13 June 2013 @ 11:27 am
[For anyone who's been in the jail, they'll recognize the background of Setsuna's post, definitely not the lighter shades of his room. His expression, too, is not light.]

This is really stupid.

I wasn't even doing anything, before. But now, I'm gonna kick some ass when I get out of here.
05 June 2013 @ 05:42 am
[A loud thud is the first thing recorded. Setsuna is sprawled on the ground. He sits up. Blood seeps from his wing, his hand over the wound.]

What the hell was that for? You're such idiots! [He yells to people off screen.]

Now you have a problem with our powers? There's nothing wrong with them. I'm not hurting anyone by flying! This is how I help people! How I do my job! [The wound is already healing. Hopefully they won't protest to that power, seeing as he can't control it.] You'll shoot me out of the sky for that?


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26 May 2013 @ 10:48 am
[Here's a face that hasn't shown in while. Setsuna's seated, device to the side, book in his lap. Mist curls around a dark manor popping up out of the book while Setsuna stares at it. He's unaware he's a month behind on Karl's departure.]

Just watching this, I was wondering, in your world, where do you believe you go when you die? [He talks, but never looks at the device, expression grim.] How universal are Heaven and Hell?

I hope Karl goes to some place decent. That guy doesn't need to be hurt anymore. He needs help.

[A hand, pale, slender and clearly not Setsuna's, snakes around Setsuna's chest, and Setsuna frowns.]

I told you to knock that off! I have no idea what he told you about me, but this is doing nothing for me.

[There might be a brief glimpse of the hand's owner before the device clicks off.]
20 April 2013 @ 01:04 pm
[Look! It's Setsuna! A happy smiling one. Except, there's another Setsuna - a not too happy looking one - behind him.]

So, anyone wanna hang out. This guy [he jerks a thumb back to the other Setsuna] is too insecure with me around.

Hey! What the hell is this insecure crap? You're just getting on my nerves!

[A sad smile as he looks back.] Because you think I'm better than you. Anyway. [Smile for the camera!] July, Michael, wanna do anything? [Coy grin.] Maybe Kira? Or Alexiel?

[The Setsuna in the background fumes.] Fuck you! Get your own... [pause] people!

Huh? July and Michael are my friends, too. And Kira's my-

[There's a growl as the device cuts off. Setsuna might actually beat himself up over this.]

[ooc: Red = "better" Setsuna, and black = usual Setsuna. If you want to interact with a specific one let me know in the subject, or you might get bombarded with them.]
14 March 2013 @ 06:00 am
[His tone is not as chipper as usual. Two parts a little melancholy, a part frustration.]

White Day, huh? Who else here even celebrates it?

I'll be glad when it's done. Means the romantic days are over with for a while.

Filtered to July )

Filtered to Saya )
09 March 2013 @ 03:29 pm
[Setsuna has Hatter practically in his lap, cuddling up to nem. He gives Hatter a bright smile, focusing only on nem. Yes, he’s aware the device is on, he simply doesn’t care. He places a hand on Hatter’s thigh, and speaks in an amused, insistent tone:]

Go on. You tell them. [Nuzzles Hatter’s cheek.]

[Ne's been looking at Setsuna the whole time a smile upon nir face and when he nuzzles closer ne turns away slightly with a laugh. Instead of immediately saying anything, ne just lifts nir left hand to the device showing off a particular ring, nir fingers wiggling to make sure there is enough attention brought to it.]

It looks like everyone's invited to a wedding. [That done, ne turns back to Setsuna, looking at him through batting eyelashes.

Isn't he just the sweetest thing?

No, you are. [And, how about an eskimo kiss for good measure? Yeah, Setsuna will even go there, trying to nuzzle his nose against Hatter’s, just as the feed shuts off.]

[ooc: Setsuna = blue, Hatter = green. Cursed with Family Day, but in the engagement phase of it.]
26 February 2013 @ 04:22 am
Filtered to Michael )

Filtered to Kira )

Filtered to Saya )

Filtered to Alexiel )

Filtered to Karl )

Filtered to Hatter )


[He gives the screen a big smile.] I can talk again. So how many of you missed listening to me? It's okay to admit it.

At least, I hope some of you did, because I'm not gonna shut up for a while, not now. Not when I just got my voice back.

