It was
a pleasure
to burn

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10 February 2014 @ 12:05 am
I know the City's sense of humor is barely functional but...

Is this supposed to be funny? These things are crawling everywhere. And I doubt they're here for the symbolism.

They better not be poisonous.

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11 January 2014 @ 04:31 pm
...Back again.

I could do without the psychic jetlag. No worse for the wear, despite it.

[ Anonymous Text ]

Sing A Song of Sixpence 
The Child's Rhyme A Lie
1 & 20 Blackbirds
Baked As They Die

[ Do not be alarmed. It's a code, not threats of animal abuse. Simply Hei's way of testing the Network-waters. ]

[ Private to Yin ]

Are you all right ...?


[ Private to Pai ]

I'm at the safehouse.

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05 November 2013 @ 10:55 pm
Oh perfect.

A light show. Just what's needed after a month of witches and possessed goats. Sure, everything seems mellow now. No zombies or general epidemics. But distractions are just that. Distractions. No amount of Burning Man rituals and fireworks take away from the fact that everyone is still stuck here. That's not exactly something worth celebrating.

Still, it could be worse. Pai could be gone. I could be back home. This 'perpetual darkness' theme could last more than 24 hours. Then there'd be no end to the belly-aching.

Of course that's a mixed blessing. Some of you are only tolerable in the pitch dark.

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18 October 2013 @ 10:04 pm

[ Forest: The onyx saplings rise like thin knives from the misty forest floor. At first the only sound is that of the monster's breath, rough and slow as he lopes between the trees. His clawed feet are bare, but the loamy grass feels like cotton wool -- not cold at all -- even as each puff of steamy breath tells him otherwise. There are drops of water, dripping from the tree branches and hitting the ground. Each one is like a glass bell struck, a pure high tone.

Eyes slipping shut, he perches on a tree-stump, breathing in the air, a hundred sensorial messages conveyed to him with every draught. The forest is beautiful and endless, and he knows many have died here, thinking they owned it.

He isn't interested in that. He's drawn to the heat, the heartbeats, saturating the air. Nearby, there are people.

And he is hungry. ]

[ Seaside: He is out by the starry sea again, drawn there with an inarticulate, feral longing, the wind stirring the loose hair over his forehead, his body a strung bow. Perched on the gravel at the edge of the highway, he looks out beyond the curved guardrail to the water glittering below in the moonlight. Takes a deep scenting breath, holds it for a long time, eyes narrowing, as if he is sifting every component of the wind.

Then he lets it out -- and smiles.


Something sweet. Something to feed on. ]

[ Everywhere Else: The darkest shadows. The dreariest corners. He doesn't lurk in wait. There's no need. The City is a stewpot brimming with life. Overflowing and sloshing at the edges. All he has to do is catch the spills in his cupped palms. Open his mouth -- and swallow. ]

(( ooc: Forward dated to the 19th. And the Moon Shall Turn to Blood: For the curse, Hei has been transformed into a creature of the monstrous persuasion. He'll be gravitating to victims who fall into any one of the following categories - Warmth: Because monsters are drawn to hot beating hearts. Light: A radiant aura; a glowing life - how can anything dark stay away? Softness: A gentle soul; a clean conscience. Any tender surface to sink his teeth into. ))

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12 September 2013 @ 08:55 pm
Dear City,

Has anyone ever wondered about the ridiculous choices available in condoms? Or what they mean?

If you buy ribbed condoms, exactly who is that for? And what does it say to your partner? Those bumps are so small, you can hardly feel them with your fingertips. I doubt someone's orifices will notice the difference. What, then, is the subtext? That your junk lacks the requisites they find satisfying? 'So, I got ribbed condoms because my dick lacks flair. Or maybe flare.' 

That doesn't bode well.

And what's with the coloured ones? Those in green -- do they make you fantasize about comic book heroes? Or does the idea of a green schlong make you think of gangrene and that they'll probably have to amputate? The yellow ones. Hepatic dysfunction comes to mind. I have no idea what to say about the blue numbers, except I doubt anyone's enjoying it. Tissue hypoxia does it for no-one. The reds just make me think of elongated clown noses. Those are creepy enough on a clown. You don't need them between anyone's legs. And black. I wish I knew what to say about black. Once you roll them on, they don't exactly look black. More like a dull grey, which reminds me of zombies. If you ride too hard, will it fall off?

