05 May 2013 @ 08:41 pm
((Backdated to two days ago.))

[Nobori is standing in the Square with a megaphone (where he got one is a mystery):]

Attention, ladies and gentlemen! Attention, ladies and gentlemen!

The previous month's new arrivals:

1. Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

I would apologize for the delay, but that would be dishonest: I am not sorry, because I was having an existential crisis and that took precedent over my job!

Moreover, I have started taking judo classes and they make me feel incredibly incompetent! My only accomplishment has been learning that if I lost use of my legs and arms, I could crawl away from a fight using my bottom. I am unsure whether that is more a source of shame or pride!

I felt so weak, I confess that I have decided to work out more!

[And off comes the coat, tie, and the dress shirt! But the camera's still rolling, bro! He's... still on the lanky side, but looking considerably more toned under that big coat! None of that changes the fact that he looks kind of silly, standing shirtless in public view.

Chandela, who is presumably recording as always, nearly drops the communicator.]


[Undeterred, he continues with the stream of confessions:] My left side is more developed than my right, no matter what I do to lessen the difference, but I was thinking the scar on my right arm's coolness might make up for i—

Why am I saying these ridiculous things?!

Sha-shaa... [Chandela doesn't really know the answer to that question either, but the Pokemon clearly recognizes Nobori's not in the right state of mind and ends the feed there.]
27 April 2013 @ 08:16 pm
[Guess who's never been locked up before! Hint: he wears a hat, gloves, and is definitely not a cop.

Nobori's presently sitting in his cell, with his eyes closed, wearing a calm expression and ignoring the projected images of how he and Dr. House died, as a result of Chandela's flames causing the gas used by the Doctor to kill him to explode and claim them both. Big explosion. Repeat, once again, from the beginning...

Chandela's settled beside him, flames burning very low.]


A kind thought, but a thought it will remain. Your powers are sealed here.

[Chandela looks down, disappointed.]

For now, we can only wait until we reach the next station.

[The messy ordeal continues to play over and over.]
05 April 2013 @ 07:39 pm
((Backdated to April 2nd.))

[Video/filtered from Kimihara Himeno & Tohru Honda]

[Wherever Nobori is, it is very dark, making it difficult to see much of him. One arm is carrying his sleeping Pokemon, Chandela, whose fire does not burn as brightly as it usually does. As for Nobori himself, he doesn't appear half as enthusiastic about his announcements as usual, looking quite visibly drained, even in the low light. His face is gaunt and his hair looks much thinner. It appears as if the man somehow tripled in age overnight.]

... we apologize most sincerely for the delay. [His voice also sounds weaker, not as loud and clear as it normally is.] The previous month's new arrivals:


1. Utsuho Reiuji
2. Johanna Mason

[text/private to Luke Valentine] )

[text/private to Gabriel] )
01 March 2013 @ 09:14 pm

[Nobori looks quite pleased today; it's not just a polite smile, he genuinely sounds happier too. Almost cheery.]

Ladies and gentlemen, it is the first of the month, therefore, it is time to list the new arrivals!


New arrivals this month:

1. Pinoko
2. Rayflo
3. Kelly Severide
4. Lacus Clyne
5. Laruna Troven


If I may go off-course for a moment, now that we have reached the end of this line, I would like to ask you a question! It's not necessary to answer it as it has nothing to do with the record I keep, and it is somewhat more personal... but, it would mean a lot to me if you would answer it:

What is your destination of choice when you want a good diversion?

[And, because no video post is complete without it, his signature pointing-and-calling:] Safe driving! Follow the schedule! All aboard!
24 February 2013 @ 08:03 pm
[Are you lost? Have you taken a wrong turn? Did you wander too far in the dark? Or perhaps you were simply curious about the violet flames flickering in a beckoning way, leading the way to something?

Or maybe you heard a nostalgic voice calling your name or did you chase after a familiar silhouette? Did you step through a door that looked like it led home? Regardless of how you got here, you'll find Nobori waiting with a polite smile, standing beside the open doors of a train car in an otherwise empty subway (are you two the only ones here?).]

Welcome aboard, valued passenger! You appear to be lost, can I help you find your way? Are you going up or going down?

[Well, an empty train car isn't so scary if the conductor's there with you, is it?]

((Both Nobori and his Chandela are under effect of a Morality Reversal curse. Chandela's illusions are responsible for any familiar sights, sounds, or sensations your character will feel prior to or during interaction with Nobori!

Because he is still the same Subway Master who puts the safety of passengers first, he has taken it upon himself to deliver everyone he can out of this City before he and his partner leave! Only, this train ride will likely end in City!death if your character doesn't realize they're actually caught in a very comprehensive illusion in time before Chandela devours their soul. Oops?))
16 February 2013 @ 05:27 pm
[Nobori is standing outside and not in horrible weather for once! He's recording by the fountain, while Chandela watches the water shoot through the air, flames dancing as it flits from left to right and back again, perfectly cheerful in stark contrast to its grim-looking human companion.]

