26 February 2014 @ 10:11 pm

I suppose that in the grand scheme of things, not many people have been given the opportunities that we've had. Whether traumatic, embarrassing or elating, I think I should probably be thankful for what I've had here. And more strangely than that, I truly am. [He smiles a bit wistfully, despite any flicker of the more troubling thoughts that have plagued him recently. Solomon knows very well what awaits him back home and he isn't quite so eager to meet it.]

A few final things before I go. And if anyone should wish to join me, I intend to revisit a few old haunts for some good food and finer wine. [Without the need for sleep, Solomon can afford to make the most of his situation.]

And to anyone I know that can't make it. Farewell~. It has been quite miraculous, hasn't it?

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13 January 2014 @ 05:02 pm
[Accidental Video]
[To put it simply, the office that comes into view is a disaster zone. Fallen bookshelves obscure most of what had been a neatly arranged desk mere moments before. Beneath the shelves are buried a scattering of files, books, and other paperwork. Ink seeps like blood from the clutter, staining the absorbent paperwork and dripping in rivulets off the edge to color the white carpeting below.

Very cautiously, an ink splattered Solomon comes into view as he peeks over the edge of the shelving. He looks... exasperated and quite a bit surprised. Pushing his chair back so that he can stand, his eyes widen as a loud crack sounds and he's promptly dumped backwards to the floor with a painfully loud thud.

A minute passes before any sound is heard. His sigh is quite audible, and he replies to anyone that might be listening.]

I'll be home if anyone needs me...

On second thought, perhaps it's best if you leave a message. I'll get back to you tomorrow, perhaps...
15 December 2013 @ 02:18 pm
Purchase airline tickets? Now, honestly...

[Solomon turns his attention to his network device with a very long list of tasks in hand.] Does anyone have any suggestions on how to acquire such a thing here? I'm afraid my employer won't take 'no' for an answer.

[ooc: cursed with The Devil Wears Prada]
29 November 2013 @ 10:28 pm
This might seem to be an odd question, and I know that it's been less than a week... but does anyone else miss the hustle and bustle of our visiting crowds?

20 October 2013 @ 12:40 am
[Accidental video]
[Solomon's network device jars to life as it lands somewhat abruptly amidst a pile of debris littering the ground. White shards of bone are strewn through the grass with only shreds of decaying skin clinging loosely to their remains. After lying a moment at ground level, the soft sound of footsteps can be heard approaching and with dizzying momentum, the device is lifted upright and at eye level in it's owner's hands.

The doctor gives a slightly apologetic look as he addresses anyone listening.]
Ahaa. And just when did you decide to tune in, hm~?

[With some resignation at his life being once again put on display for all to see, he gives a soft sigh.] Well, I'm afraid there isn't anything to see now. But I do suppose that could change again at any time...

[Solomon almost looks tired.]

08 September 2013 @ 07:53 pm
[Solomon's hand withdraws from activating his network device and he gives whatever audience he has a hesitant smile.]

My brother wishes for me to make new friends. It isn't as if I haven't made any in the past, I've had some very good ones. It's just that they leave so quickly...

Still, I suppose I should get back into the practice of it, and it is what Nathan wishes. So would anyone care to join me for some tea and conversation?

[ooc: Solomon has the joy of being cursed with 'I Cannot Tell a Lie'. What better way to start or discourage a friendship than with open disclosure?]

19 August 2013 @ 11:01 pm
[Video for Cameron, because good looks are best used this way.]
[Solomon is impeccable in suit and tie, blonde hair lightly toussled as he gives his most charming smile to the camera.]

Ms. Cameron... I trust you received the roses I sent? Were they to your liking?

[Filtered from Allison Cameron, open to everyone else]
Who here has had the delight of speaking with Doctor Allison Cameron? I'm seeking to know her likes, and dislikes...

[ooc: Let the Love fest begin~. Stupid Cupid curse.]

29 July 2013 @ 11:14 pm

No... no no no.... please no... not again.

[Looking stricken, Solomon falls to his knees in a growing pool of blood heedless of the fact that the very thing soaking into his clothing can very easily kill him. His hands reach down to begin a desperate and futile attempt to bring back to life the figure of the crumpled girl in front of him.

Clearly, the doctor's lost any sane medical expectations.

It's only when in the distance a woman's voice screams, choking out the name 'Haji', that his head snaps up and he abandons the corpse in yet another attempt to prevent the inevitable loss of what he loves most.]

13 June 2013 @ 09:47 pm

[A rather disheveled and frustrated Chevalier appears over the network. His surroundings have taken a complete reversal of his usual luxurious tastes. In fact, it's clear that Solomon is, like so many others, incarcerated and unable to do a damned thing about it.

He frowns, and pauses to brush off imagined or real filth from his battered clothing. Soon enough he gives up and with a sigh, glances back up to address the network.]

An unfortunate misunderstanding. But really, there was no need for this atrocity. [Anyone who knows him might get that he refers to his clothing, not the circumstances having led him to his current 'residence'.]

For the record, I have no intentions of cooperating any more than I have.

