28 February 2014 @ 04:51 pm
You know, I...

Every year, on my anniversary in the City--August the 2nd, that is--I've told a story about a princess with six brothers who were changed into swans. I started doing it on my very first anniversary here, because it was so hard to imagine that a whole year had gone by, and it made me think of how time seems to pass so differently in fairy tales; the story goes that the little princess vows to go six years without ever once smiling or laughing or speaking a word, so as to break the curse that's been placed on her older brothers. And in the stories, one can say that in the span of simply a sentence: six years passed, as simple as that.

But six years in life is something very different, isn't it? It would've been the end of my sixth year this August, and even after just five and a half, when I think back on all the memories I've had here in the City, and all the times I've smiled and laughed and spoken...it really makes it all the more wondrous, I think, to have that sort of appreciation of just how long that little princess was willing to hold out for the sake of her brothers, and how much she must've loved them, to take on such a challenge for their sakes.

And I always liked that story in particular because there was one brother that the princess saved--she did it by sewing shirts for them, you see, and then at the end of the six years she was to throw them over the swans and they'd change back into boys--whose shirt didn't have a sleeve on it yet, and so when he was changed back, he still had a wing in place of one arm. And yet even with that, I don't think the little princess loved him any less for it. I think...in a way, I even loved him a bit more than the others, because I don't think someone needs to be perfect to be worth loving, or to be loved.

But that's not the story that's been on my mind all day, really. The one I've been thinking of instead starts off a bit something a bit more like this:

Once upon a time there was a princess who was going to be sacrificed to a three-headed dragon.

In my family, in Daventry, we have a tradition--that anytime one of us goes on an adventure, the very first thing we're meant to do once we're home safely again is to sit down with our court chronicler, Gerwain, and retell the whole story, every bit of it that we can remember, so he can take it down and preserve it in the royal archives. I was seventeen years old, just shy of my eighteenth birthday, when I went up the stairs in the mountainside to the Land of the Clouds to be sacrificed to that dragon. And then when it was slain, we came home, Alexander and I, and my father took ill after his heart failed from the joy of seeing us both safe again. And then I was off on another adventure, this time to seek a magic fruit that could save his life, and I did find it and he was saved.

And then just as I was leaving his bedside after that, I fell into the Fountain, here. I hadn't slept in more than a day, and I was ever so terribly tired, and that was when the boy who would become my best friend, Sam, found me and took me to the Warehouse--the place I've called home all this time.

All this time, everything I've written in this device of mine, it's always been because I was expecting this day might come. I wanted to be sure I could remember as much of it as I could, because when I go home, the first thing I'm going to do is sit right down with Gerwain and tell him everything, as much as I can. All five and a half years of it, as far back as I can remember.

This story...this adventure...we'll all have it, then, in Daventry. Sam Witwicky and Sirius Black, Miss Saya and Blue and Ellington, too, Luke Skywalker and Legolas and Tamaki, Princess Rue and her Prince Mytho and Ahiru and Fakir, Kurama and Romeo and his Juliet, Blair and Bumblebee and Sam's friend Mikaela, too. Neil and Todd--the new knights of Daventry, now, Sir Neil and Sir Todd, and Penny, and Caspian and Peter and Susan and Lucy, and yes, even Edmund too. And Tristan, Yvaine, and Claire and Duo and Dean, Kazuki and Amory and Arthur and Cinna. They'll know Nigel and Dr. Chase, and Merry and Riff and Miss Megumi, and Ginny and Frankie and Justin and Euphie and Bucky and Steve, and Billy and Dave and Miss Carla and...

And...and I suppose we might even find room for a rather insufferable boy by the name of Cain Hargreaves, while we're at it, though I suppose it'll only be my half of things for the time being, and he can fill in his side of it once he arrives.

So if anyone should ask me, you know, to tell them my favorite fairy tale...I suppose I'll have to warn them that we might be there awhile, because the one I'm going to tell is the one of all of you, and the time we spent together here.

