03 March 2013 @ 02:58 pm
There's a unicorn in the zoo -- !

[ The feed takes in the blurred blur of grass and trees and everything else before Raven beams through the camera, chin buried in an extraordinarily fluffy scarf. She's sitting on a park bench, foot tapping happily as she talks looking more content than she has in weeks. ]

I would have totally started with that. Forget the curses and the monsters and the weird god people, nobody mentioned the unicorn and that's like - [ Free hand flailing, covered only in blue cut-off gloves. ] A bazillion times better. It's a unicorn.

[ Her eyes are kind of the earnest only excitable young people get - because it is a fairy tale creature and she grew up with a boy in a mansion, there's bound to be a level of ... fantasy about her thoughts. ]
14 February 2013 @ 12:56 pm
[ Panic sits heavy in Raven's throat, drips into her heart like the water currently falling from her uniform. She'd had to pull herself from the water immediately, the shock of cold and lack of breath breaking only when the survival instinct had kicked it. But it's not seawater, she knows that much, knows as she sits on the steps of an unfamiliar building and watches the flooded streets with an unfamiliar horror that she is no longer on the beach. Had the teleporter brought her here? And what of her brother, of her friends?

Raven doesn't like feeling lost.

But she found the device easily, sitting awkward against the leather of her uniform. It had taken moments for her to figure out the buttons and now she stares at it. The device barely catches a flicker of blue before it settles on to the image of a blonde girl, a worried crease settling between her eyebrows. She's wearing some sort of uniform, yellow and black leather that hugs her tight and looks like it's made for protection more than anything. But it's maybe a little strange to see a girl who looks so young in something like that.

Is this a camera? [ Turning the device in her hands. ] I don't --.

[ She doesn't know what it is or how to use it and all she can think of is the last thing she said to Charles before they came to the beach, before they had to fight. It makes her want to cry but she knows she can't. With an exhale of breath and a disappointed sound, she talks almost to herself. ] Always falling to peices, c'mon.