01 January 2014 @ 04:25 pm
[ the first ]
[Wait, isn't the heat spell over? Why is the city so hot? And...no longer a city. The muggy warmth, the dense tangle of trees -- this can only be a jungle.

Maybe you recognize it as a jungle in Brazil, maybe you don't. You better recognize the sound of explosions, though, or you'll be in for a nasty surprise.

You better stay away from the little girl in the military jumpsuit too. In a few moments, she's going to destroy this entire continent, and she's not afraid to kill you if she thinks you'll try to stop her.

Then everything goes white.]

[ the second ]
[The jungle is now a lake so huge and clear, it's like you're standing on the night sky. A little girl stands in the middle of it, counting the stars as they fall.]

One dead. Two dead. Three dead.

[Suddenly she falls.]

[ the third ]
[And then you're back in the city. A city? The City? It's hard to tell. It's dark, and the streets are all but empty. Be careful what street you turn down because if you see a pair of glowing red eyes, it's already too late.]
23 December 2013 @ 11:38 am
  • My brother left.

  • Hamlet forced me to get out of bed this morning.

  • I'm the only one of my kind here.

  • I might as well be dead.

  • Being dead here wouldn't do any good.

[Guess who's cursed and not happy? Oh yeah, this girl.]
10 November 2013 @ 02:40 pm
[ video ]
[The screen flicks on to Pai's....brightly smiling face? What the fuck?!?! says anyone who knows her. Which isn't that many people.]

Is this on? Ah, yes! Hello everyone!

[She grins and waves.]

My brother got me a brand new tablet! It's so much cooler than my old one! Thank you, brother!

Anyway, I hope everyone's doing okay today! And if you're cursed, just remember that it will all be over tonight! You can make it!

[She makes a peace sign.] Bai bai!

[ action ]
[For anyone who ever wondered what Pai would be like if she wasn't a Contractor, well, the answer is: a silly perky teenage girl who likes to do silly teenage things. Like spending all of her brother's money on clothes, play video games at the arcade, and eat parfaits while people watching. She's a little too shy to outright approach a stranger, but she's eager to make new friends.]
06 October 2013 @ 01:42 pm
[ video ]
[She had meant to select the voice option, but it's hard to use the device properly when you are completely covered in blood. She's curled up in the bathtub, having tried to wash the blood off in the shower to no avail.

She doesn't look upset, though. Perhaps mildly annoyed. She doesn't like leaving a mess, but it's kind of impossible to avoid.]

Does anyone know how to get bloodstains out of a mattress? [Eternally practical. Her nightgown is a lost cause, as are her sheets, but they're cheap enough to replace. Mattresses get a bit more pricey.]
17 September 2013 @ 09:44 am
[ action ]
[Everything had started going wrong in the cave.

She had gone to the beach to do a little snooping on her brother's newest toy, but the Beach House was full of animals. Killing them would have alerted Hei to her snooping, which she doesn't want, especially after she went through all the trouble of removing his tracking devices from her clothes. So she had explored more parts of the beach instead, because she had never really been to a beach before. Inside a little cave, in the water, she had found a bottle of spirit gum.

That. That is when things went wrong. Sand began sticking to her feet, even though the water should have washed it off. At one point she slipped and found herself covered in seaweed, seaweed which she couldn't get off.

She tries returning the spirit gum to where she found it, but that doesn't fix the problem. So she picks it back up again, in case she needs it for whatever foolish ritual may be required to end this. (And then it's stuck to her, so she can't exactly dump it anyway.)

She can't get home like this. She's too vulnerable, and the last thing she wants is to kill someone attacking her and then get stuck to a corpse.

She pulls out her device, resigning herself to it being stuck in her hand.]

[ video ]
[A sad little seaweed monster appears on screen. There's only so many buttons she can push, considering she gets stuck to them.]

Brother. [Halp.]

[ooc: Anyone who touches Pai won't stick to her.... but you'll start sticking to everything else! The effect lasts 24 hours.]
15 August 2013 @ 07:01 pm
[It takes Pai awhile to slip away from her over-protective brother, and longer still to figure out how to create a filter she's reasonably certain he can't hack. (Hopefully it won't even occur to him to try -- she may be smarter than him, but she doesn't have his experience with technology.) This is one message she doesn't want him to see.]

[ video - visible to everyone but Hei ]
[She sits perched just past an entrance to the Underground, in a shady corner.]

I believe I have your face.

[If she knew whose face, she'd filter more specifically, but she doesn't. The only thing she knows is that seeing the makeup deeply upset her brother. She wants to better understand why.]

[ooc: Action for Hei at their apartment; open to action for everyone else in the Underground!]
[ action ]
[Pai is bowled over by a sudden, aching sense of loss. The Gate is gone. How can the Gate be gone? She's the only one with the power to destroy it. And yet --

A moment passes and she finally registers surroundings (a testament to her disorientation; she's never once been shocked enough to lose sight of her surroundings until now). Wherever this place is, it isn't South America. Which means the odds are good that it isn't the Gate that's gone; it's her.

Who what when where and why are all questions she wants answered, but first and foremost, she needs to establish whether her team is here. She reaches into her pocket for her radio, but finds a network device instead.

Curiouser and curiouser.]

[ text ]
Twice I've gone to the garden, but not once have I found a spring starflower.

[If anyone from her unit is here, they'll recognize the code for her call sign BK-201.]

I think I'll give up and look for moss. I've got two hours to kill.

[After typing out that message, she heads towards the northern part of Xanadu to secure a location and wait for two hours.]