I still remember the moment, that five and a half years ago, when I really did come to believe in the story the boy who'd rescued me had told me, that he was the long-lost twin brother I'd never known I had. I remember he started to cry, and hugged me, and said, "It's so good to be home." And that...was when I believed him.

And you know, I...I think I'm glad to be going home, too? But that's only because I've learned that home isn't...a place, but the people you love. And some of them are there, in my kingdom, waiting for me, and so many of them have been here in this City. But as long as I remember them, and carry them with me in my heart...then really, no matter where I go, I'm always home, aren't I?

I'm going to miss all of you so very much, but I'm glad for it, too. Because you can't miss someone that you don't remember, and I'll never forget any of you.

"And they all lived happily ever after."

Yes. I'm certain that's how the end of this adventure goes, too.

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26 February 2014 @ 12:14 pm
[Accidental Voice Post]

Oh, bother it all, bother it all, of all things to be worried about at a time like thi--

Where are my shoes?!

[OOC: AWWW SHIT WEDDINGS ARE ON THE HORIZON. Stay tuned for a forthcoming log ETA: the log is here, but in the meantime this post is for all your Matrimonial Pregaming needs!

Also, if you're a friend of Rosella's and think you'd be invited to her wedding, you probably are; feel free to drop me a line so we can handwave something!]
16 February 2014 @ 12:53 pm
[Voice Post]

Why, do you know--I do think this is the very first time all four of us have been together in the same place like this! Isn't that the oddest thing? Daddy's been through once or twice before, and of course Mother's come to call, and lately it's been Alexander, more often than not, but I really don't think that in all this time it's ever been--

Perhaps it's simply that this was the first we'd ever gotten an invitation?

Well, perhaps so, but that doesn't quite explain why Daddy turned up late, does it?

Now, hold on just one minute there--

She does have a point, dear. Where did you get off to?

I went for my morning stroll past the lake! Imagine my surprise when I came home to an empty castle and Gerwain wagging a finger at me like I'd been caught with my hand in the cookie jar!



[Laughter.] Kids!

Well, what matters is that we're all here now. Rosella, dear, you're looking so well--and so tall! Come now, let's use our time wisely. I'm sure we all want to meet everyone we can, while we have the chance.

Oh, yes, of course! Er--let me just switch this off, then, and--oh, that's right, what I was going to say is, we'll all be at the Blue Light this evening, and of course everyone is invited to come and bring their visitors as well!


[OOC: Today, for a limited time only, the entire Royal Family of Daventry is here for your threading disposal! Because nothing says a happy ending like a family reunion. COME AT THEM, I SAY.]
02 January 2014 @ 02:31 pm
[It's a beautiful day out, in Rosella's dream. It usually is--with a disposition as sunny as hers, it probably comes as no surprise that her slumbering hours are usually as filled with blue skies and sunshine as her waking ones are. There may be no birds singing (yet, anyway), but a gentle breeze is rustling the green leaves in the trees, and all around are wide open fields and lush countryside.

For those with a particularly good sense of direction, the gray stone walls of the castle rise up out of the earth to the south and the east on the horizon; to the direct east, there's another structure of stone visible: a low wall that fences in row after row of lovingly tilled earth, where the beginnings of a garden are already sprouting up from the soil. To the northeast, there's a cool blue lake; to the north, a set of cliffs with, if one squints, what appears to be a door set into the face.

But as for Rosella herself, well. She's sitting in the tall oak tree just nearby, her legs dangling from the branch and her dress a bright spot of red against the green of the leaves.

(But wait--is it red? That's strange; all of a sudden it's blue and white, and quite formal--not at all what one might expect a girl to wear when climbing trees.)

Come to think of it, that's not the only odd thing that seems to be happening. There's a bird, for example, tending an egg in the nest up in those branches--but sometimes it's not a bird at all, but a cat-sized dragon with black scales and leathery wings, and the egg is suddenly solid gold instead. Sometimes there's the clip-clopping of horse hooves off in the distance, and other times it fades into the grumbling roar of an engine and back. And even Rosella herself seems to be changing a bit--she might look younger or older as the minutes ebb and flow, and sometimes she looks almost like a queen, and others like her legs would barely touch the ground if she were to try to take the throne.

