31 December 2012 @ 09:18 am
[Guess who is smirking at the video like a smirking thing? That's right. Mindy. She's a pain in the butt. This is known fact. Mocha is flopped over her shoulder, chewing on her hair and wrestling it like it needs to be tamed. Which it does.]

So, is there a t-shirt for people who survive those kinda weekends without getting cursed? I think there should be.

[The device is set down and Mocha climbs off of Mindy's shoulder to investigate, sniffing the lens and barking at it before the device switches off.]
28 November 2012 @ 07:09 am
[Mindy sounds unhappy. Weird, right? When does that ever happen? Except this isn't her usual pissy brat tone. She sounds more disconcerted and upset. ]

Everyone looks like my dad. Don't come near me if you don't have your face. Or I will punch you. Repeatedly.
16 November 2012 @ 05:18 pm
So...yesterday was beyond fucked up.

[...this, coming from the 12 year old girl in pigtails who is expertly twirling a staff that she's only two thirds the height of.]

I was on the subway and some npc'd guys head randomly started bleeding through all openings and some npc'd womans eye fell out. It was just hanging there.

[And she says this so casually, too. The staff gets twisted apart in the middle and she continues twirling, moves graceful and well-practiced. The view from the device? The roof of her building.]

That seems more like an October thing, honestly. Random body parts going all gross and shit.

[Really, what she's trying to say is;]

I just wanna know if my friends are okay because a couple of my own scars disappeared for the day and to whoever got the injuries that caused them, I am so fucking sorry.
03 November 2012 @ 11:52 am
[She's not even aware it's recording. Mocha bumped the device. Mindy's sitting outside Rapunzel's place with her dog, broom handle in her hand. She's just chillin'. Listening to the world around her and pretty much set to not move from her seat.]

...noisy today. What's the deal?

[And there's a shuffling sound, sniffing and barking from the dog. The device is knocked from Mindy's hands and shuts off on it's own.]
27 October 2012 @ 07:25 pm
[Deity Filter.]

Hey, deities. I heard if I wanted somethin' from home, I should talk to you guys. So. I'm talking. Lets trade.

[sent and filtered to rapunzel, sif and serrure (in that order) some time later, audio]

for Rapunzel )

For Sif )

for Serrure )
09 October 2012 @ 10:16 am
[Mindy doesn't know it, but this is playing from her feed. minus the annoying music. She's running back and forth in the background. What she's doing, it's not entirely obvious from the sounds. She's probably doing something in the kitchen. When she notices the device is recording, she picks it up just as the puppy stretches.

And she's grinning.]

That's Mocha, Mo for short. I got her yesterday.

[This is about when the blue eyed chocolate lab puppy wakes up and sticks her face in the camera, sniffing and trying to chew on it. Mindy's amused, pulling the camera away and there's a shot of her slightly messy living room. It's littered with puppy toys, a leash, a dog bed that's too big for Mo at the moment and some of Mindy's belongings. And then it's back on her.]

Pets really do help with the ticking. Serrure, Rapunzel and Leah, you should come over and meet her.

[And the feed ends.]
06 October 2012 @ 09:42 pm
[Mindy isn't one for pouting or crying. She usually makes people do the latter. But the look on her face isn't a pleasant one. It's more annoyed. And she doesn't know the video is on because it's at an upside down side angle. She has her head on her arms and she's frowning at something on the wall.

She's in her apartment and there's a steady thump thump thump. She has a tennis ball that she's throwing against the wall repeatedly.]

Angela left.

[thump thump thump. wall, floor, mindy's hand.]

Abed left.

[thump thump thump.]

I hate this City. [thump.]

I hate the curses. [louder thump.]

I'm not room-mate hunting again. That's pointless. Fuck it. I'm getting a god damn dog.

[Her eyes shift, focusing on the device and she reaches over, smacking it to turn it off. End feed.]
15 September 2012 @ 02:17 pm
[Well, Mindy sure looks annoyed. She's glaring at the camera as she speaks, arms crossed over her chest and she's wearing a ball gown. Yep. Cursed.]

My dance partner sucks. I want a new one. How hard is it to take into consideration I'm barely fifty inches tall and he's a fucking giant? He keeps stepping on my feet and bitching about me being in his way.

[This is actually bullshit. Andrew Ryan is an excellent dancer. She's just being a brat. She's That Kid at the beauty pageants who everyone ends up hating because they're a snot.]

I've seen rocks with better dance skills.

[And she turns the feed off, but not before a trace of a smirk is caught on video.]
08 September 2012 @ 12:20 pm
[The video feed starts. Upside down and half obscured by a pillow. There's a mess of tangled blonde hair in the way, too, the faintest streaks of purple throughout. It's quite clearly Mindy Macready's blankets and pillows. Who else would have that much 'Hello, Kitty' in one place?

