23 April 2012 @ 11:43 am
[hark! it's an angel! in the sky! flying! er, well. he was flying. now he's falling. fast.]

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!

[CRAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSHHHHH. party in the square bros.]

Oh, ow. Angel pancake deluxe... [he peels himself up off the pavement] Uh, Lady Palutena? You usually give me a warning when the power of flight is about to run out. Yes, sure, that warning does sometimes come when I'm in the process of plummeting to my death but a warning is still a warning! [pause] Lady Palutena? [another pause] Oooookay. Viridi? HADEEEEEEEEEEEEES?

--Ew, no, I just incinerated you with a gigantic laser. And I wouldn't want you to answer anyway!

[he jumps to his feet, puts one fist on his hip and thrusts the other skyward.]

Lady Palutena! It is I, your loyal servant Pit, and I beseech you to heed my call!



[..............ok obviously this isn't working. Pit drops his arm and sighs, but perks up again when his gaze lands on the carousel.]

That looks so fun. I guess I'll...wait for your reply...on one of those horses. [said as he inches his way over, then just goes for a mad dash. AW YEAH CAROUSEL.]