It's been a long time since Rosella's been home--and of course, this isn't really home, and perhaps that's not really Rosella. But it's close enough, for a while.

The only question that remains is, what will you do next?]

> enter command

[OOC: Have a somewhat freeform, choose-your-own-adventure-style dream! For reference, this is the map of Daventry that constitutes the available area of the dream; everyone starts beneath the tree in the second row, sixth column. Where you go from there, and what happens, will vary depending on what you do! Enjoy!]
23 December 2013 @ 03:50 pm
I, er...

Well, I suppose this may seem like a bit of an odd question, but, er...if I might ask, what is that great big pole in the Square meant to be, then? I don't think I recall hearing about any Christmas traditions with that sort of thing in mind--is it meant for a banner of some sort, or...?

And moreover, what's gotten into everyone today? Honestly, I only tried to ask one of the people standing around the Square what might've been going on, and he wouldn't even answer me! He was all caught up in snapping about something or other, and refused to even give me the time of day. It's just awful, really.

Whatever it is, I do hope it's over at midnight and won't stay through until Christmas. It'd be just awful, trying to spend such a happy holiday with so much unpleasantness all around.
23 November 2013 @ 04:34 pm
[Voice Post]

--st give me one moment, then; after all, if you're here, then there might be others to say hello to, as well!

[Shuffle, shuffle.]

Hello, everyone! It's so very nice to see all of you again. Goodness, we've been at this rather a number of times by now, haven't we? A few times a year, at least--once per season, I think, it used to be for the longest time--and we're already a fair few months into my sixth year by now, so that's quite a lot of visits! But I'm certainly glad for them; it's always nice to see everyone.

If you'd like to come down to the Blue Light while you're here to visit, we're having specials on food and drink for visitors, and dancing and music and merriment besides. And, er, I'm still not very good with making drinks, but I'll be trying my hand at it at the bar, so if you should be looking for me, that's where you've the best chance of finding me! Oh, and--

[Mumble, mumble.]

Er, as I was saying, Alexander's come to call today, so you might see him about, as well! So please do come down; it'd be so very nice to see you.

[Shuffle, shuffle.]

There, now, with that all settled--what's this about a princess you've met, then?


[OOC: Feel free to action Rosella up at the Blue Light, or engage her brother Alexander ([personal profile] catnapped), who's also come to visit for the day! As per usual, she's canonically from just after the end of Perils of Rosella, and Alexander is currently from just after the end of Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder. But if something comes up that I don't want her to know, I'll just have her forget it, so have a party--anything goes! ♥]
16 November 2013 @ 11:47 am
To anyone with half a thought for the continued sanctity of their shoes: it'd be best to avoid the corridor leading out to the courtyard. Someone's dropped a veritable barrage of Dungbombs and Stink Pellets and goodness knows what else down there, and the whole thing is a right awful mess.

To the person who thought it'd be funny to drop a veritable barrage of Dungbombs and Stink Pellets in the corridor leading out to the courtyard: you'd best hope I'm in a good mood when I find you. (With examinations right around the corner, that's rather unlikely at this point.)

Private...Magic Book Post...Thing...to Steve )
23 October 2013 @ 06:01 pm
[Accidental Voice Post]

[Scrape, scrape, shuffle, shuffle. Glass clinks against a countertop.]

You've abandoned your homeland.

[Scrape, scrape, shuffle, shuffle. The rhythm doesn't break.]

You've forgotten your family.

[Tink, tink. Hiss, burble.]

You've forsaken your responsibility.

[Whisper, whisper, scrape, scrape.]



You've put too much baking soda in tha--


Oh, honestly, would you just stop! Edmund!

[Nails skitter and clack across a countertop, and a beat of leathery wings can just barely be heard before the recording switches off with a clatter.]
28 September 2013 @ 02:35 pm
It's a bit ominous, isn't it, a carnival coming to town this close to the start of October? We've had our good Octobers and our bad Octobers--or, well, perhaps I ought to say our bad Octobers and our worse Octobers. I don't recall the first one I spent here as being so very bad, really, but it was quite some time ago and before I really knew much of anything about the City, so it might've been that everything still seemed so frightening then that I didn't really know any better.

