30 October 2013 @ 05:50 pm
Whatever's going on up there--

It doesn't sound too pretty.

[ooc: Yes, re: the stuff on the mountain. And, wow, I sincerely apologize for my fail with this guy of late. RL hurts me. This is a pathetic post.]
06 October 2013 @ 01:59 pm
[Video Post;]
[You'd think this might be an ordinary video post--as ordinary as they come around here and especially on a day like this, at least--as the thing starts, rising out of the usual electric fog and darkness. But, instead, it doesn't seem to show the City at all...]

[...and, as strangely as it began, it ends again, going back into the dark as the feed ends...]
[//video post ends]

[ooc: Memory Theater! Now with bonus Tuco! Cowboy here has no idea this is on the Network. He's been outright ignoring the Network for a few weeks now and has come to no harm by it. But let him know it's there, how about?]
20 August 2013 @ 03:18 pm
Sure seems like there's something in the air today.

Here I thought it was springtime that got everyone like this.

But it seems like the City isn't too particular about seasons.

[ooc: Ha ha, he says, look at all of you acting goofy. But don't worry: he'll get his in a minute, when he sees [personal profile] brobeforehos ♥ He's in town again, with the horse, getting some necessary supplies and such.]
31 July 2013 @ 10:51 am
Seems like everyone's feeling better.

In more ways than one.

Seems like things've changed some here in town too. Not too bad.

No I kept up with the news. I just mean the windows aren't broken anymore.

[ooc: Cowboy has come down into town today, yay. He popped up on the Network while Horse was drinking from the fountain. You can find him and the horse wandering around in town. Action or Network both welcome! He has some possibles that he needs to get and sometimes...they're just cheaper nearer into town. Oh well. Also, he kept out of the whole revolution thing because, pffft, no one was paying him. So forget that.]
07 July 2013 @ 07:03 pm
Thought you'd be gone by now. Guess not.

Seeing as the lady of the house is back, I think I'll take my leave.

So long.

[ooc: Cryptic, I know. Here's what it means: Cowboy thought the 4th Wall visitors would be gone by now, but they aren't. However, Uhura seems to be back and perhaps for keeps. She charged him with looking out for the Welcome Center and then disappeared for a bit. He kept on watching the place. But, since she seems to be back, he'll just...take a ride out beyond the City limits for a while. To avoid the crowds, really. However!!! You are welcome to encounter him in the streets, outside the City, on the edges of town, or on the Network. He'll have his horse with him or even be riding it. So he's easy to spot. So come and 4th Wall him! Please?]
30 May 2013 @ 08:19 pm
[Video Post]
[A flicker, a blink. It takes a second for the image to clear. There's a thumb in the way as the device is set down on a table. It's evening, or so the soft light might suggest. Another rough and run-down place at the edge of town. It's not even a room: it's more like a porch in the background. Rough-hewn posts holding up a sagging roof, a handful of benches, a handful of tables, a dirt floor, a few strange characters sittng nearby--most with cups and tumblers and glasses. There's sunset light in the background, but sunset light as seen from the east, where the dark comes in first. It's quiet, at first--maybe the sound of a fly buzzing through.

But right in the midst of it, right in the view of the camera, is Our Man. He's leaning and slouching on one of those benches that seem to have been polished by use. He's holding something--a large, white sheet of paper. He's studying it, considering it. After a moment, it becomes clear that it's one of the posters that have been popping up all over town.

He considers it a moment more, and then, quite deliberately, addresses the camera of the Network device:]

Something like this... [He glances at the poster, then back to the devices] ...makes you wonder what the bosses of this town might think.

[He scratches idly at the side of his face and contemplates it a moment longer. After a moment:]

Makes you wonder, too...how much it might be worth to them to get rid of whoever put these things up.

[A smile, then, of course. Sly--cunning even. He's said his piece. He's as good as hung his shingle out. He gives the poster one last glance, and the same glance to the Network device...

And then he reaches out to cover the lens with his fingers and again and cut the feed, driving the whole thing down into the dark in a--]

[//video post ends]

[ooc: Alas, Cowboy, I don't think the Deities are going to hire you for your services. But one can always dream.]
30 April 2013 @ 10:33 am
You know what they say about crime.