For starters, what was with that...rebellion? Not even sure what to call it. It was a mess, and I couldn't tell what was going on, or what I should do. At the same time we know what doesn't work, now. Keep that in mind for next time.

Next, hi, Police Force. Sorry I've been unable to do much other than take orders. Next time I'll warn you guys before I make trades like that, or something. Now I can go return to back-talking your decisions when I don't like 'em.

Oh! And everyone I kept giving two fingers to? [He raises them up.] I meant two more weeks of this. Though I kept saying that.... Even when I was still at three weeks, I think. Sorry about that. [Sheepish grin.]

I met this cute little girl on the beach that talked with me while I was petting Naga. Jinora, I think her name was? Hi, Jinora. [He waves to the screen.] My actual name is Setsuna. You sounded like you know Naga.

Anything else.... [He thinks about that for a moment, then shrugs.] Guess that's everything. See you around! [Click.]
13 February 2013 @ 04:42 pm
[The screen shows a still silent savior on a gondola. It's meant for two, but he's taken over it, floating along the water, hunched over. Usually when people see him, even now, he's been cheery and smiling, but now he pouts, mind brooding, far away from the unnoticed the screen.]

[He has a book on his lap, cover obscured from view. He doesn't even notice the scenery. And if someone asks what he's thinking of, he can't even tell them. He just keeps drifting. His mind might be back home, focused on his... (future girlfriend? Future ex-girlfriend? What is she anymore?) well, whatever Sara is. But that's not all there is to think about.]

[Finally, he notices the device on, having falling by his feet. He glares at it, then lightly kicks it. Sure, he turns it off, but also stubs his foot on the side of the gondola in the process. The last thing seen before the device shuts off is him mildly wincing.]

[Anyone should feel free to poke him, join him, attempt to take the book away, or try to talk to him. Though, he can't talk back, right now. Best time to tell someone things is when they can't argue, though, right?]
06 February 2013 @ 01:54 pm
[Michael looks so irritated as he looks at the camera. Obviously there is someone standing behind him but all you really see is their torso. It also looks like they're laughing silently.]

That does it.

[He grabs the person's collar and yanks them down to his level to reveal it's Setsuna laughing his ass off. Quietly. No sound.]

Someone better tell me why this asshole won't talk to me. He's broken or some shit and just does this quiet crap. It's stupid and I want to know how to make it stop.

So tell me now before I beat him up.
05 February 2013 @ 05:51 am
[Setsuna holds a large - too heavy and big to be held up on his sleeve - golden foil (the kind seen on chocolate candies) covered heart. He also looks very puzzled. Not being able to talk is bad enough, but turns he out can't filter, either; not without pre-made filters, at least.]

[It might highly confuse anyone watching, but he points to the heart, trying to ask if anyone gave it to him. He opens the window and frowns at the screen; did Saya bring it and not stay with him? He pats the bed. Have a pout.]

[Then he turns off the feed.]

[ooc: Yes, the heart is chocolate, dark on the outside, and whipped raspberry filling on the inside. Pretend the one in the image is much larger.]
24 January 2013 @ 05:43 am
[There's an image of Setsuna curled up with a few of the big cats from the zoo. They're on a high spot in an enclosure, and a low rumbling permeates throughout Setsuna's conversation.]

Sleeping alone sucks, so I joined these guys. It's way better. Right? [He nuzzles close to one and it responds with a louder purr.]

[Then the camera pans out to the snow-covered landscape.]
And that's a great view, isn't it? Sara would've liked it. Maybe just looking at it, not so much getting into it. Me, on the other hand, I like warm weather because you can go to the beach in it. But this weather is good, too. You can make snowmen, or have a snowball war.

What about the rest of you? You prefer warm, cold? Something in between? None of it? All of it?

[Filtered to Saya;]
Speaking of an empty bed, you're welcome to come back in through the window whenever you like. I've kept it unlocked.

[Filtered to the Deities; Unhackable]
So, deities. How many times can I make trades with you? 'Cause if you've got time to give me, I've got another one for you.

[Action for flatemates;]
[In the morning sun, Setsuna, who has yet to sleep, has a bowl of eggs and overdone bacon he's munching out of. For once, he's blissfully quiet, and rather happy, smiling strongly for the first time since Katou arrived. Doesn't take a genius to figure out what might have finally happened, especially for those who noticed him moping around before.]