The hair shifts, the owner quite clearly stirring and waking and the blankets move to reveal...

a Mindy that is clearly older. Her eyes open, one hand rubbing at them for a moment before she looks around. She's baffled for about two seconds, sitting up with a huff. Fingers run through her hair and she sighs.]

Fuck you, City. I don't want to be here again. [Yes, she thinks she's been rekidnapped. For the third time. She spots the device is on and because she is a girl of manners, she shoves it off her bed. It's still for a moment, now recording the ceiling and then Mindy is out of bed, too. She grabs the device and looks into it.]

At least the City was nice enough to dump me in my old bedroom. Now, who is here that I could possibly still know? Just for a time reference.

[And she sits on the floor, back against her bed and one knee brought up for an armrest.]
29 August 2012 @ 08:39 pm
Do these things come with off-switches? It keeps trying to sing me to sleep. It's only seven thirty.

[And there's a metallic, disjointed, slightly off key lullaby being sung in the background.]

This is creepy as fuck. Seriously creepy as fuck.

Language, young lady.

Fuck you, tin can.

Is that any way for a young lady to t[CLANG!]AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk. [this is followed by a distant thud.]

[There's running and silence and then Mindy starts laughing.] Holy shit. I got it into the dumpster. Fucking win.

[End audio.]
25 August 2012 @ 12:55 pm

[S'up, City? If you're around the park area right now, you'll be treated to the sight of one very pissed off Mini-Pincher, chasing an npc pickpocket. If you're not, you'll be treated to an awkward video, courtesy the pick-pockets device.

The pickpocket has already been bitten a few times by the dog, as evident by the...torn pant-legs. And the bites on his ankles.

Being a mini-pin crime fighter is hard, okay?

But Mindy, because that's who this dog is, is persistent. And just as violent as a dog as she is as a human and she uses a bench to jump onto the mans back. The man falls, dropping the wallet he'd stolen and Mindy picks it up. She stops long enough to growl and bark in the mans face before returning the wallet to the owner.]

[ooc: why are there no icons of mini-pins anywhere? ugh! just pretend they're all mini-pin icons.]
11 August 2012 @ 12:23 am
[Mindy’s in a kitchen (not hers), wrapping tin foil around a sandwich and dropping bottles of water in her backpack. Next to that, she stuffs in some library books. She seems pleased with what she has so far but it’s obvious by the way she’s looking around, something is missing.

Cabinets are opened and closed and containers are checked in. At one point, the refrigerator is open and she sighs, frowning at a bag of baby carrots she’s pulled out.]

No. That’s not....[More searching and more frowning and a few swears before, finally;]

Mom? Hey, mom! Where are the potato chips?

[From the look on her face, this is serious business.]

[Pepper comes into the kitchen with Mindy’s jacket, which she drapes around the chair by her backpack.]

In the pantry, but you’re not putting them in your lunch, young lady. Not unless you also pack a fruit.

Oh, come-- [Nope. She’s not arguing. She’s not about to argue. Not with her mother. Instead, she opts for one of the golden delicious apples on the counter, washing it and drying it and setting it in her backpack. It wasn’t a very big apple but mom didn’t specify.] I gotta go. I’m gonna be late.

[Before she can run out the door, Pepper kneels down and straightens Mindy’s backpack straps.] You be good, okay? Call me if there’s any trouble. [Not that there would be, Mindy’s a very responsible girl who can take care of herself, but it’s a mother’s job to worry.]

[Mindy smirks, sounding a bit smug for a moment.]

When am I ever not good?

[...wait.] Don’t answer that.

[And Mom gets a hug before hurrying out the door.]

[ooc: d’oh! they’ve been family day’d. mindy is purple, pepper is orange.]

10 August 2012 @ 09:32 am
[Rapunzel frowns, focusing on the row of plastic bottles set up in front of her. She’s got a frying pan in one hand, her hair in the other.]

Okay, so...let’s go through this again. I’m gonna tie my pan to my hair, then use it basically as a whip, and hit the cans...right?

[Mindy nods, grinning. This had been partly her idea and it was beautiful. Rapunzel had taken to this beautifully.]

Yeah. Try for the bigger empty soda bottle. [Mindy drew a frowning face on it and three fingered claw-hands.]

Okay, hold on.

[Rapunzel ties her hair to the end of the frying pan, frowning in concentration.]

Okay, here goes nothing...

[Despite the weight of the frying pan, Rapunzel has no trouble using her hair as a whip, throwing it and the pan at the bottle, knocking it down with ease. She grins in triumph, making a slight ‘oomph’ noise as she pulls the pan back.]

