27 March 2013 @ 10:22 pm
[ Diva's uncertain as uncertain things go. To keep the egg, or not to keep the egg? It does so remind her of her own, still sitting in their basket by the hearth. It's been five months already. Surely they should be speaking to her by now...

But that's digressing and it's with a quiet murmur, the near silent thud of a blanket cocooning her phone that speaks to the viewer. It's the gentle crone of a mother singing to her as yet unborn children that drifts on dulcet tones through the speaker as she sits with her back bent over her basket, rocking it gently in the sun.

And then she speaks. ]
Tell me, has anyone tried to cook their eggs? Perhaps if I feed it to them, they'll start to grow...

[ it was blood that awoke her and Saya after all. Perhaps that's exactly what they needed to start flourishing. Five months... they should be pulsing with life, not death. They should be more then just a withered husk. ]
[ Diva's profile appears on the screen, a pleased smile on her face as she drapes across something, something solid, something…

Grey? ]

Don't bother looking for me. I'll be busy-- [ She hissed at the rasp of razor sharp hair against her skin as the man underneath her groaned. His shift caused her wrist to bleed underneath the handcuff. He was made out of stone. But she didn't mind. Not at all. In fact, she practically breathed his name as she leaned forward, whispering. ] Zelgadis... Remember me?

[ and then she dropped the phone as she bent to kiss his mouth, his muffled protest hot on her lips before a sudden crash is heard and a yell of protest as they both crash to the ground, bound together.

And then there's only laughter as Diva's voice rings through the air. This curse, she didn't mind at all. ]

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23 January 2013 @ 09:26 pm
[ Oh sure, beware of what you catch they say. Beware of who you trust. But what's a girl to do when even the cats (and the cat-like) run away? Little else but go after them, of course ♥ ]

Where are you~?

[ she paused, hand to her ear and smile on her lips, there being precious else needed to ward off the cold. It's the thrill of the hunt, after all. She giggled then, and resumed her walk. Wherever you are, whoever you are, catch her attention and face a very


Diva. ]
13 December 2012 @ 10:25 pm
[ feathers poofed everywhere as Diva gently brushed them away from her mouth, flecks of blood staining her cheek. ]

Vicious little things, aren't they?

[ They tried so hard, they did. But Diva is Diva. One little goose wasn't going to ruin her mood. No, not in the least. If they're inclined to attack, she'll just attack them first. And as for that egg?

Junk. ]
[ at first, it's just the sound of murmuring, of fingers brushing through lush, thick hair. And then the covers shift and split and there's a sudden, close up view of Diva's face practically pressed against Saya's. ]

Wake up, sister dear. We have company.

[ She giggled, softly as she shifted again, her nightgown riding up her hip, bunching near her waist. But that's difficult to see as close as the phone is (practically) resting between their breasts. It's just sound and then Diva turns and sets the phone back on the headboard, a passing vision of Saya's rather limp form showing on the screen, the flash of white tying Saya's wrists loosely to the board. But for what reason would Diva care if any one man or woman saw it?

Saya was hers.

Diva was Saya's.

At last, they were exactly where they were supposed to be. And then the feed turns off as Diva presses close and kisses Saya softly on the mouth. It's a kiss of waking, nothing more.

Or is it? ]
04 November 2012 @ 08:59 am
[ a restless Diva, is never a good Diva. She's far too wound up, keyed up, disturbed by the sudden influx of noise, of people that she's...

seeking refuge.

Barefoot, a simple summer dress framing her body despite the cold of the season, she paced through the crowd, making a game out of not touching a single one as she flitted between the bodies. Whoever she touches, well... perhaps they'll find a slight surprise later, when she breaks their neck. Their only salvation is the basket she's carrying in hand.

She won't risk them. Not even for a taste or two.

No, for now, she simply wants the quiet of Xanadu, the gardens, any place that will afford her an afternoon nap. She wants peace. ]

((ooc: anything and everything is good with Diva, even someone stumbling across Diva while she takes said nap!))
15 October 2012 @ 09:03 pm
[ An underwear thief? How quaint. It's a shame she's far more used to going without then wearing any to begin with. She doesn't even notice its lack.

However, what might be just a little... strange is that there's a Diva showing on the flickering video screen, naked and curled around a cocoon. Two, in fact. Her precious babies. Crooning, she barely spares a glance to the video screen before she tapers off into a hum. ]

See what Karl's given me? [ she still hasn't gotten over it, the little gift that showed up on her doorstep one day, almost a week ago now. ] Don't even think of taking them back. [ her eyes glint a light blue, a warning to any deity hanging around. Or anyone else for that matter. Laughing, softly, she relaxes again and croons and caresses and hoards. ]

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10 September 2012 @ 04:21 pm
[ a face appears, her smile glinting with an edge of danger as she speaks ]

That's not



[ she leans in close, eyes flashing a brilliant blue before fading darker. ]

If you're not here soon, well... I guess I'll just have a little bit of fun. [ she flicked her wrist then, the phone fizzling out with a plop as it landed in the fountain. Diva's a bit pissed off after all. Her Riku's gotten away again and just before she found him. And if her chevalier (any of them) don't come find her soon, well... who knows who might get hurt. Do tread with care. ]

((ooc: Diva's not happy at the moment, so if you want to action it up, be prepared for potential unpleasantness depending on how the threads go. I won't go too extreme, no worries! She's more interested in general destruction then a feast right now. ))
11 July 2012 @ 10:28 am
[When the feed comes on Diva is laughing mightily, however is very much wearing clothing. And for those who last saw her, she's likely even more pregnant than she did before. ]

I can see why some of you would want to keep your clothes on. [And she's just going to laugh some more.]

It seems some of you should never take them off ever.

[She laughs so hard that the feed disconnects.]
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23 June 2012 @ 12:02 am
[The sound of a haunting melody being sung near the fountain can be heard. Anyone who has the fortune or misfortune of being at or near the fountain will be in for a treat as this seemingly young...and very pregnant woman with a boyish figure and features sings out without a care in the world.

After she finishes her impromptu performance, the young woman looks around. Suddenly the boyish features melt away, her short black hair and boyish figure are gone and in her place stands a still pregnant woman but there is nothing boyish about her as she pushes her now long black hair off of her shoulders. She giggles a bit, it’s not even certain if she knows that her device is broadcasting, until she finally speaks.]

Now this place feels familiar~ Am I dreaming? [Her hand moves down to the swell of her stomach.] It doesn’t matter as long as you’re with me, my precious little ones.

[She looks up after a moment, a brief look of clarity on her face before a knowing smile finds her lips.] ...Though I think someone we know is here.

[She laughs again as something catches her eye off screen. Suddenly the feed is cut but not before a startled yelp coming from someone else can be heard.]

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