04 January 2014 @ 08:01 pm
[Cas grins at the camera, standing in what looks like a fairly small studio, adorned with throw pillows, floor mats, buddhist imagery and general hippie decor.]


[It's playfully said, with a waggle of his eyebrows as he looks into the camera.]

So, happy new years. Definitely a sight better than the last one I had.

[He shakes his head at that with silent thanks for attractive blondes.]

So, I thought I'd help people out with their New Years Resolutions. I'm opening a Yoga Studio. First class is on the 6th, bright and early. For now, schedules will be based on people interested.

[He's flexible. He likes flexible.]

I also offer specialized Buddhist spiritual counseling.

[Which totally doesn't stand for orgies.]
19 December 2013 @ 10:38 pm
Well this is new. We have cellphones again? Pretty damn late for miracles.

[His lips quirk and there's a lift of an eyebrow. The place feels... strange, and it makes his shoulders shrug a little.]

So, Fearless Leader? Risa? Chuck? Anyone else make it here? You know, whatever absinthe-trip "here" turns out to be.

[He shakes his head and laughs a little ruefully, rubbing a hand over his face. At the moment, still dripping wet, it's all he can do.]

Let's just say where I was last I hadn't planned on falling out of any fountains.
19 February 2012 @ 04:42 pm
Dean. I've got the last rescuee almost to the safe zone.

open action;
[ Castiel's been scouring the sand dunes for recognizable or savable faces, so he's a little worn out and beat up. The girl he's got with him now looks properly scared, but she's moving along at a good clip -- as the safety zone comes into sight on the horizon, the sand between it and them begins to swirl and suck downward into an enormous sinkhole. He shoves the girl behind him, ordering her to run.

Out of the hole arises this ugly thing, and Castiel moves toward it, a speck to its behemoth size. Anyone within a few miles of the battle may see flashing light in the dark sky and hear the great wailing bellows as the fight progresses. He wouldn't say no to a few more hands.
05 February 2012 @ 05:50 pm
[ There is a quick shot of Dean and Castiel before they disappear out of view of the device. Castiel doesn't sound too enthusiastic, muttering about the collar being uncomfortable. There's some swearing from Dean, and then Castiel comes back into view, plopping down into the leather chair. He looks over at Dean nervously before looking back to the screen. Dean's laughter can easily be heard from the sidelines. ]

I, er, don't always dress up. But when I do, it's not in a trench coat.

[ A moment later, the chair turns to sand, dumping Castiel onto the ground, where he...well, he still looks pretty comfortable. The laughter off-screen grows louder. ]