26 October 2013 @ 04:00 pm
[ Really, the last thing he expects when stepping out of the apartment is a corn maze. Given the nature of the curses this month, he immediately reaches for his phaser and turns back to the door. ]


[ That wall of corn wasn’t there before. He brushes it aside and continues for several minutes, attempting to push his way past it, but the door’s gone. ]

[And the last thing she expects once the door closes halfway behind Spock is her name being called. No, scratch that. It’s also the corn, the many stalks of it lining what used to be her hallway, twisting and turning around her with no exit in sight. After a few months of being in the City, she should be used to it, but Nyota swears she never will, especially anything to do with agriculture in a place where it doesn’t belong.

There was a door there, right behind her. Now there’s not. And all she can do is follow Spock’s back in front of her, brushing threads of cornsilk from her face.]

Right here… behind the corn? Why is there corn? And do you plan on stunning it?

[Put the phaser away, Spock. Seriously. It’s just corn.]

I have not fired my phaser. [ He almost sounds sheepish, but he hasn’t put the weapon away. ] Given the nature of events this month, it is not an unlikely assumption that this will be dangerous - either the plants themselves or any… inhabitants.

[ A pause. Why is there corn? He doesn’t have his tricorder on him and wishes he did. ]

It’s corn… I’m doubtful it will attack us. It would have done so by now, right? [But he has a point, so she’ll defer to his weaponry, especially since she poked her head out of the apartment without her own phaser.] We should double check with whoever we can hail outside of here and make sure this corn isn’t any weirder than it already is before we walk any further.

[And find somebody who knows where the exit is and maybe they could tell her why it seems like she’s back in Iowa.]

[ At her behest, he fires off a quick text: ]

Has the corn attempted to attack anyone?

[ooc: blue for Spock, red for Uhura. Feel free to run into them anywhere.]
25 July 2013 @ 10:31 pm
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[action; open]

[ The City is his to explore for the moment. He's out of uniform, dressed plainly in dark-coloured coat and pants (yes, in the heat, perks of growing up in a desert). He hasn't done anything about the ears quite yet, but a hat is with him, half-poking out of a pocket, just in case. ]

[ The meandering appears to be random, but to anyone watching closely (or long enough) a discernible pattern emerges: a simple grid layout with delays between returns to certain points. He's checking back, double checking, too. Mostly, he can be found with his tricorder, occasionally peering quizzically at it, or observing a few people at the central arrival square. (Maybe he's even observing you.) ]


[ Once he gets the hang of the network, he opts for a simple text post. No need to unnecessarily alarm anyone who is unfamiliar with aliens, and furthermore, no need to bring attention to his presence. Khan may have unexpected allies. ]

Greetings. I am a recent arrival.

What is the highest level of technology available here? Is it freely available to the populace? Where might I find parts?

Your assistance is appreciated.