[ooc: All network responses are considered done before the trade. Unless otherwise specified, the action ones will be done after, though I will be putting those off until the trade is completed.]
04 January 2013 @ 05:36 pm
[The video shows a rotting more humanoid version of this creature walking. The angle of the video feed is high, from above. If anyone mistakes it for an accident, the voice that follows - obviously Setsuna's to those who know him - cold, concentrated and demanding, will reassure it is not.]

That one's mine. No one else touch it!

[Just before it shuts off, as the video feed catches random snatches of night, he speaks to the creature, unknowing he hasn't turned the device all the way off just yet.]

Stay right there, "God"!

[Six wings fully out, Setsuna's already covered in grime, as if he's been at this all day, to no avail. But this one.... He's now ignoring anything and everything else, mind completely focused on the ghoul he called God. He lands, already hacking away at it.]

[Action Afterwards;]
[It's a satisfying feel when his blade sinks in. This wouldn't be possible - not such a direct blow - back home, so he takes it here as his sword stabs through the heart. When the ghoul dies, Setsuna stops, his purpose gone. He might just start swinging again as there are still more to practice on. And since they don't die he can keep at it. Approach him with caution.]

[ooc: Video responses after he's done, clearly. Feel free to help, or talk to him afterwards.]
31 December 2012 @ 05:49 am
[Tired sounding voice.] To anyone I might've led on this past weekend, or creeped out, I'm sorry. Things don't normally work like that, and that was just a curse.

[And now he's going to go hide himself away for a couple of days. Except for work - he'll fly.]
29 December 2012 @ 06:23 am

[Setsuna's smiling face is on the screen, he even waves.] So, maybe, for once, I should actually go to school today? I can't really decide what I want to do. Do they even have school on Saturdays here, like they do in Japan?

Not like that's my only option. What's that place Nathan opened up? I still haven't been. But I don't know....

[He's not usually this indecisive. Help him decide:

A. I'll walk with you to school! (route 1)
B. Why don't we just go to the zoo instead? (route 1)
C. I know where that place is. I'll show you. (route 2)
D. Why don't we go drinking, instead? (route 2)
E. Just spend time with me (route 3)
F. Asshole! I still owe you a beating for ______. You better show up at Xanadu! (route 4)]

["Setsuna Mudou is an angel sent from Heaven to masquerade as a normal high school boy and learn what life is like for today's teenage male. He does have wings, but not while pretending to be human!

["Please pick the desired route!


1. Sweet schoolboy (mutually vanilla and sweet, or taking advantage of naivete)
2. Delinquent (badboy doesn't mean cruel)
3. Childhood friend (known him forever)
4. Forever fighting (hatesex is totally likely)

["You're now Setsuna's - (worst enemy, best friend, classmate he doesn't know, former boyfriend/girlfriend, childhood friend, mentor, protege)."]

Action options;

A. Run into Setsuna at the zoo
[He's not working there, for a change, lazing around, wings out, animals around him. But it's okay to approach him. In fact, he's smiling at you, gesturing for you to go over and talk to him. The animals might scatter, but he's not thinking about that.]

B. Bump into him on his way to the school
[He's actually trying to go to school, even in a school suit - where did he get that? - so it might be a good time to stop him.]

C. Nathan's night club (She'ol)
[Link just for reference on what it's like. But how did Setsuna get in, really? Or maybe you just want to buy him a drink? He looks a little gone already, dancing a little. And dancing's not typically his thing....]

D. His apartment
[Just a surprise knock on the door. Or his window's usually open.]

E. The Xanadu
[It's icy and cold, and he's bundled up, but still out for a walk, smile on his face. And was that a snowball he just threw at you? For some people, that's a way of flirting.]

ooc notes/explanation )
25 December 2012 @ 04:26 pm
---it recording?

[Charlie’s device has switched on, just in the middle of her sentence. She’s home. Standing outside one of the bedroom doors. There’s faint traces of blue paint in her hair and on her skin and she looks excited. Grinning from ear to ear, she starts speaking once she realizes yes, the device is in fact broadcasting.]

Good! Fantastic. Uh. Hi, everyone that I know. There’s a lot more of you than last year but that’s fine. That just means a lot of extra baking. no problem. Hopefully, you all enjoy the baskets of pie jars I made for you.