But it's what comes to mind most every year at this time of year, by now. The leaves change colors and the air gets cooler and the days get shorter and shorter, and sometimes it seems as though it's just old habit to spend the month of September, well...getting ready to endure October.

We've had carnivals before, too, and...well. I've nothing against harmless fun, if it really is harmless in the first place.

But I don't think we've had an October before without the deities, have we? I wonder, then. I'm sure it's not too much to hope that this one might go quietly for a change, but just the same, it's only sensible to be better safe than sorry, too.
02 August 2013 @ 10:31 pm
Mm. It's August 2nd again, isn't it.

There's a story I tell every year on August 2nd, you know: the one about the princess with the six brothers that were turned into swans, and how she spent six years in silence sewing shirts for them out of thistles, because the only way to break the curse was to go the whole time without ever smiling or laughing as she worked to make the shirts that would change them back. This is the fifth time now that I've found myself thinking of that story. And every year when I do, I think of how long of a time six years really is--it's only a few lines in a story, but living it out is something very different entirely, isn't it? I certainly don't think I could've managed it myself.

A dear friend of mine once told me, during her stay here, that the first year seems the longest of all, and every year after that seems to come faster and faster. On days like today, I do wish she were here, almost, just so that I could tell her she was right. Well, and because I miss her, of course. Five years certainly means a great deal of goodbyes, too.

Every year on this day, I find myself wondering what it is I'll do if I manage to run out six years, just the same as that princess with her swan brothers did. To think it's just one more year, now. What story will I tell on my anniversary if I should finally outlast her with my own time in the City?

Though I suppose by that point, perhaps, I could always start retelling a few of my own, instead. With all the changes we've seen lately, goodness knows there'll certainly be plenty of them.

[OOC: And with August 2nd comes Rosella's Polyversary--today marks five years she's been in the City! Thank you all for all the wonderful years of gameplay, Polyites! I'm hoping for many more still to come. ♥]
06 July 2013 @ 04:32 pm
Oh, honestly, to think it's only been a week or two since all that fighting and chaos, and now just when we have a moment to catch our breath, it's time for the visitors to come to call again! I'd only just barely managed to get everything back in order at the Blue Light too, bother it all. Still, the doors are open and we're more than happy to have you, if you should decide to come by--visitors and residents alike! But I won't have any more trouble, so if you should decide to come by, please do be on your best behavior! I'll be there all day, myself, and we'll stay open until midnight so that everyone can have as long a time as possible to visit and enjoy the company before the visitors have to go home. This is the second day of the visiting, after all.

But yes, please do come down and say hello. I'm always happy to see everyone, and especially so a friendly face or two. And we'll even have a special--not on any of the drinks, I'm afraid, after what happened the last time, but anyone coming in to visit is welcome to have something to eat at half the cost. So please do come! We'd love to have you.

Oh, but, er...that is, if you do come by, please do mind the, um...dragon. I'm afraid Edmund's in a bit of a mood today--I think it's just that the crowds are bothering him, that's all.
22 June 2013 @ 08:09 pm
[Accidental Voice Post | Open Action]

[In the grand scheme of things, Rosella's actually been doing...well, comparatively speaking, relatively well for herself this month. Years and years of repeated admonishments from a variety of different friends during a variety of different circumstances have finally seemed to take hold; regardless of how much she's wanted at times to run here, adventure there, throw herself into this or that, and so on, she's instead opted to heed the advice they'd always given her and actually make a concerted attempt to not end up in a heap of trouble this time around.

It's been more difficult than she'd expected, and she hasn't precisely liked it, but she's done it--keeping her head relatively down, making every effort to stay out of trouble rather than flinging herself headfirst into it, avoiding the ongoing strife where she could and doing her best not to draw attention to herself where she couldn't.

And thus far it's worked. It's worked pretty well. She's kept the Blue Light going and done everything she could to fade unassumingly into the background, and that's worked.

