03 December 2013 @ 08:37 pm
[ Cursed! ]

Day 20 and still no sign of rescue in my pants.
01 December 2013 @ 10:08 am
[ Scott has spent much of the last month alone. Two people he'd cared for and his mother of all people had vanished from the City. And then, just like that, for a night he'd been human again. And hurt. Coupling that with his being an alpha (Derek being an alpha) and the fact that his heart had darkened thanks to the Nematon, he'd spent a month away. Part of him was working out what it meant to be an alpha. What it meant for him to be. Part of him was also getting over - or trying to - his losses.

He feels more guilty and any of his friends could ever know and it's taken this long to peek his head out. The straw that broke the camel's back was realizing he'd missed Thanksgiving.

He'd done what he could in the clinic. But, he'd stayed on the outskirts. Not in his apartment.

How do you apologize for that?

When Scott addresses the network, he's back inside his clinic. He doesn't know what to say and he's not good with words. ]

Sorry to anyone that's worried. And for messages I haven't gotten back to. I'm around again. And the Clinic's on its way. I know I contacted some of you about it. But, we're closer than ever. Finally.

[ Another beat as he gives a sincerely apologetic look into the camera. Before he can say anything else he shuts it off... ]

stiles l

Hey, man. I'm around again. And I'm sorry for not being around.

derek l

Thanks for the heads up about Remus. I'm - I'm back.

peter rumanczek l

Sorry for missing your birthday. We should hang soon.

lydia martin l

I know I suck at being an alpha. Sorry I haven't been around. I'm back now. Sorry about Allison.

clint barton l

... Hey.
[ As the device slides out of his pocket, the friction turns it on. He's hit the ground hard as if he were just in the middle of parkour, jumping against the wall then down. But, all his strength, hair - even his eyes are normal when the feed turns on and he lays next to it. He moves a second later, hand finding the device - the video still going as he scrambles to his feet.

What follows is every found footage film's chase scene as he takes off running. The first door he reaches, he tries it, the feed picking up impatient legs. He moves to the next one. It opens and he slams it shut behind him.

He breathes heavily for a minute. He coughs.

He's made it into a restaurant. He leaves the lights off but heads back into the bathroom, turning that light on. He sets his device on the edge of the sink and lifts up his shirt. From an angle a big bruise can be seen along his side. He touches his fingers to it and seethes.

Dropping his shirt, he picks his device up. It's recording. ]

Anybody out there worried, I'm fine. I'm in one of the cafes. Can people I know check in? Anyone at the hospital, can you tell me if Melissa McCall is okay? She's a nurse.

[ Bringing the device up, he switches the feed ]

[ private to beacon hills, peter rumanczek

[ He breathes heavily. ]

There's another eclipse. I don't know how long it's going to last but I'm not a werewolf right now. I went through this once. It's what happens to us during the Lunar Eclipse.

Derek, you out there?

Stiles, Lydia - try to stay inside. It's not safe out there and I can't protect you right now.

I have to get to the hospital...

[ ooc: Because of the lunar eclipse, the Teen Wolf wolves are currently powerless, including Scott midfight with a Boney. ]
14 October 2013 @ 10:30 am
[ It's simple. It's voice. It's to the point. ]

I don't know who knew her - and I uh, know she'd gotten a job or she was trying to but Allison Argent's not here anymore. I even checked the Hall of the Missing. Or, is it Hall of Missing? Anyway, she won't be making it in today.

[ His voice sounds brave. Matter of fact, even slightly positive because Beacon Hills always comes back. ]
01 October 2013 @ 09:47 am
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[ everything's safe for work, this is scott mccall! ]
11 September 2013 @ 01:42 pm
[ Scott has an important question to ask the network today. He's just going to turn the feed on. Look at his face. ]

Are there really six Star Wars films?
07 September 2013 @ 08:26 am
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29 August 2013 @ 05:52 pm
[ Melissa is not in her scrubs this time, but her civvies, and she’s smirking quietly to herself. The memory of Scott closing the door in his father’s face is one that she’ll treasure for a very long time. ]

Hello? Scott McCall and I are back again. I think we just took a year off the poor worker’s life, the guy doing the drywall in the clinic? Yeah, not pretty. I’ve never seen a saw bounce before. Hope I never see it again.