[There were other gifts included in the packages. Rapunzel got a new set of paints and paintbrushes and a new pad of paper. Mister Ryan got a gift certificate to the Dragon. Merlin got a wooden dragon and Arthur got a leather messenger bag with the Pendragon crest burned into it.]

Speaking of making things. Saya, Setsuna and a couple others and I made something for you. Now, I can’t bring it over because it’s huge but...

[And she opens the door behind her. Inside, the room has been painted in light blues and greens and decorated with a very obvious ocean theme. Right down to the blankets and pillows on the bed, some of the pictures on the wall and a jewelry box with very tiny seashells glued onto it.]

See, Saya? You have a place to come back to, if you want. Just for you. [Setsuna sticks his face near the screen and waves.] Rapunzel helped. And that quiet kid Charlie adopted.

[He gestures for Charlie and puts an arm around her so they’re both on the screen, complete with one of his cheesy grins.] Merry Christmas! [click]

[ooc: Red is for Charlie, and blue for Setsuna.]
21 December 2012 @ 05:48 am
[Setsuna looks up and just stares at the plant above his head. He knows what it is, yes, but he doesn't understand why it's over his head.]

Huh? What're they hanging this stupid plant everywhere for? [He has the screen of the device zoom in on it, just to show what he's talking about. And yes, he doesn't know what mistletoe looks like. And he doesn't know the tradition behind it, either.] Weird....

[Educate him, or kiss him. Or both. Or he might kiss your character. All options are good.]
15 December 2012 @ 05:39 am
[Setsuna has been mostly staying at Diva's place with Saya, but he still goes to both jobs, so it's not like he's never around. Currently, he's at the zoo, but he might be seen alone, standing there, talking to either himself, or someone invisible.]

I think I want ice cream after this. We can get a cone and split it. [A teasing, playful tone, a brilliant smile, and he's looking at this invisible person like they're the most important person in the world. If you peer closely enough, you'll see a gold ring on his ring finger, not something he normally wears.]

What do you mean that's unhygienic? ...oh, alright. I'll get two. [He smiles as he says that, though, like it's really not the big deal he's making it to be. Everything's better right that moment.]

[ooc: His vision is his time spent with Sara at the amusement park in canon. And he does not want to leave. Anyone is free to argue with him over it. Your character will probably just get mistaken for some passerby at the amusement park and blown off. Or, your character can attempt to remove the ring. He might get upset over that, it might be a success. He might be very angry (or sad) when it's all done. Just a warning, since that's one of his happier memories.

Or, option B, consider this an accidental video post and comment to him. He'll just be very confused by the voices from nowhere.]
23 November 2012 @ 06:40 pm
[He sounds tired and worried.]

I've checked the Hall of Missing, and she ain't there. Has anyone seen Charlie? She was supposed to come back on Wednesday, and I haven't heard from her, or Merlin.

That's why I've not gone back yet, Senpai, Alexiel. Sorry. [Click.]
12 November 2012 @ 04:43 pm
Well, for me, that wasn't such a bad weekend. I kinda enjoyed most of it. Back to being a flying freak, now. But it's not so bad, either. I kinda missed flying. [He's still smiling, but he probably doesn't look AS cheerful as he did over the weekend.]

Anyone wanna take off to the skies with me?

Filtered to Alexiel and Kira )

Filtered to Sara )

Filtered to Saya )

Filtered to Charlie )
10 November 2012 @ 11:14 am
[Maybe if he posts he can keep attention off of Sara's situation? Long shot, but it might help. And aside from that, he wants to brag a little about his own curse.]

[Those that know him, might see his smile is a lot brighter than it's been the past month or so. And he seems way too cheerful for someone that's been cursed.]

Not being able to fly kinda sucks, otherwise, I think I could get used to this.

Anyone want to just play basketball today?

[Anyone that runs into him today, accustomed to sensing or seeing auras, might notice Setsuna's is different/very small. It no longer has large wings, or a bright golden glow. He just walks about, grinning like the world is doing him a favor. Feel free to disabuse him of that notion. He's hit by the Average Joe curse. Whole life is the same, but suddenly his powers are just GONE. So is the Alexiel that was sleeping in him.]