The City feels congested once more. It remains to be seen whether or not these guests are of the dangerous sort. Are we to play dispatcher again?

I wonder if we've done something to offend these so-called deities... unless someone else has a better explanation for so many curses in rapid succession. I cannot wait for the last stop; I've grown tired of counting off the miles.

[He's too uneasy for the usual "all aboard!" closing, it seems?

He adds as though it were an afterthought:]

Look both ways, listen, and proceed with caution.
01 February 2013 @ 09:08 pm

New arrivals this month:

1. July
2. Charles Xavier
3. April Ludgate-Dwyer
4. Ruby
5. Erik Lehnsherr


[When it switches to video, it shows Nobori, standing inside of a neat but very mundane apartment, once again saluting the camera.]

This is Nobori.

I am happy to announce that the list of new arrivals to the City has been put up at the appointed time. First of the month! [He points his index finger for emphasis, still speaking loudly as if there were some driver on the other end of the apartment that needed to hear him.] I hope to continue posting these on the first of every month.

In addition, Madame April, if this reaches you, will you please confirm if this indeed your name? [Because that silly introduction made him doubt whether or not she was affected by some sort of curse.]

Follow the rules! Keep to the schedule! All aboard!

[He sticks to pointing with his left hand alone because the right is still injured, judging the bandages still visible through the tears in the sleeve of uniform (getting into a snowball fight not too long ago might not have been entirely conductive to the healing process).]
12 January 2013 @ 08:23 am

New arrivals this month1:

1. Hermione Granger
2. Al Brown
3. George Ace
4. Phil
5. Unnamed young woman with light-coloured skin, silver hair, violet eyes, no other distinguishing features2
6. Toul
7. Lin Bei Fong

1: Specters not included.
2: If you can provide a name, please do so for the purpose of further classification.


[When it switches to video, Nobori gives the camera a salute.]

I request your forgiveness for the delay and thank you for your patience; unexpected circumstances prevented me from announcing this earlier this month. [As always, his delivery makes it sound more like he's using the phone as a stand-in for a public address system.]

I hope to announce the new arrivals at the start of each month, starting next month...!

If I've missed someone in my list, please correct me. Also, if anyone knows the name of the mysterious seventh person on this list, it would be of great help to me if you would share it with me. I'd prefer for this list to be complete.

That is all.

Onwards, to the next station! All aboard! [Nobori smiles and then makes one of his characteristic broad, dramatic pointing gestures, entirely forgetting that he's previously injured his upper arm— until it reminds him with a sharp pain that makes him end the recording with a grimace, while clutching at his bandages.

Chandela makes a sympathetic sound from somewhere off-screen.]

((He meant what he said back then! Nobori has been keeping track of everyone (seemingly) new t o the network because he's a workaholic; he didn't count the zombies, of course, but he couldn't tell that the senshi were older denizens under a curse. xD;;;))
04 January 2013 @ 07:42 am
[Nobori is walking in the darkness, unnoticable in his black coat, except when he's caught by the splashes of red that dimly illuminate the Underground.

He's walking at a steady pace at first, stopping twice before resuming. The third time he stops, after hearing the footsteps trail after his for a moment longer before they quiet, he knifes into the black in a run, grinning darkly in pursuit of his own pursuer.

Nobori leads him on for a while before abruptly turning back and cornering him, a red-white sphere in hand. The red lights reveals his tail: his mirror image, wearing the same grin that he stole from Nobori's face, otherwise differing only in the putrefied, peeling flesh and his attire: light where Nobori's uniform was dark...

The air smelled thickly of rotting flesh and despair.]

It's your fault.

[Unsummoned, Chandela appears on its own, in a flash of white light, cutting in between them just as the ghoul reaches out with gloved hands peeling like onions (the glove exposing skin and skin exposing bone) to ring around his stunned copy-in-black's neck.] Your fault!

Shashande, shaaandela-shan...[{Nobori-sama, that's not your brother} is likely what it's trying to convey, not even half-convinced by the ghoul, having seen this trick before, but its trainer is more easily deceived.]
29 December 2012 @ 04:01 pm
[The recording begins with an unfamiliar face; that of a pale-skinned woman, framed by very long purple-tinted hair, smiling brightly at the network. Her eyes are golden and she looks pompously over-dressed and covered in frills, topped off with a little black crown on her head: only said crown appears to be issuing long blue-purple flames without burning her hair... some trick!

She looks more suited to some sort of masquerade ball rather than the library she's standing in the middle of.]

My~! It really has been quite some time!

[She lifts her purple balloon dress and turns around. That ridiculous size is definitely supported by a cage.] I've gotten used to flying, I must admit.