Oh, and Nathan... I may not be home for awhile. [Truly embarrassing. He'll never live this down.] Unless you wish to come fetch me?
[Solomon's hand pulls away from a newly activated network device. His eyes shine as he stares intently at the long tapered fingers of his other hand. It takes him a moment to glance back at the blinking light of the camera but he gives whatever audience he has a curious look.]

The most remarkable thing... do you see? [At this he turns his hand and presents frost covered fingers towards the device. He smiles.] Now watch.

[Pulling his hand back to his mouth, he blows softly along the back of his hand. Ice crackles as it crystalizes along his skin and he beams happily.]

, isn't it? I don't suppose anyone else is having such an experience?
22 April 2013 @ 05:59 pm

Questions and new patients are more than welcome~. 
15 March 2013 @ 07:37 pm
[His voice is hesitant, forced. After all, the City isn't so accomodating in keeping it's citizen's private lives private.]

Betrayal? Surely thoughts can't be considered so... a man can't be held responsible for that, can he? For the record, I never truly wanted any of it. My actions were trivial, nothing really.

We should have been a family, as it was meant to be... but she wanted something different. How could I not want to give her her heart's desire? To see her happy. Smiling. Laughing. How can that be wrong?
[Accidental Video]

[Filled with a clear audible and quite exasperated sigh.. coming from a very small fluffy looking Sol plushie.]

... I suppose... I should simply be grateful it's nothing worse.

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17 January 2013 @ 11:59 pm
I've been thinking... musing... I don't suppose that there's anyone here in the City who has experience in construction, or repairs... perhaps clean up. Yes? No?

A thought...

But if so, I'd be interested in speaking with you about a possible project.

[Accidental Video]
[A piece of drywall from a sizable hole in a wall crashes to the ground as Solomon enters the range of his network device. The profile he presents to the camera is one of serious intent, yet he pauses on the threshhold leading to a dense forest outside.

Pausing for nearly a minute before he allows the tension to exit his body and he turns to retreat back into the depths of the house... that is, until he sees the light on his device, indicating that it's come to life.

He sighs and moves to intercede.]

Sorry, but there's nothing to see here.

[His hand reaches up to switch it to a less public broadcast.]

[Private: Luke Valentine]
I'm afraid there's been a bit of an 'accident'.

[ooc: 25th 'He sees you when you're sleeping...' visitation~]

24 November 2012 @ 11:23 pm
[Private audio to Marishka: backhouring to dusk]

Marishka... are you awake?

04 November 2012 @ 06:49 pm
[Heedless of the influx of visitors, a lone Chevalier can be found out wandering amongst the lush surroundings of some lush garden. His hand emerges from the pocket of the untied bathrobe that hangs about his form and he reaches out to distractedly touch a lone flower.]

[ooc: It hasn't been a kind few months for Solomon. A victim of a spell, loss of self and madness as well as Saya's departure has left him a bit of shell of the man he once was... but, at least he can finally be seen outside and away from the estate that's been his self-imposed tomb.]
27 September 2012 @ 11:52 pm
[Accidental Video]
[The camera flicks on just in time to catch Solomon's bare feet sliding out from under the bedsheets to land lightly onto the floor of a dimly lit room. The chevalier rises, heedless of his actions being recorded, clad only in a pair of pajama pants hanging loosely from his hips.

He hesitates only a moment as his brow furrows, struggling to come to some decision. Just for a moment before his green eyes lift to refocus on the window and he allows himself to move. By his expression, it's clear there's something very distracting outside. Such as a playful bride dancing and laughing outside on the grounds below.]

[ooc: It lives. (Solomon shows some signs of life, starting to come out of his deep seated depression at Saya's departure.) Open to action for anyone living at the mansion, or thru the network device for anyone else. *I'm still sick so replies may be slow.*]

[Have a very displeased and disheveled Chevalier shooting a rather nasty look at the device held in one of his hands. His other hand trails off to the side, clearly handcuffed to the wrist of another person off-screen.]

This is... I said I wasn't...

[He heaves a heavy sigh, attempting to reach up with his fettered hand to rub his temple. Naturally, this doesn't work too well.]

[Private to Luke Valentine; Eavesdroppable for Karl]
I suppose kidnapping of this nature isn't considered 'violent'... or perhaps, your spells aren't quite what you thought they were.

[Very irritated to be out of bed and having to deal with anything.]

[ooc: a still grieving Solomon finds himself spirited to the old Phantomhive estate and into handcuffs with his troublesome brother, Karl Fei-Ong. Intervention, Deity style.]

04 August 2012 @ 11:50 pm
[Accidental Video]

[The room is dark and quiet. And for a moment it seems quite empty. That is, until the lump on the bed stirs to toss it's limp arm over the edge of the bed. In the dim ambient lighting the camera zooms in as an eye opens to stare blankly back from a disheveled mass of blonde hair falling across his face.

His sigh is filled with the smallest hint of frustration.]

... non.

No... leave me be. I'll not be entertainment for you anymore.

[His dangling hand makes a vague shooing gesture, either too tired or uncaring to bother getting up to shut his device off or put it away.]

[ooc: Forsaken, abandoned chevalier 'working on coping' with having lost his sense of self and residual side effects of his recovery.]