Then there's the brandnames. Durex has an intimidating 'dure' message that says: you'd better go for hours and like it. Trojans disturb me for several reasons. No one enjoys the 'Trojan Horse' implications. Hung like a horse might be a compliment, but fatal surprises aren't. Lifestyle makes you think of underhanded marketing strategies. All I feel for them is postmodern despair. Bravo seems like you're congratulating someone before the show's even started. In most of Asia, the popular brand is OK, which is equally anti-climactic. I guess it's just OK for them.

Lastly, there's the issue of the amount of condoms. I've wondered about it for a long time. Is a 12-pack too desperate? Does it signify overachievement? Then again, the 5-pack seems a little condescending. Like you've got valid reasons to lower expectations. And just 1 condom? Don't get me started.

Sure, choice and variety are liberating. But is it worth the angst?

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[ ooc: No, Hei hasn't lost his mind. However the senseless post has a coded message for Pai. ((Earday Arflowerstay, odecay Green Yellow Blue. Outway of ellcay. Imway OK. at st 151. In other words:  Dear Starflower, code Green Yellow Blue (re: All Clear). Out of cell. I'm OK.  At street 151.)) Blue highlights not ic, but can be if you'd like to go that route for funsies! Replies will be anonymous and untraceable! also, backtagging will be mighty, since I am a slow hiatusaurus<3 ]
24 August 2013 @ 12:08 am

[ It happens as it's just getting light, at six in the morning. At the City's mountaintops, the vista is bleak, almost apocalyptic. On a flat stretch of rock, the harsh treeless beauty of the landscape opens out on both sides, making Hei feel small, less than himself, yet at the same time pleasantly calm. His form, outlined in a blue glow, is preternaturally still. His eyes are fixed on the meteor shard he holds up, between a thumb and forefinger. ]

[ It takes a moment before he channels his ability and focuses on periscoping it skywards. But when it happens, the scent of ozone floods the air like a thunderstorm. The abrupt blue light glaring off him is intense; it's hard to see anything beyond it, and when you blink, pink and orange spots blind you. ]

[ In a perfect funneling arch, the light shoots straight for the City's barrier. ]

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09 August 2013 @ 02:14 am
[ Behold! A charming display of confectionary booty! In the background hovers 'Li', his uniform starchy and crisply clean, a sweet little smile on his face. Opening his mouth, he says, ]

"I'm not sure what's wrong with the City. But everyone's invited to Cafe Satine to try some of our new pirate-themed desserts. The lollies are especially delicious. Order up an extra-large cappuccino and you'll also get a crossbones cupcake free!"

[ At least ... that's what he tries to say. What comes out is: ]

Sink me! I be nah sure wha's wrong wit' thee, City. But all ye powdered beauties 'n poxy hornswaggler's be invited t' Galley Satine t' feast yer gobs on some o' our new grub. Th' lollies be especially tasty. Ask fer a tall flagon o' brew 'n I'll toss in a Jolly Roger tartlet in memory of me mum's tar-black heart!

[ ... ... ... ]

[ Don't worry; he didn't understand any of it either. ]

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[ ooc: Despite the piratey-swag (such as it is), Hei is NOT CURSED. He's simply blending with the scenery -- and hunting down his little sister, who's been missing since midnight. Psst. Don't tell Thor he's cooking at the Cafe instead of out hunting Krakens :< As always, extremely backtag friendly because I'll be sloooow <3. ] 
24 July 2013 @ 09:14 pm
[ Anonymous Text / Unhackable ]

Fond are life's lustful joys;
Death proves them all but toys;
None from his darts can fly;
I am sick, I must die.

              ~ Ye Olde Melodramatic Poet

Best wishes to all those playing hero. Or idiot. A round of applause for the doctors too. All you're lacking are the right uniforms. But here's a little something for levity's sake. I imagine, for the delicate flowers, the City's a grim place right now.

For the rest of you? It seems a week of sickness isn't enough to stop the whining. It's also too damn late to interject, but I don't want your would-be meaningful dreams. And I'm not wasting my time decoding them. That's someone else's fool's errand. Smart people charge a commission.

A Whole Bunch Of Filters )

[ooc: initial text is anonymous and untraceable. Hei is being a jerkass but also gauging City morale. He's also lying about not helping anyone, the hypocrite. He's done a few helpful rituals - if only to stop the creepy dreams. As always, massively backtag friendly since I'll be a slow little snail. ]
06 July 2013 @ 03:31 am
[ Anonymous Text/Unhackable ]

Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager managing an imaginary menagerie.

[ It reads like total gibberish. But it's a code -- recognizable to any soldier from his team in Heaven's War. If old faces (Amber, Pai, Carime) are here, at least they'll get the message. I'm here where you are. ]

Here we go again. It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. And the tourists are scattered out like maggots with half the brains. Even under 'new management', the City never changes.

