31 March 2012 @ 11:18 am
Whatever 'tis curse be 'tis the hour, I be not extra amused. I be not even sure what sort 'o humans even shout like 'tis 'n why be I suddenly forced to do th' same.

If 'tis be one 'o them curses when anythin' can happen that lasts th' shore leave, fer th' first the hour I really woe somethin' else happens to be to'morrow. Anythin' would be better than havin' to listen to myself shout like 'tis fer another full day.

[Mithos is not amused by the talk like a pirate curse that has afflicted him this weekend.]

25 March 2012 @ 05:30 pm
[There's a bright light as the communicator turns on and shows Mithos casting Judgement on one of the strange looking creatures (it lets out one more cry of "EXTERMINATE!" as it tries to escape his attack before it is hit and perishes).  The light fades, leaving a smug looking Mithos behind.  Honestly, he's just happy for an excuse to kill something (at least kill something that doesn't have half the city crying pitifully at him for the awful thing that he had just done to some poor soul).]

I've been enjoying the show very much today.  Quite entertaining watching these things take people out, one by one.  Though this one seemed to get a little too excited and tried to kill me.

Well, hopefully the rest will see this and reconsider that course of action.
[The message is a short one and Mithos has a cheerful smile on his face as he gives out his advice.]

If you'd all like some advice, I'd be glad to offer some of my own.

[He pauses for a moment before continuing.]

I'd advise you all to simply kill yourselves right now and save me the trouble of doing it later.  It will be easier and probably less painful if you all do it yourselves rather than waiting for me to do it someday.  At least you'd have some control over your own fates.

[Such a sweet "kid", isn't he?]
[Mithos, unfortunately, has been affected with the Average Joe curse this grab bag and now he has lost his angelic powers.  Along with that, he has lost his immortal life for the weekend.  Since he is a being that is four thousand years old, he has gone quite a long time with sleeping or eating any real sort of meal in this current body.  Sleeping has already happened, at least for a few hours, but now his stomach is calling and that is taking absolute priority.]

[Without his powers it makes it a bit more difficult, but he has managed to make his way through the city and into Yuri and friend's home, into their kitchen specifically.  His communication device has fallen out of his pocket in his haste as he begins to rummage through the entire kitchen, alternating between stuffing food into his pockets and then into his mouth.  He doesn't even notice that the device is recording as he gorges himself with Yuri's food.]

[This process continues for some time before the recording device simply turns itself off.]
27 January 2012 @ 11:09 pm
[Mithos is not on the city streets, instead he is sitting on top of one of the highest buildings in the city, brightly colored wings flapping gently as he sits and thinks.  It was this sort of curse that had caused him so much grief and anger that he snapped and killed Sodia those few months ago.  While he doesn't care about killing humans, he's not sure if he wants to deal with the people right now.  Especially if there's a chance of getting his sister back, before having her ripped from his grasp again.]

[So, for a while, he just watches over the city, simply observing the people running around so frantically.  This goes on for a while before he addresses his device.]

How often does this specific curse occur?  If I'm remembering correctly, it has at least been a few months since the last one was forced upon us.
21 January 2012 @ 11:28 am
[Mithos, due to being nearly immortal and not having to do things such as eat or sleep, hasn't really had a place of his own to stay.  And that has worked well for the angel, not being tied down to one location is something that is useful in this city.]

[But right now, maybe it wasn't such a good idea.  At least, not with Mithos who now actually is in the body of a twelve year old with the mind of one as well.  Yes, he is now the Mithos he was during the time of the Kharlan War.  So right now, he's wandering the streets of a city that he's suddenly very unfamiliar with, wondering where his sister and friends went off to and how he got here.  He begins calling out names into the empty streets, as if the people he is looking for are only hiding just around the corner waiting for him to find them.]

Martel?  Kartos?  [He hesitates for a moment as if he doesn't even want to call the last name.]  ...Yuan? 

[This continues for a while, just calling out their names while moving around the city.  The feed turns itself off in the middle of one of his calls.]

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