[ooc: ~ doesn't pay? Don't do the ~ if you can't do the time? What do they say, Cowboy? Well, he's being a jerk about it since he wasn't in prison, which is funny because he's going to rescue someone from jail by dynamiting out his cell bars just as soon as he gets back to his world (not that he knows it). Pffft, anti-heroes. In the meantime, he's just riding around the City a little. Feel free to see him in person or on the Network!]
26 April 2013 @ 07:20 pm
Found a couple pictures myself the other day. An old man with a lot of white hair and a kid in a serape.

Think I've met the old man before. Don't know about the kid.

Can't return the pictures either--too bad. Seems like they disappeared with the rest of them.

If they were yours well I found them.

Now tell me--who's the kid?

I think some people found pictures of me. You keep them.

[ooc: Agony--sorry for the lateness ;; RL is not my friend these days. So, anyway! Cowboy found some of Doc Brown's "Part 3" pictures and is like, "What? Perhaps a fellow in kind? Truly this young chap in the serape looks as though he is imitated my distinctive style. How remarkable" Okay, maybe not those words exactly, but he's still kind of wondering. You know. Like he does. PS, this is a text post, but his replies will probably be voice and/or video.]
16 February 2013 @ 07:36 pm
[Video Post]
[A flicker, a shudder, a shaking view of what seem to be...stars? Stars in a blue sky, a great nebula of stars...? No, it's a view of the City, from a rise just outside of town. The stars are the lights of the City itself. It's beautiful, in its way, from here, glowing and bright and glittering, with light in dark places like magic lanterns and strange flames burning in many colors. And now the noise of crowds of people--shouting and calling out and cheering and crying and singing--rises up through the night air. A view of the City at night, filled to overflowing with people and creatures, both newly arrived and long-time residents. Quite a sight. Quite a sight.

Ah, but the view changes--the device broadcasting this scene is turned, and the lights streak like meteors across the blue night.

The view is darker on this side. The blue deepens on towards black. And one red star (light?) burns faintly in the darkness. It brightens and glows suddenly. Someone exhales. Ah. That explains it: the burning end of a cigarillo. And now, a voice in the dark:]

Guess there's no helping it.

[Perhaps that voice is familiar.

If one looks carefully, that burning red star moves a little--the man who has it bitten well between his teeth is smiling. Just a little. Just a little. He looks away from the device and back out towards the City again. And, with the left hand that holds it, he snaps the Network device shut again, abandoning the feed to the dark, pouring more darkness over the darkness of the video already, and ending the recording in a--]

[//video post ends]

[ooc: And the Man With No Name, who had hitherto been hiding out as best he could out on the edge of the Wilderness, now finds himself obliged to come back nearer into town. Probably someone's demanding a delivery of monster meat or something. Who knows. In any event...he is open for 4th Walling! Go for it! Action or Network! I welcome you!]
29 January 2013 @ 04:02 pm
Forgot to mention there might be a picture of me being thrown in the air while at a Mexican restaurant.

[ooc: He doesn't even know this was posted. Someone tell him. Please?]
09 December 2012 @ 02:21 pm
[Video Post]
[Flicker, flicker, snap! Although what can one see, really? It seems to be downright pandemonium at the moment: movement and thundering hooves and brown...cowhides? Yes, and lowing. That low rumbling sound, that's cattle lowing--tired, irritated cattle. Pushy cattle. Cattle not to keen on being made to go where they are going, and yet the herd demands it. The sounds seem to echo as though in a canyon. Or in a city street.

And there are also shouts and whistles from time to time. Whistles, followed by hoofbeats.

Cows! Lots of them! A herd of them!

And when there are cows, who does one call?

Cowboys, of course.

Fortunately, things are starting to clear, even if the view seems to be from the shoulder of a horse. That shouldn't be too surprising by now, videos like this at an angle like that. There's certainly one person we all know who ends up posting video like this to the Network all the damn time.

A couple of whistles come from just above the device (there he is now), the view turns, the horse steps sharply--and some would-be strays are pushed back in.

A pause and a view of nothing but cattle...walking around in a narrow road somewhere in the City (a small mercy it's not the square, but it's no fun to try and herd these critters in narrow alleyways).

A pause. The cows mill around. None wanders too far. A tally is made. An accounting.

Quietly, almost under his breath:]


[....................wait a minute...]


[An uncertain tone to that statement: twenty-two doesn't seem quite right. There is a pause. The horse is turned. The camera of the Network device alights on a calf, standing some distance removed from the herd, pitifully bleating. There's no laugh but the sound of a smile from the man on the horse.

He and the horse step around the calf and push it back into the herd.