Which is great, except that the hostile NPCs don't particularly seem to care whether she's been doing well or not. What they know is, she owns a local business that's changed hands several times over the years, she dresses strangely for a contemporary setting, and she carts around a miniature black dragon--all fairly telltale signs that nope, she's not one of them.

And, well. What do you get when you combine seething, hostile patrons with an establishment serving alcohol and a pretty incentive to target?]

Goodness, what are you--oh, don't, you stop that right now or I'll--!

[...Evidently, smashing glasses, angry customers, and thanks to the fighting and loud quarreling, quite possibly some avenging City Watch members (and by extension, Anonymous forces? WHO KNOWS) on their way.


[OOC: Please feel free to come wade into the fray and/or orchestrate any skirmishes of your own in and around the Blue Light!]
25 May 2013 @ 02:42 pm
[Open Action]

[It's not unusual to find Rosella out by the lake in Xanadu; over the years, she's frequented it countless times in every season. It's peaceful there, and shady, and generally quiet, and sometimes her lake monster will even sing for her if he's in the mood (pun intended) and she's lucky enough to hear him.

And in some fashion, that is what's brought her out here today--though if there's music, it's distant enough that only she seems to hear it, and she doesn't seem particularly contented as she plays audience from her perch on a large rock near the shore.

Occasionally, she moves; sometimes, once or twice, she even stands up--eyes fixed on the water, hair loose and blowing in the breeze. But whenever she does, she lingers still like a puppet for a moment, and then sits abruptly back down again, almost rigid in the way she perches.

In waves, it goes in and out--sometimes she's up, sometimes she's not. But she's doing a fair job of keeping herself to that rock, it seems. Which is likely a blessing, when the alternative seems to be to walk into the water in pursuit of the song that only she seems to hear.]
10 April 2013 @ 09:27 pm
Sins are all forgiven here, yours and mine... )

> |

[OOC: This is an open dream post! Everyone is welcome, and things will be pretty freeform in here: like a true text adventure, things will unfold based according to the choices you make! Separate threads will be separate encounters, please, unless specifically requested otherwise. Just let me know! o/]
30 March 2013 @ 01:51 pm
[Accidental Video Post]

[Amid the sound of a clatter and some general fussing (the former owing to the device striking the ground, the latter to the fact that good gracious there are dragons outside and they are growing), the video switches on, presenting for the Network's viewing pleasure a lovely shot of bookshelves, the Library ceiling, and a flash of Rosella's red skirt.]

--other it all, this is hardly the time to be clumsy. Oh, just a minute, um...dragons, dragons...

[An arm extends, plucking a book off the shelf.]


[And that book proceeds to go thump as she promptly sets it aside without further comment.]

Honestly, I can't find anything today! Spellbooks, cookbooks...um, drat, let's see, that'd be...spellbooks about dragons, so a cookbook about...oh, let's try snakes, then?

[She scoops up the device and trots briskly through the shelves, still murmuring to herself.]

Lizards, snakes-- [She removes another book, this time from a different shelf.] --To Serve Man. ...Augh!

[Yes, well, when you have dragons on the brain, things tend to get jumbled up--and asking the Library for a cookbook about dragons might just give you a cookbook for dragons, instead.]

Oh, drat it all, there's got to be something in here somewhere!

[And with another rustle of fabric as she continues on her way, the video ends.]

[OOC: WOO DRAGONS. Rosella's worst nightmare--or, well, one of them, at least. She and the Dead Poets will be enacting these shenanigans from here on out, so stay tuned for future developments! And feel free to action her up in the Library if you're in that area. o/]
21 March 2013 @ 08:07 pm
When I was seventeen years old, I remember it seemed as though all I could think about was how things would be on the day I turned eighteen. It was rather an important birthday, you know. That is--of course, it'd be important to anyone, but it was especially so for me, I think, because turning eighteen meant starting to think about being married, and there was to be a great grand ball for me, and dancing, and all sorts of things. Mother would've arranged all of it, and she's really just magnificent with parties and that sort of thing. And I remember I was a bit, er...well, nervous about the whole business. I suppose anyone would be, thinking about being married and all, hoping to find the right person and so on and so forth.