[The smile then promptly turns into a frown as she narrows her eyes, looking annoyed, and reaches out to pick the cell phone off of whatever supported it to aim the camera at a silvery-grey cat that looks terrified as it clumsily falls over its own paws. The cat miserably makes another attempt at standing on all fours and yowls.]

However, I'm not sure my Master appreciates his form change. I'd appreciate it if he's turned back!

[She ends the feed.]
26 December 2012 @ 07:55 am
[Nobori is indoors somewhere, recorded from above by something rather unstable. Whoever is recording is either incredibly tall, hanging off the cieling, or capable of flight... and constantly bobbing up and down.]

Ladies and gentlemen, forgive me for the delay in the schedule; it was entirely my fault. Also, I have a proposal I would like to make, but, as in all things, first thing's first!

[In addition to the odd delivery, as if he's making some sort of announcement over a public broadcasting system, Nobori throws out a hand with theatrical flourish, pointing with his index finger. For how ridiculous it all seems, he's certainly taking the matter very seriously judging by the grave look on his face. It's kind of funny. (He's going to be doing that pointing thing throughout this, isn't he?)]

I believe I owe some of you both apologies and words of gratitude. First of all, I am grateful and indebted to both Mr. Valentine and my partner Chandela for all their help. It was very foolish of me to carelessly endanger myself. I am indebted to you and I hope you forgive me.

[He proceeds to bow deeply, before rising again. He gestures again.
The recording wobbles quite a bit here, before flitting around to record from a different angle. Nobori turns to face the camera again.]

Now, proceeding onwards to the next station!

I also wish to extend my sincerest apologies to the one who advised me to find lodgings here. I have no excuse for brazenly ignoring his suggestion and I deeply regret it. That was thoroughly unprofessional and unlike myself; it's always important to check safety before carrying out any action! I will take greater care to do so in the future.

[He bows once more, then rises.]

We have now arrived at the last stop! I would like to suggest recording of arrivals, in addition to recording departures. In other words, keeping records of all newcomers to this City, in addition to the existing record of those who have left it. I have prior experience in keeping logs, so if there is enough interest but no one who wishes to take on the task, it would be my pleasure to create and maintain it!

Finally, I believe I made a promise to a certain young woman to allow her to meet Chandela... if she is still interested, I will gladly fulfill that promise.

That is all. Thank you for listening. This has been an announcement by Subway Master Nobori. [He salutes, before throwing out a hand.] All aboard!
18 December 2012 @ 06:29 pm
Shaan... [Chandela's worried face is filling the screen, its eyes blank and staring, as always, but its stitched mouth droops in a frown.

It flies away from the camera, leaving it to record a black lump of cloth, half-buried in snow, shaded by snow-weighted eaves. The eaves ought to be familiar to anyone who's been around the academy... precisely because they belong to that very same building.

There are streaks of red in the black cloth; which might be a coat, but it's hard to tell from the angle. Ghostly blue-purple flames flickering around the body.]

Shanshan! [The flames flicker out of existence and Chandela makes a tired sound, before a raven descends to perch on the edge of the eaves, tilting its head to give the ghost a one-eyed stare, before squawking noisily:] Kudari!


Kudariiiiririiii— awk!


[Chandela, annoyed with the bird, whirls around so that the flames it carried swirled together, forming a ball of fire that it throws at the bird to shoo it away.] ShashashaSHAN!!

[The offending bird flies out of view, but moments later, the irritating bird continues its mimicry.] Kudari! Kudari!
14 December 2012 @ 01:17 pm
[The video feed begins with snowflakes steadily falling against a pale sky, until they're tossed from their path by the chilly breeze.

Viewed from below, a man leans slightly forward over the camera, scrutinizing the device with a frown.

From what can be seen of him, he's dressed in a high-collared outfit with an alternating red and black pattern of lines and a red-rimmed black conductor's hat. He's also sporting impressive sideburns, along with that austere expression.]

Camera check! [He throws his arm out with a great deal of flourish, gesturing animatedly with his left hand, as in engaging in a conversation with someone off-screen.] Call-on signal green! Point and call to signal OK!

[He finally addresses whoever's watching, eyes trained on the camera again.]

Hello. I ask your forgiveness for the delay and thank you for your patience, as I am uncertain of the proper procedure to operate this device. It is not mine, but... the circumstances left me with no choice but to use it. I will return it to its rightful owner if necessary.

I am Nobori of the Raimon City Underground and this is Chandela.

[His harsh stare is broken when he looks up as a second figure floats into view for its introduction; it appears to be a strange cross between a plump purple balloon and a chandelier, its elongated black arms bearing tall purple flames at their tips, dancing in the frosty breeze it rides upon.]

It would appear that my partner and I are hopelessly lost.

[It peers curiously through the screen with its round yellow eyes and sewn-shut smile, before floating away so that the man can resume.]

Where are we? There are strange, famished Koduck everywhere and it's snowing as if it were winter... it was summer, where I was last.