As for me, I have time to kill. A ton of it. The City's a waiting room, and life here's a waiting game, but I'm getting good at it. Who would have imagined? Probably not those I knew before. But if they're not about to confirm or deny, I guess you'll have to take my word for it.

[ Come on, guys. Take the bait. Let him know you're here. ]

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20 May 2013 @ 08:26 pm
... This is pathetic.

How the hell am I supposed to go out like this? I can't even cross the street without getting strange looks.

It's like I'm a frea - gjrjzarg

[ The device jolts into video-mode as it clatters to the floor -- facedown. There are sounds of scuffle offscreen. Glasses smashing. A man's startled yell -- aborted by a thud. Then: a female voice -- one of those smoky contralto registers. Any other time, it'd sound attractive. ]

[ Right now? It's just frigorific. ]

Back off. I'm armed. You're not. Consider this in detail.

[ Guess who got genderswapped while visiting the Underground? Ask Hei about his day. He dares you. ]

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16 May 2013 @ 06:11 am
[ The feed is blurred and badly-framed. Tangles of red hair. Glimpses of Li's scowling face. The clink-clink of chains. Someone is clearly on the move, and jostling the device. After a moment of vertigo-inducing struggle, Li says, with effort, ]

Funny. I didn't think -- anything could make you twitch and squawk so much.

Not unless it came with batteries.

[ Oy, get your minds out of the gutter. They aren't up to anything. Mad Hatter just seems to have ants in nir pants, ever since the clock struck midnight. There's a longer pause -- more struggling -- before Li manages to reach for the device. His palm covers the lens as he switches it off -- but not before asking, ]

You're not turning into a pumpkin, are you? [ More hopeful than concerned. At least if one half of this handcuffed duo is a pumpkin, the other half can eat. ]

[ ooc: Part 2 of the Handcuffed! curse. Starring one jerkass assassin and one skittish Satan of Pride 8( As always, threadjacking is mightily encouraged! ]
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15 May 2013 @ 07:33 am

[Someone has, quite literally, woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Not only that, ne's not alone and not by choice as the video shows a rather grumpy 'Li' in bed next to nem.]

Normally One does not mind waking with a bed-mate. It makes for an interesting start of the day. [Not this time.]

But uninvited and unwanted guests do cause a lot of work when One has to reestablish the wards upon the castle. [Hey deities, can you stop sending in the jerk? Please?]

[There's no need to make this next part private given he's been here before and is already aware of the others living there. Ne holds up nir hand to
show off the cuff connecting the two.

It seems we have a guest for the day.
24 April 2013 @ 03:45 am
[ He's spent the days following Yin's departure from the City on stand-by. Still working. Still heading out on excursions Underground. Still going about his little routines, smiling as 'Li', chatting and cheerful. Bubble-encased. But he has certain other routines, even in the midst of all the usual tasks. Times he thinks about Yin and times he doesn't let himself think about her, because the most important thing of all is to keep his eyes on the straight and narrow, to keep going. That's what he's always done. Except the longer he keeps the pretense up, the more acutely he's aware of something venomous boiling up his skin, in his mind. ]

[ Something that threatens to explode into a firework of cold shrapnel. ]

[ And by the time the curse rolls around, his restraint hangs by the thinnest thread. ]

Well-played, City. [ Li's voice, but with a disquieting bite. It only lasts a moment. The next words are perfectly neutral, ] I guess this is the part where I say: 'Show me yours and I'll show you mine.' Although not exactly in that order.

[ re: If you have his photos, hand them over, and he'll hand over yours. No bullshit, no drama. ]

[ This doesn't have to get ugly. ]

[ OOC: Hei's pictures are floating around the City, and up for grabs. Please approach with caution. Mr. Assassin is cranky as hell with the exit of Yin, his BFF Loli Teammate friend from the City, and this curse is not helping xDD Also I apologize in advance for slow tags; it's craycray season at school. Backtags are encouraged and adored<3 ]
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07 April 2013 @ 03:34 am
[ He hasn't come to work since Friday. He hasn't checked in with Yin or Mao. He hasn't even appeared Topside, much less dropped by his apartment. It's not until Sunday night that he resurfaces. He feels like he's floating. The City is a jewel box -- he's never seen it this way, dotted with lives that glow in the dark, a universe of glittering candles. Each one begging to be snuffed out. ]