I did it!! How was that?

[Mindy is is too excited to answer at first, whooping and shouting excited obscenities, both fists in the air.] That was fucking awesome! Try for the soda can next to it.

Can do!

[She repeats the process, knocking down another soda can, going for a third one.]

I think I’m getting the hang of this!

[Mindy’s grinning from ear to ear, clearly proud of Rapunzel.] You are! Check you out! This is the coolest thing I’ve seen.Now...tough question. [A pause.] How many do you think you can get in one shot?

Hmmm....three? Maybe more if I angle the throw right...want me to try?

[She pulls her hair back, readying it for the throw as the video cuts off.]

[ooc: Red is Mindy, pink is Rapunzel.]
06 August 2012 @ 10:07 pm
[There's a high pitched whine from the device, static and loud crackling and zapping sounds and the audio picks up Mindy, midsentence. She sounds calm and somehow pissed all in one go.]

---will break it if you touch me again. Don't test me [Laughter, a loud zap and an 'OW! WHAT THE FUCK?!' from Mindy.]

Are you stupid, or something? I said stop touching me!

[The npc person bothering her laughs, says something about babies "running home to cry to their mama" and there's...silence. Mindy's voice sounds different, now. Harsher and a bit dangerous and there's the sound of something popping. Probably knuckles. Probably Mindy's.]

Alright, motherfucker. I see how it is...

[And then a flurry of sounds. Hard thuds and loud zaps and panicked yells from the npc bully in question, barking from the dog Mindy's watching today and then feet running and someone crying. But it's not Mindy who is doing the crying. She's laughing a bit before yelling after the thug;] I WARNED YOU! TOUCH ME AGAIN! SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

[There's more laughter until she notices the device is recording. Then there's a sigh and Mindy speaks;]

I can promise you that the next person that comes up and shocks me will in fact be black and blue for a week. And that's me going easy on you so don't be stupid.

[This is actually starting to really hurt. The feed shuts off and Mindy's probably at the park by now, avoiding going near people.]
02 August 2012 @ 09:12 pm
[There's no sound on the device, save for the sounds of this playing in the background. And Mindy doing running commentary.]

Jesus, that girl's talkative. Like, really, really talkative. She doesn't even give Carl a chance to say anything.

[Pausing pausing and the sound of Mindy munching on something and then laughter when Carl reacts to pages being taken out of a library book.]

Holy shit. That kid's ten and he's already a push-over. [Another pause and then more laughter.] Why did they dress like it was a funeral? For fucks sake, smile, people! It's a damn wedding!

[And then she's quiet.]

Whoa. Hey. Hey, hang on. Wait just a fucking minute. [Nope. She's not liking what she's seeing.] Why the fuck is something like that in a kids movie?

[She's goes quiet again. And remains quiet for the remainder of the opening scenes, at one point going 'oh, no' but other than that, she's not saying a word. And then the movie goes quiet. She's paused it.]

This can't be a kids movie. What did I just watch?

[and the feed ends.]
25 July 2012 @ 10:22 am
[This curse was certainly one of the better ones Mindy’s seen so far. In fact, it was her opinion it was the best damn one she’s seen so far. City Wide Water Fight? Fuck, yeah. She was so down.

Or, in this case. Up. Up a rather large tree with a stash of water balloons and a few Super Soakers she’d purchased just for today.

And she wasn’t alone. Obviously. She has Serrure with her. The audio picks up her voice, hushed. Only the occasional word coming through. There’s the faint sound of something rustling and something creaking just a bit that drowns out some of her words.]

Serrure....ugly-as-hell business suit....aim for the tie. I got the last one.

[His voice is likewise quiet, a little sly and incredibly self amused-] I shall hit it with a … special balloon. [Because he was entirely incapable of doing anything normally and without some sort of annoyance to the victim.]

I wonder if vampires are allergic to holy water. Surely there is a church we can raid the fonts of...[The casual and distant sound of a water balloon splatting on someone who yelps in surprise and a bit of anger.]

A ‘special balloon’? What’s in it? [Oh, God. That doesn’t sound good. The man starts yelling in the background and Mindy swears, almost laughing. There’s more rustling, a thump and the sound of two pairs of feet running away from the scene.]

I don’t remember seeing a church here. Not that I’ve looked. Run! [They will most likely find another tree to hide in so be warned. They’re armed to the teeth with water balloons and water pistols.]

[ooc: yes, I am going to be using hit girl icons. no, she's not in it since she doesn't have it here. it's just the actiony-feel. Also, both children are armed. enjoy.]
17 July 2012 @ 05:21 pm
[The first part is not filtered. The last two are. Mindy sounds...flat today. Sort of emotionless and a bit anxious and there are sounds of things being picked up and dropped in a bag.]