A new answer:]


[Another pause, another smile.]

Twenty-two and a half.

[Get on there, cows. Maybe we ought to say "git along little dogies." Or something like that. In any event, he pushes the cows up the street. A lesson for you cows: don't try to annoy the cowboy. He'll only herd you. The cows move on through the streets, lowing and grumbling as cows do. The horse steps along behind them. A hand comes into view--of course it would, since there's a rope looped up nearby and the man on the horse (you know who he is by now) seems to need it.

But, in so doing, he snaps the lid shut on his Network device again. The sounds of the cattle echo for another moment more, but then even that too falls into the darkness in the empty space of the Network and the feeds ends in a--]

[//video post ends]

[ooc: These are the irritating but less violent cows that he's working on herding here. Feel free to join in and help, if you'd like. Otherwise, he'll just chase this little herd up to the barn and let them hang out there...where they will annoy him by cuddling up against him or trying to eat his duster or something, probably. And this is all funny because Rawhide. (Someone call him "Rowdy" today. Oh please.) If you'd like something of a visual (and a view of some really amazing chaps), look at the opening scenes of Hang 'Em High. You're welcome.]
10 November 2012 @ 10:56 am
[Video Post]
[You'd think this might be an ordinary video post--as ordinary as the come around here and especially on a day like this, at least--as the thing starts, rising out of the usual electric fog and darkness. But, instead, it doesn't seem to show the City at all...]

[...and, as strangely as it began, it ends again, going back into the dark as the feed ends...]
[//video post ends]

[ooc: Memory Theatre for the Cowboy (who has no idea this has hit the Network). If that embedded video doesn't work, click here. Let him know this is up for all to see. Ask him about his, um, home-made armor, I guess? Ayup.]
04 November 2012 @ 02:51 pm
And me right in the middle? Too noisy.

So long.

[ooc: The cowboy does not like the crowding going on here. I mean, it's bad enough as it is ordinarily. This just makes it worse. He put up with it yesterday, but enough is enough. So he'll be heading out of town for a while. But feel free to grab him via Network or run into him as he rambles towards the wilderness.]
09 September 2012 @ 04:35 pm
[Video Post || Viewable to All] )

[ooc: "If These Walls Could Talk." Yes. Yes, I did.]
15 August 2012 @ 04:51 pm
[Video Post || Viewable to All] )

[ooc: Kind of large but safe-for-work animated gif under the cut. So the cowboy came into the City proper because, apparently, he has amazing timing and needed to come into the City proper today. So if you want to encounter him and his horse today, you may certainly do so~ Just...try not to kiss the horse. What was his victory? Maybe there wasn't a victory at all and he just wanted a kiss. Or maybe it was the girl who was victorious and, well, I envy her celebration.]
10 August 2012 @ 10:56 am
Some interesting reading yesterday.

[ooc: Trollfais is go. Also, this post is a text post, but feel free to respond in any format--even action, if you're out near the edge of town.]
28 July 2012 @ 10:50 am
[Video Post || Viewable to All] )

[ooc: Cut for a large but SFW picture of snow. For the fans, yes, the coat is basically the twin of the last canon badass longcoat seen before the acquisition of the poncho. I like the badass longcoat. Shush. Shortly, he and the horse will probably be flopping through the snow like some might-have-been Jeremiah Johnson scene (Wikipedia that trivia >>;;). How come this curse always falls around the time the heat index is 100+ degrees? How does this timing work? Network and action threads welcome. He'll be walking around today. Throw a snowball at him, I dare you!]
25 July 2012 @ 06:30 pm
[Video Post]
[Shake-and-shudder, and the video starts. There isn't much to see at first--an empty street at the edge of town, dark splashes on walls and puddles soaking into the dusty ground. The sun beats down on this lonely stretch of road.

The camera dips, shifts--it's hung from the horn of a saddle again and the horse has shifted his weight. Well well.

But there's a man out there in the road now, standing not too far away, watching patiently. Maybe you recognize his stance. He's hatless for once and sin le serape too. But hanging from his belt are two small bags filled with...something. Something heavy and round and colorful. They're within easy reach for him. I think we all know what these are. The horse nickers quietly.

He steps forward into the street, slowly, one step at a time...

--Out of nowhere, a red waterballoon!

It misses him, but barely, as it bursts in the dust. Instantly, he follows the path it must have taken. There's someone up there.