[ And, sure enough, there’s a very loud buzzing just off camera. Apparently the worker heard that. Oops.

Into the feed, a wild Scott McCall appears! Just his head, anyway, leaning down into it beside his mother’s.

But, he’s fine, he’s fine! [ He looks off screen.. ] Nobody was injured. [ He looks back. ] Sorry to anybody if we had plans. But, we’re back now and we’re not planning on going anywhere. [ Unless everyone else gets out with them.

Melissa pokes her head back into frame again.

Oh! And Lydia? Tell me you fed the cat? I mean...how long have we been gone, after all? Ziggy wasn’t too much of problem, was he?

[ Scott is about to say something else, but he notices something offscreen. ] No way. [ And he slides out of frame leaving Melissa to take the reins. Offscreen… ] Cool.

...Okay. Just a note to say we’re back. Stiles, Isaac, Derek? Are you all okay?

[ And Scott is back. ]

You’re still here, right? [ Scott brings it closer, fiddling and then soon, the feed is private! ]

derek ]

Thanks. [ To his mom. To the device... ] I think I’m all caught up. Sorry if you came by Monday night. The City thought we didn’t need to talk. But, we still should.

isaac ]
We will hang out this weekend.

[ Fiddling with it again, Scott adjusts to make the feed public once more ]

public ]

So, that’s what leaving is like. We had no clue we were here. And then we were just… back. If anybody needs us, we’ll be back at the apartment in a couple of minutes. Angela, I’ll be in to work tomorrow. [ A beat before he adds ] Has anybody heard from Wally?

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18 August 2013 @ 09:32 am
[ Scott is currently at the shelter-clinic. Behind him, there are obvious signs of remodeling and construction. He decided to get a jump on the day and to paint the new front desk. He looks a little confused as he addresses the network. ]

Morning, everyone. The clinic's coming along. We're still doing construction but the front desk is put together! [ A smile as he leans out of frame, leans back. He looks around. Huh. ] Hey, has anyone seen two brushes? I bought them yesterday along with paint. But, they seem to be gone? If you took them, it's cool, I just need them back. I only get so much money a month.

[ Which sparks an idea as he takes a seat on the unfinished desk. ]

Also, I've been thinking, when I'm not here I should get a part time job. Is anybody hiring right now? I only have experience at an animal clinic but I'm a quick learner. And I'm stronger than I look. [ A smile. You know, for when... he's a stock boy or something. He's advertising himself, okay? ]

Um, has anyone celebrated their birthday, gotten here, and realized it's just around the corner again? Would this make me 18? Do I skip the year? Lose it? I haven't even been 17 for two months. Should I do something? Can I? [ Is it not allowed. Maybe he'll be seventeen again? ] Just wondering.

[ ooc: Someone has raided the shelter! And taken two brushes and a can of paint. Feel free to admit it's you or to not! ]
07 August 2013 @ 08:56 am
[ Funny thing about the best laid plans... Scott got a bit sidetracked for a week or so, what with his mother and semi-adopted stray friend dropping in on everything. He finally took the time the day before to check out the animal shelter, the layout, what animals are still there, who's working there, etc. And, he's finally gathered his notes together again. No, really, when the feed comes on, he has a pad in front of him. He wrote notes because he wants to do this right! He also wants to make a certain space doctor proud. Behind him, a few cages can be seen. Cats above. A dog below. ]

Good morning! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Scott McCall. And I have a crazy idea. [ He looks down, reading from his notes. ] I've recently taken over the animal shelter. And I want to convert it. [ He looks back up. ] I think everywhere should have an animal clinic - a vet. [ Just in case people don't understand. ] But, it's going to take a lot of work and I'm gonna need a lot of help.

[ Because he's seventeen. ]

First, [ He looks down, then back up. ] We're setting up a sort of animal drive? Outside the animal shelter. So, come by, play with a puppy [ or two! ] and maybe adopt one? [ or three? ] For the rest, [ the leftovers ] is there a place we can keep them? To convert the shelter, I need to remodel it. So, I won't be able to keep them all there for a few weeks. Maybe more, I don't know. Please, if you know of anything, let me know. Okay.