Last weekend wasn't too bad. Better than the time I spent as a guy, even if that was for one day. And better than when I thought I had an older brother who was a complete dick.

It was still weird, suddenly being nineteen years old and thinking the City was fucking with me again. Which it was, it just wasn't kidnapping part two like I thought. Thanks, City. I appreciate the bullshit, as always.

Hey, Chase? Thanks for letting me stay here but I found somewhere else to stay. I'll visit often.

[She actually has found a place to stay and plans on forcing her presence on Abed. He got her an awesome backpack and he knows about Hit-Girl so. It's, in her mind, ideal.]

(Filtered to Abed. 75% Unhackable.)

Pack your shit. You're leaving the Welcome Center. I got a place.

(Filtered to Serrure. 75% Unhackable.)

Dude? You okay? [Yes, that is concern in her voice.]
15 July 2012 @ 08:17 pm
[The feed switches on mid-sentence. Mindy's speaking. Her tone is off somehow. Lighter. Not the same flattish tone she uses. It's somehow more...girly.]

---every coin in your pocket. Every one.

[There's a muffled jangling, the sound of coins sliding across each other and whatever's obscuring the camera's lens is moved. Mindy's at the gym, talking to a guy easily twice her size and he's a smug looking bastard. The coins in his hand are in the higher range and Mindy's watching him count them. Bright eyed, hands folded behind her back. Her hair is up in dual french braids and she's dressed in a pink tank-top and matching shorts. She put some effort into this, apparently.

The big guy she's talking to mumbles the amount, now eyeing Mindy with uncertainty.]

What? You're not going back on this, are you? Are you afraid?

[That seemed to annoy the man who puts the money back in his jacket pocket and sets his jacket aside.]

Remember; if I can get you to the floor in five seconds, that's mine and if I can't, I'll leave your gym, never to be seen again.

[That seems to appease the man and he and Mindy face off on a mat. He hardly moves before Mindy's ducking under his arms. It's a swift punch to his stomach and a blur of a leg-sweep and the man flips over once, landing face first on the ground in an awkward sprawl with a loud thud. Mindy's standing over him, hands on her hips and her otherwise happy and excited expression is replaced with her typical look of annoyance.]

Told you. Don't let my size fool you. I'll be happy to do this again if it does. You gonna get my money or should I---no, you know what? Stay there. I'll get it. [She turns to walk away, hesitates and then turns back towards the man. She's angry about something and about to say what.] Oh, and protip; if you want to keep your dignity and your balls in tact, don't you ever let me catch you making rude comments about some girls ass again. Nor should I catch you trying to grab anyone's ass. Especially not mine. Got it?

[Oh, so that's what sparked this delightful confrontation. The man on the floor groans. It almost sounds like he's crying.]


[Mindy heads over to the mans jacket and she spots the device, smirking and winking at it before reaching over to shut it off.]
13 July 2012 @ 11:48 pm
[There’s a blonde at the beach. Well, mostly blonde. Parts of her hair have also been dyed purple and pink. Small parts, pencil thin streaks. Whatever. Anyway, she’s stretched out on a beach chair, wearing a black and white Hello, Kitty two piece and looking for all the world like she’s enjoying herself. The device sits nearby and the blonde is just people-watching, holding almost perfectly still.

When she does move, it’s to pick up the device and address it and for anyone paying close enough attention, this girl looks a lot like that Hello, Kitty obsessed 11 year old that was running around here yesterday. She even has the same vocal patterns.]

Wow, City. Wow. I gotta say, you have shit timing as usual. The first time you pulled me here, I was on my way to my first day in an actual school. This time? My best friends beach engagement party. What the fuck? Rude.

[She sighs, runs fingers through her hair and pushes it out of her face and by the look she just gave someone for wolf-whistling at her and the fact that she visibly flips them off, it’s most definitely Mindy. She’s been aged up and thinks this is a second trip to the City.]

Wonder if anyone else from my last visit is here?

[And she sets the device down, shutting the video off.]

[ooc: Mindy has been aged up. She will be this way for the entire weekend and thinks this is her second stay in the City! Have fun with this, kiddos! She’s just as foul-mouthed as before. Action for anyone wanting to catch her at the beach. also please ignore that this is 10 minutes early.]
11 July 2012 @ 11:08 am
[When you're eleven years old and the first thing you see when you turn on the networking device while eating breakfast is a bunch of naked people, there's only one answer.

Defenestration. Right out the window the device goes and if it lands on someone, Mindy makes no apologies. Especially if you're naked. You totally deserve it, then.]