Fast as he is with anything, he has a waterballoon of his own in hand and has lobbed it back in answer. Splash! And that's it for that one.

He walks on.

Another someone, darting out from around the corner of a building--but too slow this time. Our Man has a waterballoon in hand and tosses it easily. Kasploosh! Done for.

He walks on.

He pauses now as two others step out into the road. They're both armed, one with another red waterballoon, the other with a yellow waterballoon. They stand there, considering one another. The wind blows among them. They raise the waterballoons--but not before the man has two of his own in his right hand. Their throws go wild and burst to either side of him. His throws land true and drench them from the face down, leaving them with knots and scraps of balloon in their hair. More finished.

He walks on...

The wind blows through again and, by the same chance that it swung the Network device open, it swings it shut again, shaking the feed to an end again and breaking the connection as easily as a waterballoon until--]

[//video post ends]

[ooc: YouTube has failed me, but this is an ad-hoc, water-fueled solo recreation of the "Two Against Five" scene in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (which is an awesome scene and involves railing-kills--I can provide you with music, at least). Action welcomed, if you wanna get soaked. Cowboy has good aim and a slingshot.]
22 July 2012 @ 07:12 pm
[Intro Logo || 'Bounty Killer' || Sunday 9pm ] )

[Video Post]
[The view opens with a long series of slow images of a golden afternoon (a little incidental music, fading out appropriately): sunshine in late-afternoon summer leaves and grass, a spider's web catching the light, dust dancing in beams of sunlight, the open doorway of the barn viewed from the inside looking out, the long corridor of the barn down between all the stalls for the horses with that same golden afternoon light shining at the end--and all of it leading to someone possibly familiar (wearing a brown hat, chewing on a cigarillo--you know him) standing alongside his horse and apparently adjusting the saddle to his liking (with bonus spur jinglings)...

A closer shot: the camera and crew are (apparently) on one side of the horse, and he's on the other, messing with the saddle (for far too long, really...): the view is over the saddle, so there's not much of a view.

The camera draws in closer, which earns it A Look: it backs off and he carries on. This repeats a few times in different ways and directions.

Wait, wait--he seems content with the saddle, at last, and collects the reins in his left hand, gives the horse a pat on the neck, and grabs the horn of the saddle, all of which the camera follows from its respective side.

There's two small, but metallic, sounds from somewhere out of sight, just to the left--?

It's not clear what they are at first--

--until the camera snaps over and sees the source.

Oh. That would be a genuine Colt Peacemaker pointed at the camera and possibly the operator and potentially the rest of the whole crew. And the owner of aforementioned weapon is quite contentedly leaning against his horse and balancing selfsame aforementioned weapon on the back of his saddle. And maybe grinning a little.

(The people in post-production are really quick. I'll bet you $10.00 they succeeded in getting a characteristic little flute trill on this revelation before it was broadcast. They'll keep using it too, every chance they get, until they make it a "signature sound" or something. Bastards.)

The camera...withdraws, pulling away, zooming out, backing up, getting the hell out, and turning its attention to the rest of the barn and what interesting light seems to be coming in through the windows...

But they'll apparently take their lives in their hands enough to get a shot of him leading the horse out of the barn, out into that same stupid golden sunlight and floating dust and late spring grass...

In the background, some mumbling and then: "No, a[FCC Censorship Bleep]le! Keep the f[FCC Censorship Bleep]ing camera on him. Get the truck and go after him. F[FCC Censorship Bleep]ing do it!" The producers, it seems, are angry. Oh dear. Time to give chase.

A hurried shuffle, a view of the floor and the ground spinning by as the camera is hustled out...

...And the image goes dark again.]

[//video post ends]

[ooc: So the "rule" in his [meta-]canon is that, somehow, characters can't always see what the camera doesn't show. No, really. So if he's out of their sight, he's effectively nonexistent. This will not last for long, not with this crew. They're after him and they know where he's going and what he's doing. Truth is, he's looking for a stripper... And there are rumors of a crossover episode in the works... Also, I made you a logo :D]
30 June 2012 @ 11:29 am
Learned something--

Get the hell out of Dodge.

Think I might.

[ooc: He means he learned the expression, btw. Come. Get. Some. Seriously: 4th wall him; anything goes--except for telling him he isn't, you know, "real." Otherwise? Have at it. He's going to be wandering around some (with and on the horse) so if you want to see him in passing in life or on the Network, that is all fine. Action threads, Network threads, whatever--as you please!]