It was almost my birthday, I remember, when the dragon came. And then I wasn't thinking about dancing and parties and marriage anymore. I was only thinking that it had demanded a maiden sacrifice, and someone had to go, and it was my kingdom and my duty and if I didn't then some other poor girl would have to and...

Well, it ended up that I rather stopped thinking about being eighteen at all, really. I didn't...think it'd matter, either way, since I wouldn't be around to see it.

I never did turn eighteen, back home. Oh, er--not because of the dragon, thankfully! My twin brother showed up just in time and rather saved the day and me both. But the day I came to the City, it was only about thirty-six hours after I went to the dragon; I fell out of Daventry and into the Fountain on the morning of the second day after I thought I'd be its dinner. And when I did, it was August here, and so then I found myself waiting another seven months still before my birthday came around. And it did come around, and...well, then it came around again, and again, and again still. And now here it is again, the same as always on the first day of spring.

It's strange to think that someday, if--really, I'm not sure if I ought to say when or if at this point, but perhaps it'd be better to say when--someday, when I go back home to Daventry, I'll find myself at seventeen again, just a few days away from my birthday. It seems a bit silly now, the things I thought and worried about at seventeen. Before the dragon came, I think my greatest worries were that I might end up a spinster or be an unfit queen! That all seems so terribly silly now that I think about it like this, looking back. But I suppose that's really just a part of growing up, isn't it?

Most years, I make it a point to have a great mysterious countdown to the first day of spring, or I'll say it's my brother's birthday without also mentioning that we're twins, and so that makes it mine, too. But this year that seems a bit silly, too, and mostly I'm just happy to see spring come around again, and to think back on all the wonderful birthdays I've had before this one, and...and just how lucky I am, really. For as awful as the City can be--and it's been terribly awful, there's no way around that--I'm still glad I'm here, and that I've been here. I met my best friend here, and people I've considered as close as family, and learned so much from the people I've known and really just...become better for it. I'm glad for that.

Oh, and I suppose it's fair to say there's someone a bit glad for me, too, if the packages that came to my door this morning are any indication.

But! Just because I kept from saying anything about my birthday before now certainly doesn't mean I don't intend to celebrate it. So I think first I'll keep up my usual tradition of paying a visit to Ellington, and then tonight we'll have cake at the Blue Light--and Edmund would howl, but we'll have all the drinks for a discount, too. It's one of those funny cakes that bakery in the square is famous for, the ones made with the pie inside? And I still don't know how they manage it, by the way, but I doubt they'd tell me the secret even if I did say they ought to since it's my birthday.
16 February 2013 @ 05:37 pm
[Semi-Accidental Voice Post]

...een four years now since I had this dress restored? There was a wonderful woman with the funniest name--Edna, I think it was, a Miss Edna Mode--and it was all ruined from the water, you know, but I showed it to her and she bustled me right out and clicked her tongue and said not to worry a bit, she'd have it all fixed right away and even better than it was before. And it still fits! Goodness knows I've grown since then--it was my newest and finest when I was still just seventeen. Oh, but it does still look rather nice, doesn't it?

I suppose it's silly, a bit, wanting to wear it today, but--well, I suppose it's a bit silly to be making conversation with a cat, too, isn't it? Though I'm sure I've met some very nice cats before, and you're one of the nicest. I'm so glad you've come out. It's almost as though you're hoping to see some friends, too!

Well, then, let's just get your ribbon on and a nice warm blanket in the basket--there, and we'll even match! Though I think your fur's a bit lovelier than my dress, even so.

There! And now I'll just--oh, did I bump this? I suppose I must've. Well, er, hello, everyone! Welcome to the City--or back to the City, if this isn't the first time. Snowdrop and I are both happy to see you! I'm afraid we'll be out and about a bit today--I think Miss Saya would rather people weren't coming to call at the Warehouse--but we'll be around the Square all day, and at the Blue Light a bit later this evening. So please do stop in and say hello!