[ He looks up, following what he was going to say in his head. That's everything. He looks back down, then up quickly. ]

Right. The remodeling. I don't have any carpentry or design experience. Is anyone good at that? We need to set up a waiting room, an exam room, an operating room, and refurbish [ He says that looking down, totally his Mom's word. ] the kennel in back. We need to be able to take animals back in if people disappear. An architect would do, right? Or,even an artist. is there an interior designer? [ He keeps eye contact with the network to make sure they know he MEANS business before looking back down. He leans his head down, squinting. Oh. Right. He looks up again. ]

I'll also need to hire people. It's more a job that will happen - unless it's, like, construction, then it's a now job. But, I'll need a receptionist/secretary. Maybe two so someone doesn't have to be there all day every day. Totally flexible with that. And a nurse. [ Preferably with veterinary training? ] Maybe another me, too. Has anyone worked with animals? We'll need a dog-walker. Also, I have one doctor that offered to take some hours for more extreme cases. Can anyone else split any time? [ At all? ] I can answer any questions. [ Really, he can. He even smiles.

A second, he looks down, oh, crap, right. Up again. ]

Also, for those people who might doubt this cause of my age. I have almost three years of experience. And I had full night shifts without my boss back home. I feel like the City really needs this. It could be a really good thing. There are so many animals. [ He frowns, thinking, rereads his list of things pointing with the pen in his hand. ] Equipment! [ He looks up again, super enthusiastic. ] I have equipment coming. It's covered. And I think... that's it.

Thanks in advance to anyone who applies or helps in any way. It'll be really appreciated. [ He smiles, taking the device in hand and standing. He turns it around and focuses on the adorable pets in cages. Look, Cityzens. Look at all the homeless animals. All that's missing is the Sarah McLachlan song. He turns it back around, a hopeful smile on his face. ] See? They totally want this. [ He goes to turn the device off, bringing it closer to his face. Look at his uneven jaw! But, then he pulls back quickly. ] And there'll be compensation! [ An innocent, lovable smile follows. He got everything. Then he disappears from the screen. ]

audio → ginny weasley, angela montenegro, jim kirk, dr. leonard mccoy, penny, clint barton, jimmy darmody, plus beacon hills filter ]

So, I moved into an apartment with my mom and we're having a housewarming. I think that's what it's called. Anyway, you're all invited. Come any time after 2 and bring food or stuff if you want! And friends, too. [ He's looking at you Trek Cast. ] Hope to see you there!

text ]

dr. mccoy ]

Do you think that was okay? Did I leave anything out? You should invite your crew to the animal drive today!

melissa mccall ]

How was that? I think I hit everything. So, we should move the glass cases first and then bring out the friendlier puppies? I think there should be a puppy case. A kitten case. We have hamsters. And -- something I've never seen before. Probably best to leave those alone? I should ask Ginny about them... And I was going to ask about a part time job but I thought it'd be a lot. Plus, this'll take time for now?

stiles stilinski and isaac lahey ]

You're still helping with the drive, right?

derek hale ]

Come by. If you want.

[ Sure enough, Scott, Mama McCall, Stiles and Isaac are in front of the shelter with the animals for the morning/afternoon today. They can also take people inside to see others. He will definitely ask Ginny about a few weird ones! ]

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03 August 2013 @ 09:05 am
[ When Scott addresses the network, he's mid attempting to make eggs. For whatever reason, he's been literally compelled to multitask right now. He's not thinking about what he says as much as the words just tumble out as if he's telling a story nonchalantly. ]

I spent ten minutes in a closet with my ex-girlfriend hiding from her father. And I didn't mean to, but, I got excited. Close proximity. I guess it's either that, or, when her mother saw me at school and sharpened her pencil down to a stub. I think that's when I knew she knew we had had sex. Yeah. Pretty embarrassing right?

What about you guys? Truth or Dare?