[ He's already made a number of kills Underground. Sweets in a candystore. Each victim tasted of something different. Sugary, bitter, salty, tart -- a feast of flavors to enhance his senses. In a gust, he crosses the lake at Xanadu. With his new night-vision, everything shimmers. He stares for awhile at the dark water, absorbing the undercurrents of life. Feeling, after years of isolation and disconnection, like he's intricately linked to the City -- to the deaths that've swept by, temporary or permanent, to all the violence and suffering. He can read layers of history in one glance, like the transparent pages of a book. ]

[ This place is full of souls and feelings. But both his: absent as torn limbs. ]

[ Tonight, he'll go collecting to fill the void. ]

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[ OOC: Hit with What's In A Name, Hei has become a literal Black Reaper/Shinigami. That comes with the erroneous belief that he needs to collect your souuuuuls. Be warned, for this curse, he has a few of the abilities to match a Grim Reaper, but he'll be back to normal by Monday. Post is action only since, well, ain't no shinigami got time for a social life. As always, MASSIVELY BACKTAG FRIENDLY<3 ] 
22 March 2013 @ 01:04 am
[ Just the most withering stare. ]

This isn't funny.

And I don't like cookies that much.

.................Do I?

(♥ Tabloid Trash Article: The Rise & Fall Of a Star ♥)

[ OOC: The link takes you to another journal, as the article is long and full of crack. Lots of crack. None of the fodder is meant to be taken seriously. But if any aspects are offensive, PM me and I'll add a warning or something :| ]
[ The feed clicks on to a familiar sight. 'Li' being 'Li' -- placidly preoccupied with cooking. A spread of ingredients -- a slab of dough, grated vegetables, minced beef -- are in bowls on the kitchen counter. But it's apparent that the kitchen isn't his. It's too large, too well-appointed. But Li opens shelves, takes out pots and utensils, as if he's familiar with the setting. Moving to the fridge, he cracks it open to peer inside. ]

[ And scowls. ]

[ Pitching his voice to a yell -- ]
You forgot the milk. Again [ -- he reaches inside to withdraw two eggs. ] One simple task. And she can't do that right...

[ Such a sweet-tempered hubby. Whatever dish he's making is surely filled with love. Halfway to the counter, he nearly trips over something lying on the floor. Glowering, he stoops to collect a child's colorful softball. ] ...It's like living in a damn toybox... [ Grumblegrumble. Hopefully he's not this charming all the time. (Spoiler: he is.) ]

[ (Ain't family life grand?) ]

[ OOC: Hit with Family Day! Mad Hatter, July, Yin and Hei are a merry (dysfunctional :|) fambly bunch. Threadjacking is mightily encouraged! Go forth and spread chaos! ^^ ]
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16 February 2013 @ 07:00 pm

Tch. It was a smarter option to stay indoors.

But if Pai is out there. Or Amber...

[ Under the awning of a ramen-stand, 'Li's sits belly up in a pyramid of empty bowls. Yes: he ate every single one. And no: he's nowhere near done. As he starts on his twelfth serving, chopsticks poised in mid-air, noodles dripping, he smiles shyly at the Network device. ]

I guess it's another of those weekends, huh?

Please try to keep the panic and shoving at a minimum. If you're lost and need directions, don't hesitate to ask.

[ Also: don't expect him to share his noodles. Get your own. ]

[ OOC: Anything that is anything goes! Just avoiding outing his true identity on the Network. Replies will be slow ~ but BACKTAGS ARE GLORIOUS! ]
04 February 2013 @ 10:04 pm
[ The device snaps on to the foreshortened view of a spartan livingroom. In the corner, a wire-mesh cage with a brightly-patterned iguana is visible. The occupant stirs sluggishly across the interior, tail flicking. Closer to the screen, on the coffee-table, rests a crystal center-piece. ]

[ Someone's frigid little heart is on display for the whole City. ]

[ In the periphery, footsteps rustle. A voice, too flat and monotonous to be 'Li's, mutters, ]

So now the City's getting metaphorical on me.

Pretentious. As always.

[ Belatedly, the speaker notices the blinking device. With an irritable tch, a hand reaches to click off the feed. It won't be near midnight until the device switches itself back on. At a different spot, but with the ice-heart still in view. By that time, it'll have metamorphosed into a new shape. The blue glow it radiates is actually a spark of concentrated heat. Melting the ice from inside-out. ]

[ Hopefully it won't set the coffee-table on fire. ]

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☀ Shopping (Li) )

∅ Recon (Reaper) )

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29 January 2013 @ 03:21 am
Just had a handjob preempted by a huge bolt of static electricity leaping from her fingertip to my sack. I hate this time of year.

[ Someone might've dropped their device. ]

That wasn't what I was supposed to type!!

[ Shyeah. Good luck weaseling out of this one, Li. ]
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