'd like to not miss it the second time around.

she doesn't have much else to say right this second. it's a difficult day. no leads in the murder cases. no real way to work through what happened back home with Stefan and the bridge. who can she even talk to? maybe... ]

Sam Winchester ]

What are you doing tonight?

[ It would be - amazing to have Caroline or Bonnie here. But she doesn't have them. Most of her close friends are men.

she gets up again and turns off the feed.

she walks back to the station, drops her stuff off at her desk and knocks on Dean's door ]

[ ooc: Action open at the fountain, on her way to the police station or at the police station if you wish - including Dean Winchester. ]
[ forward dated to later this morning - say, seven-thirty, when she turns on the feed, she's up early late, unable to sleep. she's camped out in her living room apartment. her pile of Shakespeare plays can be partially seen on the coffee table next to her ]

If anybody is wondering, I didn't spend all day wandering through the maze. I just - took [ a mental health day ] my work home with me.

Also, the post a few weeks back about me and -- men. Apparently, I did it. [ She still doesn't understand it. ] It came from my device so I guess I was... cursed. Guess I don't feel left out anymore. [ Like she considered the autocorrect curse a curse at all. Not that she bothered not feeling left out. She misses that feeling, she does. But, now she's a part of the pack. ]

Anybody else up?
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[ ooc: As far as GG is concerned, Elena was cursed and put together this entire post anonymously thanks to the Tabloid Trash curse! She's not a fixed entity, she's just a way I could funnel this ridiculousness in. She's also a hell of a lot of fun. Elena has no idea this has gone up because she was cursed at the time. Action is open for Dean Winchester or anybody else at the station as she fell asleep there. Anyone else, Elena will just... react and defend and hate - especially because she's been linked to brothers. Also, it's been two weeks. Does this girl really think her mind is on hopping into their beds? note // everyone mentioned here has given me permission to do so! ]
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[ when the video comes on, the bottom of the bed and part of Elena's face can be seen. She's currently on her hands and knees, head against her floor. ]


[ when she got a kitten, she didn't think he'd be this difficult. or feisty. he seemed fun. and lively. and he jumped on his brothers and playfully bit their necks (hence the name) but he hasn't left his spot under her bed in hours. she expected, when she'd come home from work to find him out, sleeping. it took her twenty minutes to find him.

she picks up her phone and looks into the camera - oh. it's on. well. that saves her a few button pushes. ]

Does anybody know how to get a kitten out from under their bed? Maybe if I open a can of something?
[ It's fitting. Elena has lost pretty much every parental figure in her life. Now, she's lost Alaric literally after almost losing Alaric - well, literally. She can play that night in her head like a movie. It's the first morning where she has to remind only herself to wake up and keep breathing. She doesn't have Jeremy to motivate - hell, he's in Denver. Jenna's gone in more ways than one. She's utterly alone.

But, she's Elena Gilbert.

She doesn't give up and she doesn't spend all day in bed. This is the equivalent of a break-up in some ways. What Stefan's done before Elena ended up here for most people is unforgivable. But, Elena is not most people.

Elena deals. She moves on. She perseveres.

But there's one thing that she hasn't dealt with before. This incessant ticking she can't shake. At first it was dull, soft. She thought she was making it up. It isn't like she's never been in a house alone before. But, it's been three days and that hasn't changed. Couple it with the rousing war that went on? She's a little shaken up. But, she's making a real attempt at hiding this. ]

Do people here... hear ticking? It's getting worse and if it's a curse I want to know how long I have to wait before it ends.

[ It's... incessant. ]

Those Daleks were dangerous. I'd ask if that happens often but... [ She knows the answer. ]

Is there a school here? Or a - college? [ She'd like to not lose out on her senior year of high school. ] Classes I could sign up for?

[ Maybe asking for a job is pushing it. She's only been here for a weekend. And Daleks attacked the day before. So, she keeps back that part of her post for now. But, then she glances at her refrigerator. ]

There are jobs here, right? I should start making money if I want to eat or keep this apartment... I know everything just happened, so I'm not... asking to be hired right away or even this week. But, I'm putting my interest out there.
[ It feels like falling. Had she stepped too far forward? Had she even moved? ]


[ She calls out his name, expecting to be grabbed. Maybe he'd jump in with her. She feels the splash of water around her. Did she seriously just fall off of Wickery bridge? What is with this week?

Popping up, the water under the bridge is more shallow then she'd thought it would be, not that she really put much thought into it. There's no sign of the flowers Matt dropped for the former Elena's funeral. ]

Here lies Elena Gilbert. Drenched.

[ Peering up, something catches her by surprise. She's in a fountain. Not a river. There's no bridge above her but sky. And there are buildings she can't say she recognizes. ]


[ She calls out again, whirling around. Well, she should probably climb out of the fountain.

First thing's first.

She pulls out her cell phone, her wet, soggy - useless cellphone. Setting it on the ledge of the fountain, Elena finally climbs out, soaked. When she grabs her phone, she realizes it's changed. The screen is bigger. It's sleeker. More expensive. She furrows a brow and picks it up.

She sees her face in the corner. Is she broadcasting this?

When her face comes on the screen, Elena seems tentative, but her expression doesn't give off fright. ]

Would it sound cliche if I said it doesn't seem like I'm in Kansas anymore? Or, like I took a right turn instead of a left on my way to Albuquerque?

[ The next line is more for herself, as she looks down. ]

Everything was a lot simpler when we were young, wasn't it?

[ Well, there's no reason to hold this off. ]

I don't even know who I'm speaking to. If... anybody's listening? Could they tell me where I am? I half expect Caroline or Bonnie - or even Matt to jump out and yell "Ha" or "Surprise." I used to love surprises.

[ Not that Matt could completely transport her away from Mystic Falls. Bonnie could. But, why would she? Okay, things are way too somber right now. She puts a brave face on. Accompanied by a smile. ]

Believe it or not this isn't the weirdest thing to happen to me, or the first time I've woken up without knowing where I was. [ She's going to step away from the fact that she now sounds like an alcoholic as she clears her throat instead of laughing. ] So, where am I? It's not a city I recognize. [ Not that she's been to many cities. ] Oh, I'm Elena Gilbert.

[ another beat. ]

I'm ... not a party girl. [ she just feels like she should explain. ] If that's what you were thinking. [ not that she cares what people think. the old Elena might. but, she's been through too much. she also feels... really silly. and she is drenched and cold. this is pointless. ]

Look, I just really have to get back to Mystic Falls, Virginia. Does anybody know how far away that is?