[ ooc: Yep, Scott's been cursed with Truth or Dare. He's just revealed a strange TMI of a truth bomb. And now he wants to play with you! ]
31 July 2013 @ 07:24 pm
[ It’s Scott. He has his best friend finally in the City and seriously can anyone blame him for being excited? He knows that he should be at least a little bit upset about it - monsters, curses, weird mistletoe rituals - Scott shouldn’t be anywhere near those - but right now he can’t find it in himself to care. He feels good, energetic, alive. It might have something to do with the Red Bull and the pixie sticks though, might have led to the slightly shaky way he lets the feed slide across the room. ]

Supervet is a lame superhero name. [ Stiles sounds disapproving but who knows if he’s simply just decided to bring this up. ] Everyone tell Scott he needs a cool name. [ The video slides round until he’s grinning at the camera, mad hedgehog hair looking even more demented today. ] He doesn’t think he needs one but he is wrong.

[ Back to Scott it swings.

For his part, Scott is not expecting Stiles to be broadcasting the lamest argument ever. They’re just hanging in the living room, some of Scott’s library books splayed over the coffee table. He’s glad to have his best friend, too.

Why do I need a superhero name at all?

[ At this second? Little bit debatable because said best friend is videoing him. He looks up from his books. He squints. ]

Dude, are you filming this?

[ How long has this been going on? He sits back. Derek won’t be happy. People shouldn’t need to know he’s any kind of hero, thanks. ]

Yes, I am filming this. [ He literally sounds like he’s 0.001 seconds away from cackling like a villain in a movie, his shit-eating grin only getting wider. ] I am filming this because you need to realise how wrong you are, yo. [ Seriously Scott, calm down. It’s Supervet, not Superwolf. HE HAS KEPT THIS SECRET FOR A YEAR. Except from the people who know. Not his fault. ] I’m asking the audience.

[ Scott raises an eyebrow. He’d shake his head but he fights the urge. His best friend. Well, no reason but to humor him. So, it’s audience participation time! ]

What’s wrong with Supervet?

[ Replies will come from both Scott and Stiles! ]
26 July 2013 @ 10:12 am
[ Give him a second to double check, yes, yes it's on now. Cool. He's not used to this. He was never a big face-timer. He's used to talking on a phone. This is sort of like a webcam. He holds it out, making sure his face is in frame. He hopes he gets a good angle. He's also in one of the grocery stores. Look at the produce behind him. ]

Hey, is there an animal clinic or, a vet in the city? [ Since his best firend is no longer sick, he needs more of a routine. Herego, clinic. ] I know there's a hospital. But, is there an animal hospital? And I heard that someone wanted to build a school but never did. What do teenagers do here? [ Besides, drink underage? No parental supervision! ]

Also, anybody who saw the rabbit. He wasn't lying. The cures. They're different. For everyone. I helped my best friend. Does anybody need me to do anything? [ Unless it's over. But, he's available! ]

[derek hale and stiles stilinski]

I'm stocking up on food. Any requests? [ He's used to buying for him and his mom. Or, ordering in. But, he's living with them. It's the least he can do, right? ]
20 July 2013 @ 09:23 am
[ If anyone is hanging out in the square, they'll see a very confused looking teenager slowly bringing what is not his cell phone closer to his face. And if anybody is looking at the network, they see the adorable can't be mad at that face moving closer to the screen. He tilts his head, perplexed. He looks around. Nobody else looks completely confused.

But, wait. He hears other people on this thing. He squints. Could this be some kind of mass communication device? Give a gold star to Scott McCall as he looks around him and then back down. ]

Can anybody hear me? Or, see me? Anyone know how far away I am from Beacon Hills? [ Or how he even got here? ] It's in California. [ This doesn't look like California. He'd ask for help but it's not exactly something he wants to do. He can handle this. It reminds him of those times he woke up miles from home. But, that was a wolf thing. Could this be true alpha related? Is this something he has to look forward to? ] Or, if anybody near me has a cell, I need to reach some people. [ Or, at least his mother. Hi Mom. I'm all right. I just woke up in a strange place. ] Thanks.

[ But, he pauses. His nose picks something up. Yes. He distinctly smells something familiar. Or, mouth-watering. It's not clear. And that's all the network gets as he brings it back down to his side. But, the video continues as he's walking in some nondescript direction. ]