[OOC: Feel free to action Rosella (and her cat, Snowdrop) up anywhere in the City, either out and about or at the Blue Light! As per usual, she's canonically from just after the end of Perils of Rosella, and with some very disjointed and vague knowledge of Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder. If something comes up that I don't want her to know, I'll just have her forget it, so have a party--anything goes!

And as is becoming the perpetual case and necessity, I am totally okay with backdating. ♥]
20 January 2013 @ 02:41 pm
[Open Action]

[It may be a day of performances on the Network, but at the moment, Rosella (who is thankfully uncursed) has other things on her mind. As such, she's out by the Drowning Pool--or as close as she dares to get, given the ghoulish commotion that was taking place there in recent days.

But of course, one doesn't have to get particularly close to see what's risen from the depths, does one.]

What in the world could they mean to do with all this again...

[And that's a thought that will linger like a stormcloud as she ponders the newly resurrected prison--and all the terrible memories that accompany it--before eventually heading back into the City proper.]
15 December 2012 @ 02:14 pm
My goodness, what a busy month it's been--and not just because Christmas is coming, either. We've had months like this before, you know, where it seems as though every day is another curse and there's barely time to breathe for a moment in between. But December is always one of the rather odd months, just like October and May are always a bit awful and August tends to be...well, it has its moments, too.

I must say, though, all those geese the other day were certainly more bad-tempered than Genesta's hen back home. It laid golden eggs, too, and I had to go get it back from an ogre. Ugh, and what an awful moment it was, too, when I was almost out the door and then suddenly it squawked and the ogre woke up from it! Goodness, I don't think I've ever run so fast in my life. But the hen was just scared, I think, and the geese from the other day were just outright troublesome, biting at things and battering at people with their wings.

There's a bird that lays golden eggs in Daventry, too, but I've never seen it myself. I only know it used to nest in my favorite climbing tree, because Daddy once found a golden egg there himself.

But it seems they're all gone now, and today it's something else again. I wonder if it'll be like this the whole month, or if we'll have a respite for Christmas? It's odd, really, how sometimes the curses can seem like one terrible ordeal after another, but others it's almost as though they're a nuisance to contend with. But I suppose that's a matter of how many of them one has seen, really, and how much time one has had to get used to how they come.

Even so, I think there's one out today, but I'm not certain what it is, so I suppose I'll leave my errands for tomorrow and spend today sewing, instead. There's, er, something I need to get done in the little time I have left to do it, and goodness knows I certainly wouldn't be the first princess who whiled her time away that way, anyway.
03 November 2012 @ 02:28 pm
The last time, it was summer--June, I think, the end of June or so, because Edmund was gone and I was still trying to sort out the Blue Light and all--and now it's autumn and everyone's come back again. That's how it goes, you know, in seasons. Once in the summer, once in the winter, once in the fall or spring, but not often both. Sometimes it happens on Halloween, even--I remember there was once when everyone came, and that was the silver lining to an awful October, getting to see everyone and...

It's just, one does this enough and one grows to expect...well.

Edmund, are you here? Please, I hope you are--and Blue, if you are too, I'd...and I know Alexander was here last, and sometimes Mother comes, and Daddy, and...


That is, it's very nice to see all of you visiting today, both the people that have come back and the ones that are here for the first time. Just as before, we'll have the Blue Light open late tonight and tomorrow, for anyone to come and sit and have something to eat and visit awhile, and that's where I'll be should anyone come looking for me.

And if you're here, too, you awful dog, you keep away from me--you haven't gotten me yet, and I won't let you, I won't--

[OOC: As per usual, she's canonically from just after the end of Perils of Rosella, and with some very disjointed and vague knowledge of Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder. Not that that really means anything to anyone, but. If something comes up that I don't want her to know, I'll just have her forget it, so have a party--anything goes! HIT HER WITH EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT. Troll, threadjack, have a ball!

And of course, because RL has shown an unfortunate trend of eating me alive lately, I am totally okay with backdating. ♥]